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  • Name: Andrey Merzlikin ( Andrej Merzlikin )
  • Date of birth: 24 March 1973.
  • Age: 43 years
  • Birth place: Korolyov, Moscow oblast
  • Height: 181
  • Activities: actor, Director
  • Marital status: married

    Andrey Merzlikin: the biography

    Andrey Ilyich Merzlikin is the star of «Boomer» – a talented Russian actor, whose name is now known to all movie fans. His filmography already exceeds a hundred anniversary, although Merzlikin removed not so long ago, in the late 1990’s. This artist would be happy to invite into their projects such masters of Russian cinema, Nikita Mikhalkov, Peter Buslov, Valery Todorovsky, Fedor Bondarchuk and Nikolai Dostal. But some fans of the actor know that their pet is not «burned» with desire to become an actor, and in his youth dreamed of another profession.

    Andrey Merzlikin
    A photo of actor |

    Born Andrey Merzlikin in the suburban Queen in March 1973. The boy grew into a strong and happy family. A few years after his birth parents gave him the sister Alenka.

    In adolescence, Andrei has a dream to visit space. Therefore, after the end of the eight-year» guy enrolled in a local College of space engineering. But by the end of this school Merzlikin has matured and seems to have decided not to surf the cosmic expanse. Therefore, with the qualification «radio engineer», he went to study further.

    In 1996 Andrew Merzlikina handed the diploma of the Metropolitan Academy of spheres of life and services. But the organization of production and management, he do not intend to, because at the time of graduation the guy studied at the famous VGIK. The student managed to enter the theater in 1994.

    Andrey Merzlikin in his youth
    School years | The most veautiful

    A model student, the star of «Boomer» was never. Andrey Merzlikin repeatedly got into scrapes and adventures. In the middle of his studies, he was nevertheless expelled from the University. But the guy already could not imagine life without singing, so I returned to College, enrolling in the paid Department. In 1998 Merzlikina handed another red diploma.


    A cinematic biography of Andrey Merzlikina began with a short film Natalia Pogonicheva «How I spent summer», which was released in 1999. For this work he received his first award at the International student festival VGIK.

    After studying at the theater Institute young artist worked for a short time in the international theatrical project by Ivan Popovski «Hotel Europe», visiting the largest European theatrical festivals in Vienna, Avignon, Stockholm and Bologna.

    Andrey Merzlikin in the theater
    On the stage | Arguments and Facts

    But to say that the career of Andrey Merzlikina was brilliant, not. For ten years he played on the stage of the Moscow drama theatre led by Armen Dzhigarkhanyan. Here every day he honed his skills and tried his hand in creating many diverse images. Theatergoers appreciated his game in the productions of «the Marriage of Figaro,» «Three sisters,» «the Inspector General» and «powder keg». But hardly was pleased with his work the artist himself. Proposed role in the majority were minor. In the movie, although his name regularly, but here the role Merzlikina vivid and memorable is hard to call.

    The actor appeared in the films «Aylostera», «Ending», «Why do you love me?», «Love in Russian», «Truckers» and «these Old broads». But hardly anyone in the audience will remember these pictures of Andrey Merzlikina.

    Andrey Merzlikin in movie
    In the movie «Boomer» KG-Portal

    The turning point came in 2003, when Peter Buslov called the artist in his project «the Boomer», offering him one of the main roles of Dimon «Scalded». After the release of the picture became a cult and brought Merzlikina and his young colleagues-Sergey Gorobchenko, Vladimir Vdovichenkov real fame. Thanks to the «Boomer» Andrey Merzlikin has become one of the most popular actors of the country. In 2006, Buslov did the sequel of the drama «Bumer-2», which Merzlikin again played a main character.

    In the filmography of the actor appeared in roles in such famous films as «Burnt by the sun 2», «Swing», «Two» and «Family home». But it is especially successful for the artist was painting «the Brest fortress» and «Boris Godunov». For the work in the first picture, Andrey Merzlikin received an award from the FSB, and for her role in the historical project of «Boris Godunov» actor presented the prestigious award «Nika».

    Andrey Merzlikin and Maria Mironova
    Maria Mironova in the movie «Betrayal» |

    In 2011 Andrey Merzlikin tried his hand as a Director. He made his own film called «GQ».

    Film critics, film Directors claim that Andrey Merzlikin – universal artist. It easily transforms both negative and positive characters, a natural in all genres and good in all roles. Fans of melodramas appreciated the skill of the actor in the movie «Swing» and «Treason», where he played brilliantly in tandem with Maria Mironova.

    Fans love watching all the new projects with the participation of Merzlikina. As particularly bright, call the films that have appeared in recent years: «Chkalov», «Ladoga», «Peter Leshchenko. All that was…», «homeland» and «Leningrad-46».

    The role of Andrei Merzlikin in movie
    In the movie «the Teacher» | Imagenizr

    In 2015, the screens out a great picture «the Teacher», in which the actor played Colonel special forces Kadysheva leading the operation to rescue the students. According to the script Kadyshev is a former graduate of the school. As it turned out, Andrey Merzlikin also studied in the school where the shooting took paintings from the 1st to the 3rd classes.

    In 2016, the screens out the project «Drunk firm» in which the actor played Anatoly Chubais. Will appreciate Andrey Merzlikin their fans and in the 2017th. Viewers will see a new picture with its participation «the ordeal». Premiere of a new adaptation of the novel of Alexey Tolstoy planned for the autumn.

    Personal life

    Personal life Andrew Merzlikina was successful, although he married relatively late – at the age of 33. His wife Anna Osokina has a degree in psychology. The couple grows four children. The family of the artist a surprisingly strong, which is rare in the world of modern cinema and show business.

    Andrey Merzlikin with the wife
    With his wife Anna | woman’s day

    The eldest son Fyodor was born in 2006. After 2 years, a daughter Serafima. And after 2 years my parents gave her sister Evdokia.

    After Andrey Merzlikin got married, it was to the surprise of family and «home» person. Although I, being a bachelor, no loud party or Banquet it was used. A radical change in his life happened in 2004. After one of the parties the car the actor had rammed the fence and flew into the bound ice of the Moscow river. The car is almost completely disappeared under the water. Andrew with his friends miraculously managed to escape. The arrived rescuers showed more leisurely, sobered instantly the young people of the monastery came into view on the other side, saying that they needed «at out there.»

    Andrey Merzlikin with children
    With his son and daughters | rural life

    Since then, the famous actor is a deeply religious person. He has a Confessor.

    In 2016, it became known that Andrey Merzlikin in the fourth time became the father: in January his wife gave him a second son, Makar.


    • 2003 – «Boomer»
    • 2006 – «piranha»
    • 2008 – «Inhabited island»
    • 2009 – «Russia 88»
    • 2010 – «Brest fortress»
    • 2010 – «Family house»
    • 2011 – «Boris Godunov»
    • 2013 – «Peter Leshchenko. All that was…»
    • 2014 – «Ladoga»
    • 2015 – «the Teacher»
    • 2016 – «Drunk firm»


    Andrey Merzlikin

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