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  • Name: Andrey Terentyev ( Andrey Terentev )
  • Date of birth: 14 July 1982
  • Age: 34 years
  • Place of birth: Smolensk, Russia
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: married

    Andriy Terentyev: a biography

    The actor of theatre and cinema Andrey Terentyev was born on 14 July 1982. The first years of his life were spent in the Baltic States. Mother of Andrew, worked in the military, his father — in militia. Unfortunately, he was killed on duty when my son was little. Mother and sons (Terentyev has an older brother) moved to Smolensk. Here, the future actor went to school and first performed on the stage, having defined the profession.

    Once on a literature lesson the teacher asked students to put a sketch on one of the works of N. Gogol. Andrew and his buddy were done for the evening: they made the costumes, learned the word. The class took their game with delight, and the teacher advised Terentyev to enroll in a local theatre «Dialogue». Andrew did just that. When it came to the first rehearsal, the artistic Director of the theatre saw the glint in his eye and a genuine interest in theatrical craft. Terentyev well was part of the children’s age and role, he so carefully and skillfully depicted Imagina in Gogol’s «Marriage» that no one suspected the chronicle of a teenager.

    In the theatre, Andrew did not avoid any work, he first went on the old bike or the tires, helping to repair them, wash. Then this simple props used in the performances and scenery. The actor says that «Dialogue» was for him a certificate of quality, instilled a love for the acting profession. After school he decided to enter the theater Institute, but the first attempt failed. Then he applied to the art Institute, and the third time was still a student at the theatre Academy in St. Petersburg.

    After the Academy, Andrey Terentyev worked in the theatres repertory of «house» and «Shelter comedian». Theater-goers he is remembered for his productions of «My friend Hitler», «loneliness in the network», «Clay pit» and others.


    Andrew worked in the theater, but like any actor he wanted to be in a movie, to be loved and recognizable by the audience. His career began with bit parts. Recognition came in 2007, when the actor was one of the main roles in the project «We are from the future». The producers were looking for media persons for the main roles, but the contribution was not known, unlike the partners in the set. You could say he was lucky.

    The hero Andrew is a complex person. On the one hand, he was selfish, a coward, on the other hand, he, the musician, was and positive qualities. It was originally planned that the character will Alcohol drunken drunk, but then the writers «humanized» him, made so that the audience empathized with him. The actor recalls how once she almost died on the set. Actors thrown into the middle of the lake – they had to swim in clothes. While I prepared the camera, the clothes have absorbed the water, grew heavy, Andrew and his partner Dmitry began to sink — it was the worst episode on the set.

    After the «We from the future» Terent’ev starred in other projects. Among them — the fourth season of «the Foundry» and «the Sea devils», «the Fugitive».

    Personal life

    Actor Terentyev married and happy in marriage. With the future wife Svetlana he met when he was 13 years old. It happened in Smolensk theater «Dialogue». Andrew played Pinocchio, and Svetlana – Malvina. Since that time, they started a strong friendship and sympathy.

    With age, it has not disappeared, but turned into a major feeling. The couple have a son Nikita. Andrew said that two actors can live under one roof because they have common interests and Hobbies. Terentyev said that he has the best woman – beautiful, smart, considerate. She’s not jealous of her husband’s fans, when they come for autograph.

    By nature Andrey Terentyev is a leader, but his leadership does not limit home rather helps him develop creativity and to move forward to new roles and new horizons.


    • «Abnormal»
    • «Playing with fire»
    • «Provincial»
    • «Sea devils»
    • «I»
    • «The fugitive»
    • «Question of honor»
    • «Goodbye Makarov»
    • «Abnormal»
    • «We from the future»


    Andrey Terentyev

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