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  • Name: Andrey Tolubeev ( Andrey Tolubeev )
  • Date of birth: 30 March 1945
  • Age: 63 years
  • Date of death: April 7, 2008
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Activity: the Soviet and Russian film and theater actor, people’s artist of the RSFSR
  • Marital status: married

    Andrey Tolubeev : biography

    To become an artist Andrey Yuryevich Tolubeev was destined. His parents, Yuri Tolubeev and Tamara alioshina – were actors and he served in the Leningrad drama theatre named after A. S. Pushkin (Alexandrinsky now). As is often the case, the parents didn’t want his son to follow in their footsteps. And at first Andrey Yurievich they pleased: he dreamed about space at a young age became a member of the young astronauts club.

    But fate has pushed Andrew Tolubeev with a theatrical stage. After receiving a school certificate in 1963, the boy passed a medical examination where it was revealed that the astronaut it not to be: a failed vision. But to just abandon youthful dreams Tolubeev could not. He enrolled in the military medical Academy, where trained doctors for aviators and astronauts.

    In 1969 Andrey took a job as a doctor of the military unit. But he soon reappeared at the Department of space medicine, where he continued teaching courses in psychophysiology. And then it happened that life-changing event that set the course of a lifetime Tolubeeva. The courses he was in the University theatre. Probably the parent’s genes took over: passion for the theatre grew into true love.

    After graduating from medical courses Andrey Tolubeev entered the famous LGITMiK. In 1975, after his graduation, Georgy Tovstonogov invited any young artist in the BDT. Here in the Big drama theatre of a name of N. Gorky, Andrey served his entire life.


    Like all aspiring actors, Andrey Tolubeev started c of the crowd. To reach the top and prove their worth was difficult because in the troupe were such stars as Kirill Lavrov, Yefim Kopelyan, Oleg Basilashvili and Alisa Freundlich. But Tolubeev has managed to become one of the leading artists of the theater. Among the patrons were many who went to the Big drama is «Tolubeeva».

    On stage BDT Andrey has played in more than fifty performances. Theater-goers will always remember the best performances, in which he played a major role. Today, «the Pickwick club», «Wolves and sheep», «Optimistic tragedy», «Balzaminov’s Marriage», «the Cherry orchard» and many other concerts, which starred Tolubeev, inscribed in the best pages of the history of the theatre.

    Critics wrote about Yuri Tolubeev that the last 20 years without meeting it with his talent kept the good image of the theatre, becoming a strong bridge between old and new.


    The debut in cinema took place when he was a school student. It was the role of Fame Karasev in socio-dramatic tape of Ilya Gurin’s «you can Still catch». After this picture, the cinematic biography of Yuri Tolubeev developed rapidly. In the 1970s, the actor starred in many movies, but they did not bring him the wide popularity which came in the 1980s.

    But in this decade Yuri Tolubeev was able to fully realize their talent and become really popular. He played the engineers and aircraft, prosecutors and investigators. All his characters are endowed with inner intelligence and power. As an example of uncompromising Shelagin Stepan, who cannot find support either at home or at work. This is the main character of the film «Stepan Sergeevich», whose character is Andrey Tolubeev was brilliantly transferred to the screen.

    Best films with the participation of the artist in the 80s can be called the romance «Adam’s Rib» detective «Two long hooters in the fog», the drama «Curfew» crime tape «In broad daylight…» and the drama «Cold March».

    In the new century, Andrey Tolubeev is also not lost. Unlike most of his colleagues, he had no downtime, even in the «dashing 90-e». Millions of viewers watched the wonderful tape «My best friend General Vasili, son of Joseph,» «Education of cruelty at women and dogs» and «the Fatal eggs».

    And since the early 2000s, when fashion entered the crime series, Andrew Yu is still on the screen. Everyone loved his Colonel Ivan Ivanovich Tarasov in «Agent of national security». Then there was a bright role in «Gangster Petersburg», «Empire under blow», «Captain’s children» and «Sonka the Gold handle».

    But work in the series the artist himself was not proud of. He believed their livelihood. However, Yury Tolubeev in these multiserial film «was going all out, because otherwise he could not.

    His last work on screen – Vice-Admiral Nikolai Essen Inc. in the series «the Admiral».

    Personal life

    In life and in the work of the actor remained an intellectual of the old school. He chose the one theater – HDH – and served it all his life. In his youth, chose a single woman and lived with her until his death.

    Personal life Andrew Tolubeev is the actress of the theatre, Catherine Marusyak and two daughters. The eldest, Elizabeth, is not followed in the footsteps of their parents. She graduated from law school. And here is Junior – Hope Tolubeev – she became an actress.


    Andrew Tolubeev did not April 7, 2008. He died in his native St. Petersburg early in the morning. For a long time the actor had struggled with a terrible disease – cancer of the pancreas. Colleagues helped him to raise the necessary funds for the expensive treatment in an Israeli hospital, where at one time tried to recover Alexander Abdulov. But the disease was stronger.

    The artist was buried in the necropolis «Mostki» at Volkovskoe cemetery. Buried next to his father.


    • «You can still catch»
    • «20th of December»
    • «Echo of a distant explosion»
    • «A cold March»
    • «The fatal eggs»
    • «The agent of national security»
    • «Gangster Petersburg»
    • «The Empire is under attack»
    • «Sonka Zolotaya Ruchka»
    • «Admiral»


    Andrey Tolubeev

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