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  • Name: Anetta Orlova ( Anetta Orlova )
  • Date of birth: 10 may 1980
  • Age: 36 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activity: Writer, psychologist, radio host
  • Marital status: married to Konstantin Orlov

    Anetta Orlova: biography

    Anetta Orlova was born in Moscow on 10 may 1980 horoscope she’s a Taurus. Orlov — happy mother, wife and successful woman. Annetta is a frequent speaker on various TV shows, is a radio host of the popular program on radio station «Mayak». Orlov was able to achieve professional and family harmony. Now her advice to listen to the millions of women who want to find happiness and harmony not only in personal life but also in profession.

    As a child she dreamed of becoming an actress, but my father thought it frivolous profession. Annetta a lot of music, gymnastics, wasn’t that creative. The girl knew the Russian language and literature, participated actively in various competitions. Since the Pope was against the acting profession, she decided to choose something more serious.

    In the end, Orlov tried to become a student of the Financial Academy under the government of the Russian Federation, but she lacked one point. So she entered the Moscow state pedagogical University, where he earned a degree in sociology, and later a psychologist.

    Now anetta Orlova – the most popular and in-demand psychologist on television. She was invited as a consultant on the program «Let them talk», «I divorce you», «Fashion verdict» and many others. Orlov recently invited to become a leading in the program «bringing down the House», which goes on the channel «TV Center».

    Anetta Orlova is a successful psychologist, she often advises its clients in solving their personal and family problems. From stellar customer service, the psychologist refused, because they are often very complex problems and situations. Behind the gloss and luster usually hides a lot of bad.

    Orlova not only broadcasts but also writes books. At the moment she has written three publications in the genre of popular psychology. Last book — «the Man of your dreams. To find. To attract. Tame».

    Anetta Orlova is the co-host of «theFemale manual. Reception on personal matters» on the radio «Mayak». Leading raises topical issues of personal relationships: the role of money in relationships, whether it is necessary to demand from men that he was a real man, etc. At the moment, out of more than sixty editions.

    Anetta Orlova: personal life

    Now Orlov is the proud mother of two children, though, as she says, she decided on motherhood later on than regret. Married Annetta came out pretty early in the twenty-two years. Husband Constantine had already been divorced, and Orlov together with the mother-in-law raised his son from the first marriage of Artem. At that time, Annetta was not thinking about her children, she wanted more to be realized in a career than motherhood.

    Its fate fell hard test, which completely changed the Outlook of the psychologist. In 28 years, Annetta became very sick, she was down to 41 kg, and has survived multiple surgeries, but doctors were unable to know what it is. After a long treatment, the girl was sent home with words that will no longer be able to help. With the support of their loved ones Orlova started to fight the disease. She and her husband have traveled to all the Holy places, Annetta began to study more psychology, in the end, Orlov was able to overcome the disease and recover.

    Now Annetta is a happy mother and successful woman. Her eldest son Edward just turned 6 years old. Daughter Sofia was 2 years old. The popularity of my mom the kids take good. Only two year old Sophia often wonders when he sees the two mothers – in TV and at home. Husband is also sympathetic to popularity, he was glad that his wife had found her calling.

    Anetta Orlova: bibliography

    • Fears the real men that every woman should know
    • In the fight for real men. Fears of real women
    • The man of your dreams. To find. To attract. To tame

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    Anetta Orlova

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