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  • Name: Black Anfisa ( Anfisa Chernykh )
  • Date of birth: 30 April 1996
  • Age: 20 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 170
  • Activity: the Russian actress, model
  • Marital status: not married

    Anfisa Black : biography

    Anfisa Maksimovna Black – Muscovite. Neither the dad nor the girl’s mother are not artists and are not connected with the art world. Wasn’t planning to associate his future life with the world of cinema and Anfisa. She wanted to be a lawyer or journalist. Although the girl’s artistry does not hold: in early childhood she expertly copied the «stars» and famous for its ability to tell jokes. The young Muscovite attended music school, where studied to play the cello and piano, studied at the Schepkin theatrical school at and went to school with profound studying of English language.

    Changes in the fate of Anfisa Chernykh has made the accident. After the debut on the silver screen in 2009, 11-year-old Anfisa began to dream about the new role.

    After high school Anfisa has entered GITIS.


    A cinematic biography of Anfisa Chernykh begins with a picture of Boris Grachevsky «Roof». This is the first feature-length film by famous Director «jumble», filmed in a comedic style, but with elements of social drama. In the film, the main part of the filming which was held in Sergiev Posad, describes the fate of three teenage girls. Anfisa played one of them, Lena. Two girlfriends of the heroine, played by Black, troubled family. Friendship girls give a crack after coming in their class nice Maxim, played by Ilya Sokolov. The story becomes dramatic.

    The debut of 11-year-old Anfisa Chernykh was brilliant. As later admitted the actress herself young, she soon noticed the signs of «star sickness». Which is not surprising. After all, every day came for her with a car and driver, and on the set she was playing with the real stars of Russian cinema.

    But after the end of the movie Anfisa returned in lessons and daily routine. The interval between the beginning of shooting in the next film turned out to be considerable – 4 years. During this time, Black began to forget about the cameras, personnel and roles. She even began to plan the income in the economic institution.

    But fate again made adjustments in 2013 she has again offered to act in films. This time Alexander Veledinsky. The painting «the Geographer drank his globe away», which Anfisa Chernykh played a young temptress geography teacher Masha Bolshakova, returned the girl to the world of cinema. Work with Valery Todorovsky and Konstantin Khabensky was so fascinating that about any other University, except theatrical, Anfisa is no longer wanted.

    After the release of the tape was a huge success, receiving 4 awards and the Grand Prix of the festival «Kinotavr». Black has received several awards, including «Nika» in the nomination «Opening of year».

    In the same 2013 the young actress got the offer to act in films. This time from Director Anna Legchilova. Detective mini-series «Flowers of evil», in which the young actress appeared in the image of the heroine Helena. In 4 tape series tells about the terrible events that shocked a quiet provincial town. To investigate a series of brutal murders, the police connects the psychologist Irina Eliseev. Anfisa Chernykh played her daughter.

    In our time, Naomi continues to act in films. It successfully combines studies in GITIS and work in two new projects scheduled for 2016. This series «Island» by Alexander Naumov, where, together with Mail Black play Kirill Melekhov, Denis Kosyakov, Yanina Studilina, Gregory Kalinin, Anfisa Wistinghausen and other rising stars of the national cinema. The plot of the 24-episode tapes of the contestants fall into a critical situation in which very few chances of survival.

    Another project, which involved Black, 12-episode psychological detective «Maya» Dusan Gligorova. Its output is planned for 2016.

    Personal life

    The young actress spends all his time in the classroom or in the Theatre or on set. About the family until the girl thought of her just once. But she manages to read a lot and in rare free moments watching favorite Soviet Comedy.

    Parallel career developing film actress and model career Anfisa Chernykh. The girl often appears in the pages of fashion magazines, advertising well-known clothing brands.


    • Roof
    • The geographer drank his globe away
    • The flowers of evil


    Anfisa Black

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