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  • Name: Andrey Sokolov ( Andrey Sokolov )
  • Date of birth: 13 August 1962
  • Age: 54 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: actor, screenwriter, Director, producer
  • Marital status: Divorced

    Andrey Sokolov biography

    Andrei Sokolov was born on 13 August 1962 in Moscow. The boy grew up in a family of engineers: a mother’s Love for education was electrical engineer, and his father Alexey worked as an engineer in a construction company. Together with his family, including grandmother and great grandmother, they lived in a small wooden house on the outskirts of the city, where not even have hot water. To feed his family, Andrei’s mother went to work, leaving my son on the night in the manger. The boy grew up quite humble and flexible, rarely misbehaved, and if guilty — always sincerely apologized for his actions.

    Andrew has always loved sports and attended many circles. Considerable success he has achieved in children’s hockey — he was voted best goalkeeper. Sokolov was not spared and creativity: at a young age he attended music school and ball dances that were forced to leave due to rapid growth.

    In the juniors Andrew’s parents divorced, and the boy was left with his mother. With the finances in the family was tight, and he was thirteen he got a job as a mechanic-plumber, where he received the fifth level.

    The biggest passion and hobby of the young Sokolova was the theater. Being an insecure and shy boy, he secretly dreamed of a great acting career. He was fascinated by the movie, and the actors he considered almost gods. However, Andrew had no doubt in their abilities, and parents is not considered a creative profession worthy cause, advising the guy to do something more mundane and promising.

    After graduation, the family persuaded the future artist to a technical profession, and Sokolov filed documents in the Moscow aviation technological Institute. The guy was sure that with his experience and connections of his father, he will easily pass the entrance exams, but all of a sudden did. The father sent Andrew to rest on the sea, where he met with a KGB Colonel, who had promised to arrange a guy to work in a secret printing office. Officially working at the police station, the future actor earned money on Tutors, and began to prepare for admission.

    The following year he easily passed the exams and became a student. This work is not refused, whereby he soon collected the money for his first car «Zhiguli» than to have made a lot envious. Education was given to the guy is easy, but to boast of high marks Andrew could not. In the second year the falcons were finally convinced that the technical specialty he is not the soul and even thought to leave the Institute. But parents persuaded her son to continue his studies, and in 1986 he received an honorary degree in mechanical engineering for production aircraft.

    Future the artist decided to realize his dream, by submitting documents at the Theatre school named after BV Shchukin. The head of his course was the honored actress and teacher Lyudmila Vladimirovna Stavskaya. Training in theatre, Andrew has combined with classes at the Institute of foreign languages, where he enrolled at the correspondence Department. The rest of the time Sokolov was dedicated to the movie.

    In 1990, guy graduated from the Shchukin school and got a job in theatre, and a year later received a diploma from the Institute of foreign languages. The actor continued to learn and in 1999 graduated from the higher courses for scriptwriters and Directors.

    Andrei Sokolov movies

    His first role in the movie Andrey Sokolov have received as a sophomore. He accompanied his girlfriend to the Gorky film Studio, where he was noticed by Director Vitaly Makarov and invited to audition for the movie «She broom, he in a black hat».

    My first all-Union fame and popularity of the young artist was obliged to film «

  • Little Faith». About the shooting in the film Andrei did not tell even his father, with whom enough was closely associated during that period. First, the role of Sergei, the guy the main character, was planning to give the actor Sergei Koltakov, but Director Vasily Pichul has opted for a young actor Ashley. The film appeared in cinemas in 1988 and from the first shots struck the audience. It contained the first outright intimate scene in Soviet cinema, by that time was under strict prohibition of censorship. Becoming a hit movie in those years, starring Natalia Negodov and Andrei Sokolov was immediately turned into a Soviet stars. Popularity has not turned a head to Andrew, and to the selection of roles he took very seriously, discarding the uninteresting sentences. By the mid-nineties a number of roles in the cinema in Sokolov decreased in connection with crisis.

    In 2002, Andrew was back at the peak of popularity thanks to the TV series «

  • The lawyer» from the TV channel «NTV». Sokolov began to actively invite in a TV picture, so in 2007 he appeared in the role of womanizer-doctor Jean in a Comedy series»
  • Balzac age, or All men are bast…».

    In 2009 the falcons made his debut as a Director with the Comedy film «the Artifact». The main character in this movie was played by the actress Anastasia Zavorotnyuk. Overall, the film was appreciated by critics, but the falcons won the prize in the nomination «Debut» at the festival «Golden Phoenix».

    Today Sokolov is a popular actor of the series. His filmography consists of more than sixty five projects.

    Andrei Sokolov: theatre

    Immediately after the end of the Shchukin school, Andrew was accepted into the troupe of the Moscow state theater «Lenkom», where he works to this day. In 1991, he was mainly involved in the composition of the two plays «hamlet» and «Juno and Avos». He also played in many other theater productions.

    In 1999, Sokolov headed the independent theatre «Monologue XXI century», where he made his debut as stage Director of the play «Bed» on the play yakhontova.

    Andrew is often invited on stage by other theatres and private productions. His most notable role outside his native «Lenkom» was the image of Alexander the great, embodied in the framework of the production of «Tais Shining» on stage «theater of the moon».

    Andrei Sokolov: personal life

    Andrey Sokolov does not like to talk about his personal life to journalists. At the beginning of the stellar career he attributed an affair with a colleague on the set Natalia Annual. But the actors connected exclusively friendly relations, as well as participation in two films. For a long time, the actor was surrounded by the aura of a womanizer lone, he did not intend to bind their lives together in Holy marriage, then the numerous rumors about his bad wives, among whom was referred the actress Marina Vlady, singer Patricia Kaas and actress Maria Golubkina.

    In 2010 all of a sudden Sokolov married model

  • Olga, who soon bore him a daughter, Sophia. In July 2015, according to Olga it became known that she is already a year divorced. According to her, she’s tired to endure many of her husband’s infidelity and was forced to leave. The actor himself has not commented on this information.

    Andrei Sokolov filmography

    • She broom, he in a black hat
    • Little Faith
    • Our man in San-Remo
    • Lonely player
    • Lawyer
    • Balzac age, or All men are bast…
    • Seagull
    • SMERSH
    • The Domino effect
    • Personal circumstances

    Andrey Sokolov: photo

    Andrey Sokolov

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