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  • Name: Andrey Malahov ( Andrey Malahov )
  • Date of birth: 11 January 1972
  • Age: 45 years
  • Place of birth: Apatity, Murmansk oblast
  • Growth: 183
  • Activities: Teacher, broadcaster, journalist, showman, actor, writer, radio host
  • Marital status: Married to Natalia Shkuleva

    Andrei Malakhov: a biography

    Andrey Malakhov – the late and long-awaited child. His mother is the best kindergarten in Apatity, as evidenced by the award and further promotion to the head office. My entire adult life, a woman gave love to the children and brought them dignity. The teacher gave birth to welcome firstborn at the age of 30 years.

    Appearance and loftiness Andrey Malakhov inherited from his father-Geophysics. The head of the family studied minerals of the Kola Peninsula. My son brought delicacy and politeness than himself was endowed with. At the meeting Nikolay Zhukov expressed his respect and congratulations with a soft bow. Internal power Andrew gave the mother, who was involved in a theatre production and the development of scenaria children’s matinees. A woman has inherited a righteous life: fasted and went to Church. Blonde Lyudmila elegant manners was for the son to be the benchmark of femininity and beauty.

    As a schoolboy, Andrei Malakhov were in the same class with Eugene Rudin, now known as

  • DJ groove. Friendship crazy guys does not significantly affect the success of the Malakoff school he graduated with a silver medal. As the host tried in the childhood, when studying in the music school violin class did not deliver pleasure. Teachers preferred in the open lessons the negligent performance of the student to put in the first place, then not to disappoint the audience spoiled the experience. Later Malakhov were given solely the role of leader, which, of course, comforting. Indeed, on the posters the host’s name was highlighted in bold, unlike the list of participants. So Andrey Malakhov in his youth became known to a narrow circle of spectators. At the end of the school soul of the artist was looking forward to a big stage and loud applause. Future showman went to the capital, where he entered the Moscow state University on journalist.

    Students of the course were sent for training in the United States. So Andrei Malakhov was at the University of Michigan. The students were given $ 200 and provided at the hostel. In the summer we had to vacate the room or pay for accommodation. Cost exceeded the student scholarship.

    Then the poor student helped the Dean of the faculty, who took pity on the guy, learn how he gets money to spend. Malakhov began to live in the estate of Dean while he along with his family went to Miami on vacation. The responsibility of the tenant was to feed the cat and water the flowers. In the power of free time the guy got to the hotel, where several times a week was selling the press and getting $ 5 per hour.

    In June Malakhov came to the Studio of Detroit, which was representative of legendary

  • Paramount Pictures. The fee allowed the student not to feel slighted and financial to rent decent housing. Successful foreigner raised their professional level, got the necessary skills, and then returned to Russia. It should be noted that for the year held in Michigan, Malakhov addicted to house plants. It tells the showman in the States throughout balconies braided floral arrangements, and this is admirable. On arrival home Malakhov also charge idea to turn your balcony in a flower garden than in a landfill any unnecessary detail.

    From the fourth grade the future showman was fond of collecting stamps Christmas themes. Now the collection Malakhov has about 300 copies, including a full series of stamps of the USSR and the USA in 1972. However, according to the collector, such exposure does not turn into fanaticism, and he’s not chasing after exclusive samples, and only occasionally looks in themed stores or take a stamp as a gift from friends. Among other Hobbies artist fitness classes and collecting singles Nina Simone.

    2006 biography of Andrei Malakhov was crowned with a triple misfortune. On March 22, his father died, and after some time, the death befell my grandmother and grandfather. When Malakhov went to his father, he was still alive, but after suffering a stroke went into a coma and was unable to see or hear my son.

    Streak of misfortune began a few earlier when the sister of the mother of Andrew in the accident lost a son and it almost killed me. Lyudmila barely made it through such a deep loss and has long been treated in their native lands and in Moscow. To move to the son of Apatite refused, she could not leave the grave of her husband.

