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  • Name: Angelica Agurbash ( Anzhelika Agurbash )
  • Date of birth: 17 may 1970
  • Age: 46 years
  • Place of birth: Minsk
  • Activity: singer, actress, model, TV presenter
  • Marital status: divorced

    Angelica Agurbash biography

    A native of Belarus, Angelica Agurbash A. born in the family, far from the art and cinematography. Anatoly and Valentina optional daughter gave her in the drama club, led the music, dance and vocals. Until 2001, Angelica Agurbash was known as a Saint Alinsky. The first vocal was opened before she began to walk.

    6 years old girl dubbed the songs of famous artists and up to 16 years have opened a track record of filmography, and debut not anyhow, but in the title role of the film «test for Directors». At the end of the school Agurbash has arrived to Minsk University theatre artistic direction and continued career.


    Biography of Angelica Agurbash has changed dramatically after entering College. In 1988 took part in the Belarusian beauty contest «Minsk prikazana», which they won, then played the role in the Comedy «don’t understand». In 1990 became one of the soloists ensemble «Veras» where she sang for 5 years.

    After a solo career of Angelica was the organizer of the production center and the art club. The winner of the title in Minsk beauty embodied their ideas in their own school of beauty, also, became the host of morning television program «Breakfast with Lika.»

    Since 2004 he started to broadcast clips of Angelica Agurbash. The first time the promotion is not reflected at high efficiency. In 2005 Angelica Agurbash participated in the Eurovision song contest representing Belarus with the song «Love Me Tonight». The singer reached the semi-finals with 13 place. Then the newly minted Muscovite was produced by Philip Kirkorov.

    The recognition of the Russian audience and the respect of colleagues came together in 2006 with the song «I will live for you.» In 2009 Agurbash takes the stage with songs Maxim Fadeev.

    Debut album «Love! Love? Love…» music critic and journalist Guru Ken noted as «mediocre», his colleague Nicholas fandeyev was no less cynical. Despite the subjective opinion of the February Duo by music critics-journalists, Angelica was in no hurry to change occupation, and in September 2012 released the album «You don’t know me so», which complemented the singer’s discography. Several well-known songs, particularly «the River» and «Fly», was recorded in the final Song of the year.

    In 2015 Agurbash participated in the third season of the popular show «one to One», which by popular vote took the 4th place. In 2016, the organizers of the show decided to release another season, gathering the strongest participants from the early programs. Angelica, as a finalist of the third season, participated in «one to One. Battle of the seasons».

    Personal life

    Private life of Angelica Agurbash was always in front of the press. Taking part in a beauty contest in his native country, Angelica was married to Igor Linesim, who gave birth to daughter Daria. At the time of participation in the contest the child contestants have a few months of age, but this did not prevent Agurbash to show off a perfect figure.

    In July 1997, the singer gave birth to her son, Nikita. This time to make a few Belarusian beauty lucky Valerie Bisuke, which Agurbash lived in a civil marriage 6 years.

    Third husband and the second husband was a businessman Nikolai Agurbash, whose name singer carries to this day. The couple married in 2001, and in 2003 lawful wife gave birth to Nicholas son Anastas. The price for expensive gifts, place in a Bohemian society, the best platform for performances and seeming happiness was too high. Scandalous divorce became public, in which a prominent businessman allowed himself a loud inappropriate remarks towards ex-wife. 11-year-old marriage fell apart.

    In 2012, the personal life of Angelica Agurbash came another man. Beloved singer became a prominent Kazakh businessman Anatoly Pobega. Judging by the happy smile and shining eyes of joy, the couple has a great relationship, and the case goes to the wedding.


    • «Night without sleep»
    • «For you»
    • «Farewell kiss»
    • «The best songs»
    • «Rules of love»
    • «Belarusachka»
    • «I’ll live for you»
    • «Love! Love? Love…»
    • «Grand Collection»
    • «You don’t know me so»


    • «Test Director»
    • «Macromer»
    • «About her, but without her»
    • «I won’t let you go»
    • 2006-2007 — «Cursed Paradise»
    • «The power of faith»


    Angelica Agurbash

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