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  • Name: Andrey Repnikov ( Andrey Repnikov )
  • Date of birth: July 18, 1970
  • Age: 46 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Activities: composer, DJ, musician
  • Marital status: married

    Andrey Repnikov: biography

    Andrey Repnikov – Russian DJ, composer, musician and songwriter. His most successful projects are the pop group «inveterate swindlers» and the instrumental of DJ Duo «X-Mode».

    Andrew was born and raised in Petrozavodsk, in the family of the famous Soviet accordionist Albina L. Repnikov, Professor of the Petrozavodsk branch of Leningrad state Conservatory.

    The boy grew up in an atmosphere of music, therefore not surprising that the rhythms, chords and harmony had become part of his life. But unlike his father, Andrew was attracted not academic or classical, and contemporary dance music. Still a schoolboy he became interested in such a view of creativity as improvisation for di-dzhejskim the panel.

    In 1991 Andrey Repnikov organized the first in Russia and former Soviet Union music festival in the styles of rap and hip-hop «Rap pic».

    Musical career

    In 1994 Andrey Repnikov became a member of its first team, which was called «pterodactyl» and was almost the only Russian group in the style of rave. The team existed for about three years, but after the death of one of the parties ceased to exist.

    In 1998, Andrew becomes the songwriter for the new band «dirty rotten scoundrels». The guys positioned himself as a musical bullies and stood out among most of his colleagues of the period its brightness, charisma and energy. Repnikov for «Scams» wrote such famous hits as «Girls are different», «A river», «love me, Love», «don’t tell me nothing» and many others.

    Virtually every new song became a big hit, and Andrey Repnikov five times he won as the author of the best composition in the framework of the festival «song of the year». Later he was laureate of the musical prize «Energy Megadance» for achievements in the field of electronic and dance hits.

    By the time behind the composer already had other projects: the purely instrumental «DJ don and Repa MC» and «X-Mode», whose catchy hit «animal world» was shot in 2005 across Europe. Also creations of Andrei Repnikov was in the movies, for example in the sports drama of the Belarusian production «Team» and in the television series «traffic Cops».

    And in 2011 the husband and he began to sing, and in his largest project, «dirty rotten scoundrels». It happened after one of the first members of the group Igor «Garik» Bogomazov made the decision to terminate the contract with gave him the name of the team and left the «Scam».

    Personal life

    Musician Andrei Repnikov been married a long time. His wife’s name is Love, and in their family brought up the daughter of Darius, with which the composer is very friendly.

    In the summer of 2016 Repnikov was returning home from the country in his car. For some reason he was unable to regain control, the car fell into a ditch and rolled over several times. The singer was badly damaged. He was done several operations, in which Andrew fell into a coma, which remained for about a month. Only at the end of July I received information that Andrei Repnikov came to.


    • Girls are different («dirty rotten scoundrels»)
    • But the river («dirty rotten scoundrels»)
    • Love me love («dirty rotten scoundrels»)
    • Pumps («dirty rotten scoundrels»)
    • Don’t tell me nothing («dirty rotten scoundrels»)
    • In the animal world (X-Mode»)
    • Weather forecast («X-Mode»)
    • Twist-twirl («Pterodactyl»)
    • Fight («Pterodactyl»)
    • Hello soon («DJ don and Repa MC»)


    Andrey Repnikov

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