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  • Name: Andrey Rozhkov ( Rozhkov Andrey )
  • Date of birth: 28 March 1971
  • Age: 45 years
  • Place of birth: Sverdlovsk
  • Height: 177
  • Activities: team captain of KVN and creative Association «Ural dumplings»
  • Marital status: married

    Andrey Rozhkov : biography

    Andrey Rozhkov was born in Sverdlovsk in March 1971. Artists in his family was not. But with humor things were going well. Parents were joyful people: like to joke and to laugh heartily at other people’s jokes. The education of the son they came philosophically that allowed him to develop freely, prohibited placing «beacons» on some wrong-doing, such as Smoking, alcohol, truancy of lessons.

    After finishing school Andrey Rozhkov went to study at the Ural Polytechnic Institute. He was going to receive a speciality «the engineer-welder», but 3 attempts were unsuccessful. The reason, as later admitted Andrew, was too exciting life of the student construction team «Horizon».


    Biography of Andrei Rozhkov began with a presentation on a humorous evening which was held at the sports and health camp «Raduga» in 1993. The boys – and they were all 5 along with Andrei Rozhkov, has received so many rave reviews and applause from the appreciative audience that he decided to continue in the same spirit. Thus was born the idea to create a team to participate in the WHC. The name of the Ural humorists to choose the appropriate – «Ural dumplings».

    Captain Rozhkov was not chosen immediately, but only after 2 years after the birth of the team. Guys Andrew recognized leader in his brilliant organizational skills, a great sense of humor and the authorship of many jokes.

    In 1995, Andrey Rozhkov, first brought his team to the festival of KVN in Moscow. Except «Ural dumplings» arrived there 50 teams from all over Russia and from neighboring countries. But Alexander Maslyakov immediately noticed this «diamond» among the placers of «diamonds». To celebrate the «Dumplings» rapidly noted his success, for what was nearly eliminated from the competition. Fortunately, when they stood up editor Michael Schatz and the guys were in a season of the Highest League of KVN.

    In the same watershed 1995 «Ural pelmeni» have tried their hand at the festival in Sochi, which took place in the winter. Here the team headed by Andrei Rozhkov has played so well that he was in a gala concert.

    The success of «Ural dumplings» lasted from 1995 to 2000. 5 seasons in a row, the students play in the Highest League of KVN. But 2000 can safely be called a triumph. Rozhkova team becomes the champion of the Higher League and even reserves the unofficial title of «the last champion of the XX century».

    In 2013 players from Yekaterinburg celebrated the 20th anniversary of the team. A festive concert was held in Kremlin Palace. This honor has not received any of the teams of KVN. All these years, «Ural dumplings» he had directed Andrey Rozhkov.


    After the games of KVN «Ural pelmeni» Andrey Rozhkov continued to speak. The audience did not let go of favorite players from popular teams. Since 2009, Yekaterinburg comedians began performing as a Creative Association «Ural dumplings». Each of them – bright and long-known artist. Show «Dumplings» regularly broadcast on the channel «STS» and has a huge army of fans.

    Andrey Rozhkov often plays female characters, especially well it turns out the way hilarious grandmother.

    Today creative biography of Andrei Rozhkov is a lot of projects. In some, as in the show «Big difference», he acts as the author of the script. Others have «Show news», «You’re funny!» and «the Ural pelmeni» – he appears as an artist.Viewers remembered some of the scenes from «Big difference», where the horns together with Alexander Revva made several miniatures.

    In the creative box of the actor multiple roles in the series. Andrey Rozhkov starred in the comic project «Valera-TV», «Unreal story», «southern Butovo» and «Out of native square metres».

    Personal life

    With his future wife, Elvira Andrei Rozhkov met through mutual friends. 6-year-old Roman was crowned the official marriage. Soon the couple first child was born – a son Simon. And 5 years later was born the second boy Peter. To stop there is not going couple and are planning the birth of his daughter.

    The eldest son of the Carob has already demonstrated inheritance and succession: he wrote several humorous skits for school parties.

    It is remarkable that Andrey Rozhkov lives in Yekaterinburg and is not going to move to Moscow. He claims that he never wanted to live in the capital, and when it got here to the shooting, he wanted to get back home. In your favorite Yekaterinburg Rozhkov plans to build your own house, next to which is sure to be a pine forest.

    Personal life of Andrei Rozhkov’s family and many Hobbies. One of them is the passion for Windsurfing. Wife Elvira is also a creative person. She makes beautiful stained glass and was successful in this occupation.

    Rojkova close friends with the family of Alexander Revva.


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    • «You’re funny!»
    • «South Butovo»
    • «Unreal story»
    • «Out of native square metres»
    • «Myasorubka»
    • «The big question»


    Andrei Rozhkov with the family

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