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  • Name: Andrei Smolyakov ( Andrei Smolyakov )
  • Date of birth: 24 November 1958.
  • Age: 58 years
  • Place of birth: Podolsk, Russia
  • Height: 185
  • Activities: Soviet and Russian film and theater actor, people’s artist of Russia
  • Marital status: married

    Andrey Smolyakov: biography

    Andrey Igorevich Smolyakov is one of the brightest stars of domestic theatre and cinema. Moreover, the artist is equally successful and organic both on stage and in front of the camera.

    Andrey Smolyakov
    Andrey Smolyakov | GQ

    Andrey Smolyakov was born in late November of 1958 in the suburbs, in the city of Podolsk. Was an ordinary boy from an ordinary family. Raised by his mother and grandfather. My mother worked as a teacher and grandfather was a fireman. The family lived in the house for workers of the fire service: on the first floor is the «pumper» on the second. The abundance of small family Smolyakova was quite small, but my mom found the means to attach the son to the world of beauty. A couple times a month the mother and son attended the Opera, and performances at the Bolshoi theatre.

    The boy studied very well and dreamed of becoming a neurosurgeon. And not just dreamed, and worked to bring planned. Smolyakov intensively studied items that you will need in medical school, and for several years he attended classes at a special mug for young physicians. And the guy loved sports and played professional volleyball and basketball. In addition, it is well sang and acted the part of the vocal-instrumental ensemble.

    Andrey Smolyakov in his youth
    Andrey Smolyakov in youth | Movie-Theater.RU

    Mother and grandfather have always supported the intent of the boy to become a doctor and was proud of his determination. But, apparently, from time to time Andrew was Napping the second «I», which dictated him to do so, and not otherwise. All turned on its head when young Smolyakova came across the newspaper article about the recruitment of students in one of the theater schools. It happened at the very end of school. Soon, almost without thinking, Andrew went to Moscow and gave the documents to the drama school named Shchukin.

    The studies he loved, but after two and a half years rector of the «Pike» put in front of Smoliakova the question bluntly: either to study further, but to stop participating in performances of «questionable Tabakov», or go. The fact that Andrew was Tabakov invited to try their hand in this production. The artist really enjoyed working with the Director. But at that time Oleg Tabakov has not been «Snuff». Was only course at GITIS. And Andrew made their choice in favor of «questionable» Oleg Pavlovich. So, in 1978, Smolyakov becomes a student of the Studio of Oleg Tabakov.


    In the same 1978, Andrey Smolyakov debuts in several productions. The two most notable – the «Two arrows» and «farewell, Mowgli!». Both performances took place on stage of the basement in Chaplygin, where at that time housed the Studio of Oleg Tabakov. It was here that the aspiring actor got a taste of fame and success. And praise the Tabakov just inspired the young actor. Meter said that an artist as Smolyakov, there is a place in any good theatre. Moreover, Andrei does not need to prove anything, he already held in the profession.

    Andrey Smolyakov in the play
    Andrey Smolyakov in the play «waiting for the barbarians» | Arguments and Facts

    But after GITIS, the course of the disgraced Oleg Tabakov almost entirely sent in Bryansk. Smolyakova managed to stay in the capital. He first played several years on the stage of the Moscow drama theater named after Gogol. The next place becomes the «Satyricon» Arkady Raikin. But in 1986, when President Yeltsin was allowed to open a «Snuff» Smolyakov goes there.

    In the early 2000s, Andrei Smolyakov played brilliantly in performances of «Snuff». The most successful was the staging of «the day», «Father», «Actor» and «Running».

    Over the years of working in the theatre Andrey Igorevich Smolyakov has earned many major awards. In his creative piggy Bank got the prize «the Seagull» and the award «the Moscow premiere». Smolyakov becomes a laureate of the International Foundation. What it can do.

    Andrey Smolyakov in the play
    Andrey Smolyakov in the play «a Clockwork orange» |

    Tried his hand at directing. Debut performance becomes the «Descendant». But today it is the first and last work as a Director.


    The debut of Andrei Smolyakov in movie took place when he studied in the Studio of Oleg Tabakov. In 1978, the actor starred in three films: «Kiss of dawn», «Father Sergius» and «Close the distance».

    It is noteworthy that in all the tapes released, the actor appeared before the audience in different roles, and all roles were very organic and convincing. Smolyakov looks great as a goodie. At the beginning of his cinematic career, he appeared only in that capacity («Father and son», «Andrew and the evil sorcerer», etc.). But later appeared in the image of the villain and the villain («Recruiter»).

    Andrey Smolyakov in the series
    Andrey Smolyakov in the series «Ashes» | Russia 1

    In the mid-1980s he has appeared in almost every popular series at least once a year. The most popular steel tape «Zhurov» «Lost sun», «birthday Burzhuya». The last episode actually made Smolyakova to stardom and recognition. He very convincingly played a villain Vladimir Kudla that took revenge on the main character businessman Vladimir Kovalev, the role of which went to Valery Nikolaev. About this role Smolyakov said that it was for him a breath of fresh air after a positive and «sugar» roles, which at that time in his filmography went to dozens.

    Very successful was the next work Smolyakov in movie. In 2005, he played Lieutenant Colonel Topilin – the person that took revenge on the doctor for the death of his wife due to medical errors. It’s a drama Yegor Konchalovsky called «Escape». The surgeon was played by Yevgeny Mironov.

    Today, there are over a hundred pictures and TV series, where he played Andrey Igorevich. The last of the most striking of his works is the painting «Stalingrad» and «Viy: the Return».

    Andrei Smolyakov in movie
    Andrei Smolyakov in movie «Viy 3D» |

    In 2004, Andrey Smolyakov for their talent and hard work earned the title of people’s artist of the Russian Federation and received the State prize of the Russian Federation.

    Personal life

    Personal life of Andrei Smolyakov was not always smooth. The first wife of the artist was the soloist of the Bolshoi theater dancer Svetlana Ivanova. To this marriage was born son Dmitry. But the couple lived together for a few years and broke up.

    Andrey Smolyakov and his son Dmitry
    Andrey Smolyakov and his son Dmitry | Things-Dryukov

    The only son of actor Dmitry almost finished University of radio electronics and automation. But in the 5th course by the father’s genes, apparently, manifested themselves, and the guy realized that it was not his way. He left the University and entered the production faculty of Moscow art theatre.

    Andrey Smolyakov and Daria razumihina
    Andrey Smolyakov and Daria razumihina | Beautiful apartment

    Now Andrey Smolyakov married again. His wife is a pretty famous person in the world Patriotic fashion. Daria razumihina – designer and fashion designer.


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    Andrey Smolyakov

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