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  • Name: Andrey Rostotsky ( Andrey Rostockiy )
  • Date of birth: 25 January 1957
  • Age: 45 years
  • Date of death: 5 may 2002
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: actor, Director, stuntman, television presenter, honored artist of the RSFSR
  • Marital status: married

    Andrei Rostotsky: biography

    Andrei Rostotsky was a Soviet and Russian actor also tried his hand at directing. In addition, the car has achieved considerable success as a stuntman and stunt Director in the film «They fought for the Motherland», «flying Squadron of hussars» and «the Deerslayer.» For the big contribution to development of national cinema in 1991 he was awarded the title of Honored artist of the RSFSR.

    Andrei Rostotsky was born and raised in Moscow. From childhood he had seen all the pros and cons of creative professions, as his father Stanislav Iosifovich Rostotsky was a famous film Director, famous for the films «the dawns here are quiet» and «White BIM Black ear», and her mother, Nina Menshikova – actress, star of the lifetime movie «Live till Monday» and «Girls».

    Andrew studied at the specialized school with advanced study of English language in adolescence had docile nature, could enter into a confrontation with any macho, despite the fact that the car was very small in stature. Studying in the last class, Andrew as a volunteer was to visit the actor’s workshop of Sergei Bondarchuk in the film Institute and received a certificate, continued education on a General basis.

    Due to the fact that the novice actor become actively involve in the filming, he had to skip a lot of classes, with the result that he was up for elimination. Saved Rostotsky acting talent – it was then that he received the first prize of the festival for the role of MITI Krasikova in the movie «That we do not pass», and the Cinematography allowed him to remain among the students of the Institute.

    After graduation Andrei Rostotsky served in the military service in a cavalry regiment. This part of the life of a star also recorded on film, as with his horse named Record, he not only won the regimental horse racing, but with him also starred in the adventure film «the End of the Emperor taiga».

    In addition to acting and directing activities, Rostotsky known as instructor survival school «VITALIS». The founder of this school by Vitaly Sundukovi he made an expedition to the caves of the Crimean mountains and filmed a documentary about the journey «In search of traces of the Cimmerian civilization». Also Rostotsky and Chests on the SUV crossed the United States, completing a rally from new York to Texas, and thence to San Francisco.

    Since 2000 Andrey S. has been teaching acting at the Moscow commercial Institute of contemporary art, and earlier in the same University gave lessons in stage combat and fencing.

    Collaborated Andrei Rostotsky and television channels. In addition to a series of historical and journalistic documentary films about Russian and the Russian army under the title «My war», he was the chief Director of the show, «Aty-Baty…», the leading military-historical magazine «See the goal» on the channel «Culture» and the program «Serve Russia» on the TV channel ORT, as well as the Creator and host of the program «World of fishing».


    Film debut of Andrey Rostotsky was held in 1975, and an actor worked so fruitfully that at the same time was shot once in the 4 movies. In student of this tale «That we do not pass», he played the role of Mitya Krasikova, student of the pedagogical Institute, for the first time gets to practice in the school auditorium. In the famous war drama, «They fought for the Motherland» Andrei Rostotsky made his first stunt trick that viewers can watch the episode of the death under the tank of his character corporal Kochetygova. Surprisingly, so far not one actor failed to replicate this complicated technique, although it has been more than 40 years.

    Almost legendary historical and Patriotic war drama, «flying Squadron of hussars» Rostock participated in the period when he served in the armed forces. By the way, due to the fact that he was assigned to the cast not as a professional actor, and as a member of a cavalry regiment, for this work he was not paid, and it turns out that one of his best roles he was absolutely free.

    As the Director Andrey Rostotsky remembered by the audience for adventure film 1990 «Hunter», removed on motives of the famous novel by James Fenimore Cooper. In his film Rostotsky made a slightly different emphasis when compared with the popular Soviet film adaptations of this novel. He showed the beauty of nature, cruelty and senselessness of war, was not to idealize the image of Indians and to artificially escalate the anger of the colonizers. Because of this approach, the Director encountered a misunderstanding on the part of many critics, who are accustomed to the standards of the Soviet adventure movie.

    The latest work of Director Rostotsky was the film «my border», which he never managed to finish. Finished shooting the war drama is another well-known Director Ivan Solovov.

    Personal life

    In the movie «flying Squadron of hussars» Andrei Rostotsky met the actress Marina Yakovleva, who for three years was his wife. The second wife of actor became his neighbor on the porch Marianne A., which is even before you knew him considered myself a fan of his talent. Marianne is a lecturer of the Institute of cinematography. The couple in 1989, a daughter Olga.

    Andrei Rostotsky in a lifetime are not parted with the sport. He was considered one of the best in the country for fencing with historical weapons. In equestrian eventing became a candidate master of sports, and in 1998 became the champion for the 400m. In addition, Rostock is an avid fisherman and hunter, who were in the fishing competition for the team «Spartak».

    Another hobby of Andrey Stanislavovich was joiner’s art. Mahogany he was making home furniture, Smoking pipes, cigarette holders.


    In may 2002 Andrei Rostotsky left in the vicinity of Sochi to find the optimal location for the filming of «my border.» Lifting a rock near the waterfall Maiden’s tears, he fell from a 30-meter height and died tragically on 5 may 2002. Forensics proved that the tragedy was the result of an accident.

    A year later, the friends of the actor have created a «Fund Rostocki» for the implementation of unfinished projects and ideas of Andrei Rostotsky.


    • 1975 — That we do not pass
    • 1975 They fought for their country
    • 1976 — Days Of Turbin
    • 1978 — the End of the Emperor taiga
    • 1980 — a Squadron of hussars volatile
    • 1981 — Stay with you
    • 1983 — Invincible
    • 1985 — Attention! All posts…
    • 1986 — Interception
    • 1994 — The Countess Sheremeteva


    Andrei Rostotsky

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