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  • Name: Andrey Saminin ( Andrey Saminin )
  • Date of birth: 26 April 1974
  • Age: 42 years
  • Place of birth: Zhytomyr, Ukraine
  • Activities: actor, theatre Director, voice actor, television presenter
  • Marital status: married

    Andrey Saminin: biography

    Andrey Saminin — Ukrainian theater and film actor, best known for the series «Hunters for caravans», the melodrama «the Storm over Theracim» and the Chinese adaptation of the novel «How the steel was tempered». In 2016 he received the title of honored artist of Ukraine.

    Andrew was born on 26 April 1974 in Zhitomir. As his mom was a theater actress, a big part of his childhood he spent behind the scenes. In the early years he could not imagine a different future, except as a professional actor on the stage. The school Saminin even tried to organize student theater and regularly egged classmates to read the study on the literature works.

    Andrey Saminin in the film
    Andrey Saminin in the film «Backstreet Champions» | People

    Having matriculation, the young man is sent to the capital of Ukraine and entered the Kyiv national University of theatre, cinema and television named after. Karpenko, where all of the training received new knowledge under the guidance of people’s artist of Ukraine N. M. Rushkovskiy.

    In 1997, Andrey Saminin entered into the troupe of the Kiev academic theatre of drama and Comedy On the left Bank of the Dnieper», which is still. And he not only takes the stage as an actor, but he puts some of the performances. For example, in 2009, Andrew wrote the play «Playing Chonkin» on the novel by Vladimir Voinovich «the Life and extraordinary adventures of private Ivan Chonkin» and together with the Director Alexander Kobzar made a hoax.

    In addition to the theatre and cinema Andrey Saminin busy on television. He leads the program «History of Crimean Tatars» at the ATP channel and tells about the culture, art, historical events in the life of this nation.


    In the movie, Andrey Saminin debuted at the age of 20 thanks to the student drama «Winds». And in the next film «How the steel was tempered», the actor got the main role Pavel Korchagin. However, it should be emphasized that this project was filmed on Chinese Studio, and when Andrew got there, he had to spend a lot of effort to insist on improving the script. For example, the Chinese believe that under the brutal punishment of his character by the NKVD, the author understood… sweeping.

    However, this film brought Andrew popularity both in Ukraine and abroad. At home he was offered the role in the melodrama «the Sky in peas» and «blood Sisters», the novel «the angel from Orli»/»the Devil from Orli», action novel «the Mystery «St. Patrick’s day». Also on the bill Saminina psychological drama «Strange Christmas», in which he was lucky to work with such legendary actors like Barbara Brylska, Bogdan Stupka and Leah Akhedzhakova.

    Andrey Saminin in the film
    Andrey Saminin in the film «Healing fear».

    Later Andrew, along with Alexey Serebryakov and Boris Galkin starred in the military movie «Hunters for caravans», with Alexei Gorbunov in the sports film «Backstreet Champions», with Olga Grishina in the avant-garde Christmas tale «credenza». The latest project of the actor today is the drama «Thunderstorm over Thoraces».

    In addition, Andrey Saminin very successful as dubbing. His voice was officially recognized for scoring in the Ukrainian language such Hollywood stars as johnny Depp, Tom cruise, Matthew McConaughey, and Christoph waltz.

    Personal life

    Andrey Saminin long enough married. He lives in happiness and harmony with Lesia Sameway is also an actress. The couple spend a lot of time together, since they act in the same theatre On the left Bank of the Dnieper» and repeatedly starred together in the movie, including the military music of the film «haytarma».

    Andrey Saminin with his wife Lesia Sameway and daughter Maria
    Andrey Saminin with his wife Lesia Sameway and his daughter Mary | People

    Viewers wife of Andrew Saminin also znakomaya roles in the family drama «Operation Chegevara» and the Comedy «house arrest». In 2002, Saminin and Samaeva became happy parents, as Lesya gave birth to a little girl that the family Council it was decided to call a beautiful ancient name Maria.


    • 1999 — How the steel was tempered
    • 2004 — Sky dots
    • 2006 — the angel from Orly. The devil from Orly
    • 2006 — Mystery «St. Patrick’s Day»
    • 2006 — Strange Christmas
    • 2008 — Squad
    • 2011 — Champions of the gate
    • 2013 — credenza
    • 2013 — haytarma
    • 2016 — Storm over Thoraces


    Andrey Saminin

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