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  • Name: Anfisa Chekhova ( Alexander Kortunova )
  • Date of birth: 21 December 1977
  • Age: 39 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activity: TV Presenter, singer, actress
  • Marital status: civil marriage with Guram Bablishvili

    Anfisa Chekhov: a biography

    Anfisa Chekhova (real name — Alexander A. Korshunova) was born on 21 December 1977 in the family of Natalia and Alexander Korzunovich. In honor of his father, a little girl named Sasha. Family relationships was different tensions, mother Alexandra was a sharp tongue, and could easily offend others, and her father raised her daughter in extreme rigor, trying to suppress and subjugate the girl. At the age of four, his parents divorced Anfisa. His father left the family apartment in Strogino, to the mother never filed for child support, and then almost stopped communicating with his daughter and ex-wife.

    Little Anfisa in childhood understand that he wants to star in a movie and be an actress. The obstinate character of the future artist led to the fact that she changed three schools. In the end, Chekhov moved to the school of aesthetic education with a theatrical slant, which he successfully graduated in 1993. During studying at school she participated in various theater productions, and at the request of his father (at that time was the hare Krishnas), even played in several performances with a religious bias. At the age of seventeen, to annoy his father, the future star changed his name Korchunov to the name of her grandmother and became an Sa Chekhova.

    She was admitted To the Institute immediately. After school, Chekhov has filed documents to GITIS, but failed the entrance exams and was forced to look for work, to try again next year.

    In parallel with his studies at the GITIS Anfisa began to sing in the group «Insane fireflies». In the second year for the concert band contest «Generation-96» Chekhov was forced to skip the exam. The head of her course, at that time was in the hospital and saw the performance of the young singer on television, was furious against such arrogance of the artist, and she was expelled from the University. Mother Anfisa was extremely upset by the expulsion of his daughter, some time they even were fighting over it. But the artist didn’t even try to recover at the University, and continued his musical career, which, however, soon came to an end.

    In 2003, the future star entered the Institute of journalism, from which he graduated five years after high school and a diploma in journalism.

    Anfisa Chekhov: career

    In 1996 a friend Anfisa called her to the casting of the TV channel «TV-6» in the program «Disc channel». Future TV presenter did not believe that television can be accessed without any protection and is particularly not hoping to pass the competition. Nevertheless, not having friends on TV and not being, in the opinion of the artist, written beautiful, Anfisa successfully auditioned and became the new host of the program. Two years Chekhov led the music program before she was called away to another project «dreamer». The programme was broadcast at night and was aimed at adult audiences.

    In 1998, the Director of the project «dreamer» Vladimir Epifantsev went to work on another channel «TV-Centre» and called Anfisa. The girl was offered the role of leading the live broadcast in the program «Hoe», where she was a TV show from the deck of the ship. But due to financial difficulties the program had to close, and for two whole years Anfisa disappeared from the TV screens. At that time, Chekhov worked as a leading club nights and played there as a singer.

    This continued up until the girl again was not invited on TV: this time, Chekhov was invited to the program «Show business» TV channel «CTC». In parallel, the artist took the project «against the night» On the channel «Muz». But there Chekhov worked for a short time.

    In 2005, after the closure of the project «Show business», heads of TV channel TNT Anfisa suggested run his own show. Tired of stars and their stellar stories leading chose her familiar format «TV for adults». The guide channel has approved the concept of the program, and in the same year came the first episode of the show «Sex with Anfisa Chekhova». Thanks to the project, and unusual appearance leading her invited to various film projects, TV series and shooting in glamorous magazines. In 2009 due to the economic crisis and the lack of advertisers wanting to sponsor the erotic program «Sex with Anfisa Chekhova» closed. Until 2012 show on the channel in the replay.

    In 2012-2013 together with the magazine «Telenedelya» Chekhov held a beauty contest «» for girls of unusual beauty. The main requirements for participation in the competition was not model; the appearance and the lack of plastic surgery. The jury project was headed by Anfisa herself.

    Anfisa Chekhova movies

    In 2002, Anfisa debuted as an actress in a Comedy series «Theatre Academy». The sitcom, filmed by Directors Alexander Zamâtinym and Vadim Shmeleva, was shown on the screens of Ukraine and Latvia, but, unfortunately, the Russian viewers of the series never saw.

    In 2008, rolling out a Russian horror film «S. S. D.»where Anfisa played a major role. In the film, she appears in a familiar role as the anchor of reality show, in which project participants horrible things happen. In the same year, were shown the Comedy film «Hitler kaput!», where Chekhov again played a leading TV channel.

    In 2010, Chekhov took part in the shooting of two TV series: «wild hogs» and «engagement ring».

    Since 2011 Anfisa Chekhov began to appear in many famous Ukrainian television programs. Leading took part in the filming of the show competition «dancing with the stars», where she danced in a pair with a professional dancer Vitaliy Zagoruiko. Ukrainian channel «STB» was offered a position leading in two projects: a reality show «the Bachelor. How to get married» and talk show «How to get married with Anfisa Chekhova«.

    Anfisa Chekhov: personal life

    The artist is a fairly stringent demands on their «parts». Anfisa sure that her partner must be of the same social status and be a reliable support to stars.

    For three years Anfisa Chekhov met with the actor and presenter Vladimir Tishko. The couple met through the filming of the TV channel «CCC», where Anfisa led the program «Show business», and Vladimir was the leader of the project «Newlyweds». They lived together but due to disagreements broke up. The previous couple of a long time has told to journalists, unpleasant details of their romance.

    In 2009, life Anfisa appeared Georgian actor Guram bablishvili, which star played in the theatrical production «Once the sultry night». The romance between them broke out suddenly, and the actors did not initially want to publicize their relationship, believing that they will not last long. Guram drove her to Georgia to meet her parents. Lovers for a long time concealed from the press and pregnancy Anfisa. And in may 2012 the couple had a son Solomon. First Anfisa Chekhova devoted too little time to his son, leaving him in the care of numerous relatives Bablishvili. But now the happy mother is completely absorbed in the education of Solomon, she often and with pleasure shows the public photos of them together.

    Anfisa Chekhov-filmography

    • I love you
    • Happy together
    • Kaleidoscope
    • SSD: Death to the Soviet children
    • Hitler kaput!
    • My favorite witch
    • Univer
    • Wild hogs
    • Ring
    • Rzhevskij against Napoleon
    • Five stars
    • Women on the verge

    Anfisa Chekhov: photo

    Anfisa Chekhova

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