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  • Name: Andrei Makarevich ( Andrej Makarevich )
  • Date of birth: 11 December 1953
  • Age: 63 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 172
  • Activity: musician
  • Marital status: Civil marriage with Masha Katz

    Andrei Makarevich: biography

    Andrei Makarevich is the frontman of the legendary group «the time Machine», musician, singer / songwriter, poet, producer, television presenter and a person with an active civil position, which not everyone shares.

    He was born in the family of the soldier, a architect by profession Vadim G. Makarevich, and doctor Nina Markovna Shmuylovich. The question of the nationality of a rock musician rises often. It is known that the father of the bard of Belarusian and Polish roots, from the mother – Jewish.

    After the great Patriotic war Vadim Makarevich, who lost on the front foot, he lectured at the architectural Institute. My mother worked as a doctor, TB doctor, then became a research fellow of the research Institute of tuberculosis.

    Andrey Makarevich in childhood
    Photo young Makarevich | Nashe radio

    The childhood of the boy was held in a small communal apartment on Volhonka, in an old house, which before the revolution belonged to the princes Volkonsky.

    In the early years of Andrei Makarevich has demonstrated its interested nature. He first dreamed of becoming a diver, then a paleontologist. Intrigued by the work my mother decided that I trained as Herpetology.

    After moving into an apartment on Komsomolsky Prospekt family has grown by one person: was born the daughter Natalia.

    Music addicted father. The son of Andrei Makarevich is also drawn to music and even enrolled in the school of music, where he chose the piano. But soon «burned out» and dropped out.

    Andrei Makarevich in his youth
    Young | taxton

    He studied Andrei Makarevich in one of the capital’s most prestigious schools with profound studying of English language. He had this beautiful collection of butterflies and several unusual Pets – snakes. It was another hobby of guy is to become a specialist in the study of these creatures, who were the terror of all his friends and family.

    Fortunately, this hobby was in the past. Andrei Makarevich «sick» skiing and swimming. But in 12 years he returned to music. And stayed on it forever. First, the teenager listened with rapture bards, among which the favorite was Bulat Okudzhava, Vladimir Vysotsky. The man himself began to write poetry for their songs, which were sung to the guitar in the yard. Think it was then that he conceived the desire to gather a group of like-minded people and good music to sing beautiful and meaningful texts of their own production.

    Andrei Makarevich in his youth
    Aspiring musician | radio

    A real revelation for young men was the work of «The Beatles». The song seemed to bring a new breath, dividing life into «before» and «after». To Andrew it seemed that he used to go with cotton in my ears, and now someone took it out. Every day it began and ended with the music of the legendary band. I remembered the childlike desire to create your own group. In the 8th grade Andrei Makarevich did it. The team was called «The Kids». The repertoire of the boys – cover versions of foreign songs.

    Music and TV

    In the 9th grade, Andrey Makarevich along with teammates Igor Mazaev, Yury Borzov and Paul Rubin became the founders and first members of the group «time Machine». It Makarevich is still a «person» and the author of most of the songs.

    In 1970, the musician went to study at the architectural Institute. But the main thing in his life was rock music. On the 4th course the student was dismissed with the wording «for late leaving work on a vegetable-based». According to Andrey Makarevich, and that is a party instance, which capture the Soviet guy rock music is not like that.

    Andrey Makarevich and the band
    With the group «the time Machine» | Agree Music.Gee

    The guy got a job at the Institute of design of theaters and entertainment facilities. Here as an architect Andrey Makarevich has worked until 1980. In the mid-1980s, he managed to recover from the evening Department of the Moscow architectural Institute and unfinished higher education.

    But the main occupation all these years was music and brainchild – «the time Machine». In 1980 a contract with the team signed a Rosconcert. For the «time Machine» Andrei Makarevich it was a victory, because now the group has received official status and were free to tour the country.

    The musician left the design Institute and immersed himself in music and writing songs. From this point the biography of Andrei Makarevich is developing rapidly. His songs like as the eldest, and the middle generation. Knows them and young people. «Until the candle burns», «He was older than her», «For those who in the sea» – these great hits sung by the whole country.

    Andrey Makarevich on stage
    On stage |

    Teamwork remained for the artist, soon turned into a real star, the main. But he managed to find time for other Hobbies. For example, a love of cooking led him to television, where he was entrusted to lead the culinary program «Relish». Then came the transfer of «Underwater world», which expanded the horizons of Andrey Makarevich and allowed to travel almost all the countries, seas and oceans.

    The situation in Ukraine and scandals

    In early 2014, Andrey Makarevich expressed his position regarding the conflict in Ukraine. Later opposed the transfer of Crimea to Russian jurisdiction, and the Pro-Russian activists in the East of Ukraine was advised to «emigrate to Russia.»