    Andrei Malakhov: career

    Biography of Andrei Malakhov began to develop rapidly after returning from training in Michigan. In 1992, he prepared the scenario of the subject for transmission by Sergey Alekseev on Sunday. The first experience on television was disappointing Andrew. He recalls, came as a representative of the Ostankino and chose the most capable guys for practice. Then there was a lot of wishing, but after the final terms «for a night to do translation from English news CNN», candidates became less. Rough night with the dictionary had exhausted the desire of the guy to continue the practice, and in Ostankino, he never came back, for that later received a reprimand. It turns out that the material I liked the editorial, and they tracked down the guy with the offer to continue cooperation on mutually beneficial terms.

    Practical experience Malakhov received in the Department of cultural orientation of the newspaper «Moscow news». The experience of the facilitator was held in the author’s program «Style» on radio Maximum. Later in the career of an entertainer was as a correspondent on channel one.

    In 1996 Malakhov will put the replacement in the transmission

  • «Good morning», after which candidacy is approved as a regular host.

    Also, Andrew had to prepare and read the material for the column «Weather on the planet.» A few years Malakhov work combined with admission to Russian State University for the Humanities to law school.

    In 2001 aired

  • «Big wash» where Malakhov managed his sparkling character and professionalism to attract a large audience. Then he became the most successful and stylish leading estimated viewers.

    In February 2004, Andrei Malakhov became the leading weekly of the hit parade «Golden gramophone», and in September led the talk show «Five evenings» on the First channel.

    Andrey Malakhov «Let speak»

  • «Let them talk» is a collection of previously popular programs with the participation of Andrey Malakhov: «Big wash» and «Five evenings». The policy of the program became controversial themes of the life stories of people who tried to help, to delve into the depths of the problem, to find a compromise and resolve the conflict. After a series of such broadcasts, which could not pass by the viewer, Andrey Malakhov became known not only as the face of channel. Then I went to program extravagant-positive subjects, where Pro-us style Malakhov was aimed at creating intrigue, the opening of the sensation. TV show
  • «Major League» is set in the Bohemian club «FIRST», where guests Malakhov becomes the secular elite. The show is broadcasted live, which once again proves masterful professionalism, original and sensational presentation of the material unique to the presenter. Andrey Malakhov in his time were not afraid to be the first not afraid of the criticism and labels and earned high popularity and recognition of the audience. Note that the presenter is a permanent jury member in the popular Higher League of KVN.

    In November 2006 received the award «For merits before Fatherland» for many years of fruitful work and significant contribution to the development of national broadcasting. Being a successful Metropolitan showman, Andrey Malakhov has not forgotten about his native city of Apatity. Thanks to significant donations Malakhov clergy, the opportunity to put the temple, which was consecrated in 2008

    In the career of Andrei Malakhov’s many high-profile projects. In 2009 he became co-host of the Eurovision song contest. The opening ceremony was led with Alsu, and the semi-final with Natalia Vodianova. Recent projects have included a Saturday talk show

  • «Tonight» on the First channel, which was launched on 1 September 2012.

    Andrei Malakhov: personal life

    Personal life Andrei Malakhov interested fans always. Passion for blondes led to the current marriage. The beloved TV presenter was

  • Natalia shkuleva — publisher of Elle, the daughter of the Director of the publishing house «Hachette Filipacchi Shkulev». Now Andrey Malakhov is the main editor of the magazine «StarHit» at the publishing house of father-in-law. The young people met at work and together for the first time was published in September 2009, where he posed for a photo as an official couple. More than half a year they lived in a civil marriage, and in June 2011, Andrey Malakhov and Natalia shkuleva were married in Paris, the Palace of Versailles.

    Andrei Malakhov: TV shows

    • «Good morning»
    • «Big wash»
    • «Major League»
    • «Five evenings»
    • «Let them talk»
    • «Malakhov+Malakhov»
    • «Lie detector»
    • «Tonight»

    Andrei Malakhov: filmography

    • «Zero kilometer»
    • Indigo
    • «Happy together»
    • «Daddy’s girls»
    • «One for all»
    • «Exchange wedding»

    Andrei Malakhov: photo

    Andrey Malakhov

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