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  • Name: Andy Whitfield ( Andy Whitfield )
  • Date of birth: 17 October 1971,
  • Age: 39 years
  • Date of death: September 11, 2011.
  • Place of birth: a three-minute walk, Wales
  • Height: 180
  • Activities: actor, model
  • Marital status: married

    Andy Whitfield biography

    Andy Whitfield is an Australian actor of Welsh descent who became famous in the whole world due to the role of Spartacus in the television series «Spartacus: Blood and sand». He also starred in the horror film «the Clinic», the drama «McLeod’s Daughters» and the mystical Thriller «angel of light». Fans of the actor were shocked by his death, which overtook the Whitfield, in the Zenith of his fame. The interest of this person has not dried up and many years after his death, so a documentary about him «here and now» has caused a wide resonance all over the world.

    Andy Whitfield young
    Andy Whitfield young | VK

    Andy Whitfield was born and raised in Wales, in the town of Aluche, which is the most Northern settlement of this country and is located on the Isle of Anglesey. Date of birth of the actor is 17 October 1971, although some sources indicate 17 July 1972. It should be noted that the family of his parents, Robert and Pat Whitfield, was simple, none of its members did not belong to the world of art.

    Andy Whitfield
    Andy Whitfield | VK

    However, he and Andy Whitfield at first did not think about the acting path. After high school he enrolled at the University of Sheffield in the English County of Yorkshire, and received the diploma of civil engineer. Almost immediately after high school Andy moved to Australia and settled in the town of Toowoomba. When the future star of the silver screen seeking Australian citizenship, he becomes an inhabitant of one of the largest cities of the island nation of Sydney.

    Andy Whitfield
    Andy Whitfield | VK

    In Australia Andy Whitfield continued to work as an engineer. But gradually he finds a new hobby – photography. Through this hobby young man falls into a modeling Agency and tries himself as a model. Around the same time, Andy begins to learn in the school of dramatic art, after which he begins to participate in auditions and casting calls, trying to get a role. The way to Whitfield at the star Olympus was heavy and painful but in the end, the people proved that regardless of age, origin and education you can achieve your dreams.


    First Andy Whitfield received the coveted role in 2004. He appeared in the seventh series of the second season of the popular Australian television series «All saints.» Then had supporting roles in other television projects – the criminal drama «the Strip», the romantic Comedy «visit to Rafters» and the drama «McLeod’s Daughters».

    Andy Whitfield in the movie
    Andy Whitfield in the movie «angel of light» | Adam F. Bradley Blog

    In 2007 Andy Whitfield received his first starring role in the mystical Thriller «Gabriel», which is on the screens was shown under the title «angel of light». He is portrayed in this film was the last of the Archangel Gabriel, who tries to understand what happened with Purgatory. For the work in this fantasy Thriller Whitfield was awarded the «Film Awards» in the nomination «Best debut».

    Andy Whitfield and Tabrett Bethell in the film
    Andy Whitfield and Tabrett Bethell in the film «the Clinic» | Tunes.Zone

    Such significant role Andy got in the Australian horror film «the Clinic», which was released in 2010. I must say that this picture is about six women, searching for their newborn children, became a true story about the kidnapping for illegal adoption.

    Andy Whitfield in the movie
    Andy Whitfield in «Spartacus: Blood and Sand» |

    But the most famous role of Andy Whitfield is a Thracian warrior Spartacus, who has become one of the most famous gladiators in Rome, in the historical series «Spartacus: Blood and Sand». This series, though it departs from the plot of the classic novel by Raffaello Giovagnoli, was a great success with the audience. Was the prepared script of the next season, but due to the illness Andy was unable to continue work on the project, so the following season it was replaced by Liam McIntyre, known for the TV series «the Flash» and «Pacific ocean». And Whitfield was able to work only on voice acting of the prequel «Spartacus: Gods of the arena», where in the sixth episode of «appeared» in the voice of Spartacus.

    Personal life

    Still living in the UK, Andy Whitfield for a long time met with a girl named Terrica Smith. Later they married and moved together to Australia. Their relationship could be called good, but only until the time that Andy became interested in the profession. His wife did not support fantastic as she thought, dreams, and the fact that people have a lot of time and resources on this hobby. After some time, Andy Whitfield divorced and he again became a bachelor.

    Andy Whitfield and his wife Vashti
    Andy Whitfield and his wife Vashti | Blog wife of actor MaybeMcQueen

    However, this status of the man was very long. In Sydney he met his old friend, whose name was Vashti. They are still in the youth met in the youth travel trips, and now reached to each other, feeling that they are halves of one whole. Vashti, interested in psychology, philosophy, photography and writing skills, almost instantly became the best friend Andy. They easily found a common language. In addition, she fully supported initiatives to Whitfield in the acting field. He later admits that it was her merit in the actor achieving the target.

    Andy Whitfield and his wife Vashti
    Andy Whitfield and his wife Vashti | Blog wife of actor MaybeMcQueen

    In 2001, Andy Whitfield married his sweetheart. Their wedding was planned for September 11 and was to be held in Las Vegas. But it was then in the USA there was a terrible tragedy, so young people have returned to Sydney and held a modest ceremony, which was conducted in… a small bookstore near the ocean.

    Andy Whitfield, his son Jesse, Ed and daughter Indigo sky
    Andy Whitfield, his son Jesse, Ed and daughter Indigo sky | Blog of the wife of the actor MaybeMcQueen

    Andy Whitfield and his wife have lived together for more than ten years and gave birth to two children: son Jesse and daughter Indigo sky.

    Illness and death

    In the spring of 2010, Andy Whitfield was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. He immediately began to receive treatment in one of the leading hospitals in New Zealand. It seemed that the disease has receded, what the doctors said in the early summer. But after 12 weeks, it became clear that the cancer is back. Andy again goes to the hospital and fights bravely with the disease. It has a long a second course of chemotherapy, which, unfortunately, has not given results.

    Andy Whitfield in the hospital
    Andy Whitfield in the hospital | VK

    Andy Whitfield died 11 September 2011 in Sydney, after 18 months of hard struggle with lymphoma. The funeral took place in a very narrow circle of friends. Relatives decided not to disclose the burial place of the actor, not to make the grave a place of pilgrimage, therefore, the date and place of burial are still unknown.

    In memory of the actor Andy Whitfield was filmed the documentary «here and now». The filming began during the life of the husband when it became clear that the disease had returned. The output picture was planned in 2013, but in the end it was first shown to the public in June 2015 in Los Angeles at the annual documentary film festival «Hot Springs».


    • 2004 — All saints
    • 2007 — angel of light
    • 2008 — the Band
    • 2008 — McLeod’s Daughters
    • 2008 — visiting Rafters
    • 2010 — Clinic
    • 2010 — Spartacus: Blood and sand
    • 2010 Project: Comic-Con


    Andy Whitfield

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