    The bard close with the liberals-bellantonio, who participated in the so-called peace March, protesting against the official policy of the Kremlin. For this Andrei Makarevich many fellow was called a traitor and a «fifth column».

    Andrei Makarevich's concert in Slavyansk
    At a concert in Slavyansk | vesti.Ru

    Especially loud voices of critics were heard after Andrei Makarevich gave a concert in the Ukrainian Slavyansk. This was seen as a betrayal. State Duma Deputy Yevgeny Fyodorov said that the singer should be stripped of all titles which he received at home. Concerts in Saint-Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Samara and other cities had to be cancelled.

    The singer appealed through the newspaper «Moskovsky Komsomolets» with the letter to Vladimir Putin. He asked me to stop «coven» and stop «baiting». Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov commented on the appeal, saying that «what he (Andrey Makarevich) interprets as harassment, can also be called, and the reaction of public opinion.»

    Andrey Makarevich
    Caused a lot of discussions with a concert in Slavyansk | Ivona

    In August 2014 in «news» there was a devastating article under the pretentious title «Singers and scoundrels». Its author was Alexander Prokhanov. He said that Andrei Makarevich, giving a concert in Slavyansk before the Ukrainian military, inspired the security forces «kill civilians». But the rock musician before that, not again explained that the concert was attended by refugees.

    After the article, he filed a suit in the Savelovsky court of the capital. The court partially satisfied the claim, having collected with Prokhanov half a million rubles. However, in January the Moscow city court has cancelled this decision.

    It seems that the singer liked to shock his compatriots. In 2015, Andrey Makarevich during the visit to Belarus, said that between the Russian and Belarusian there is a difference. Supposedly it is in relation to nature. Belarusians it is more European, careful. And in Russian «a lot in common with the Tatar yoke, with the nomads, who do not lead a sedentary life and shit where stayed». Of course, the home of these words Makarevich received with indignation.

    Andrey Makarevich
    Photo of musician | Golden News

    It can be argued that the policy hurt the reputation of the bard and the musician, because he went against the greater part of society which supports the policies of their government.

    In the summer of 2015 in the Internet appeared the news of the death of Andrey Makarevich. Some evil prankster catapulted the network to the rumor that bard was found dead in the stairwell of his house. The poet called them «jokers» on its Facebook page «noobs» and asked others «do not multiply nonsense».

    Now Andrey Makarevich is in Russia and is not going to leave the country. In December 2016 it made a loud prediction that Vladimir Putin is tired and will not go to the next election.

    Personal life

    It is known that the bard, the poet and broadcaster was married three times officially. He has three children from different marriages.

    For the first time Andrei Makarevich married in 1976. His wife was the daughter of a famous Soviet political commentator named Elena Fesunenko. The couple lived together for three years for some unknown reason, divorced. This marriage had no children.

    Andrey Makarevich with his son Ivan
    With his son Ivan | Day.Az

    Personal life of Andrei Makarevich changed in 1986. The second wife of singer became the doctor-cosmetician Alla Golubkina, ex-wife of Alexei Romanov. In the summer of 1987 the pair was born to Joe. The son of Ivan Makarevich as two peas similar to his famous father in his youth. But a child couldn’t strengthen the marriage, the couple divorced almost immediately after the appearance of the son. But Andrey Makarevich talks to Joe and keenly interested in his life.

    In the mid-1990s, there were rumors about the novel of Andrey Makarevich with the famous radio host Xenia swift. But the girl then said that the rumors are greatly exaggerated. Supposedly with the famous rocker, she is really some years were close, but not in that interpretation he puts in the word most people.

    Andrey Makarevich Anna Christmas
    Anna Christmas | for Woman

    At the end of the same «dashing 90-x» the artist spent several years in a civil marriage with the press attache of group «the time Machine» with Anne Christmas. The journalist in 2000, the star gave birth to daughter Anna. But here, the child does not become a link: the couple broke up.

    After 3 years, Andrei Makarevich was married a third time. His lawful wife was a makeup artist Nataliya Golub. This marriage also proved to be unsustainable and finally collapsed in 2010. At the same time, the information appeared that the actor has an illegitimate daughter. The girl named Dana and she lives in Philadelphia. Sometimes daughter sees her father, but in the country rarely used.

    According to press reports and information from social networks, at the moment the musician lives with the singer Masha Katz called his common-law wife.

    Discography (compilations)

    • 2001 — «Better»
    • 2003 — «favorites (anthology, 6 CD with bonus tracks)»
    • 2008 — «Wasn’t us. The best songs»
    • 2008 — «55»
    • 2009 — «Better»


    • 1981 – «Soul»
    • 1985 – «Start again»
    • 1992 – «Crazy love»
    • 2000 – «still waters»
    • 2007 – «election Day»


    Andrey Makarevich

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