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  • Name: Andrey Lavrov ( Andrey Lavrov )
  • Date of birth: 24 December 1976
  • Age: 40 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Growth: 183
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: divorced

    Andrei Lavrov: biography

    Andrei Lavrov, Russian theater and film actor, star of the detective television series «Track», its plot branches «Gardener» and action movie «SWAT».

    He was born in Moscow, into a family of famous actress Lyudmila, Solodenko. His grandfather on the maternal side was Cuban, so Ludmilla Andrew passed on an unusual Slavic-Latin American appearance.

    Since childhood Lavrov showed his talent in the field of academic vocal. He graduated from music school and then studied at the prestigious Musical school of a name of N. M. Ippolitov-Ivanov. The young man was a professional classical bass, but when he was already in his third year, then tore the vocal cords. Career as an Opera singer was over before it began.

    As all the dreams of Andrew was associated exclusively with the singing, then he was depressed, out of which helped friends. They invited the young man in the youth theatrical Studio, where Lavrov saw a different perspective to get on the stage. As a result, talented guy became a student of GITIS and successfully completes it.

    But about music Andrey Lavrov did not forget. In his student years, he sang in restaurants and Church choir, and later became a soloist of the Moscow Cossack ensemble «chieftain», and then — vocalist of the capital group of the «Major Whirlwind». After GITIS actor joined the troupe of Moscow musical theatre «Helikon-Opera» were invited to Alexander Kalyagina in the theater «Et Cetera», worked in the Moscow drama theater «benefit».

    The last time Lavrov appeared on stage for unusual Theatre doubles, where he successfully parodied by different artists. Most successfully, in the opinion of the public, Andrew manages Mikhail Boyarsky.


    Early in his career, Andrey Lavrov is quite a long time appeared in small roles in famous films and television series. He participated together with Tatiana Kolganova in the mystical Thriller «Black crow», by Artem and Anton Semakina by Eldarova in the sitcom «Brothers differently», Alla Klyuka in an ironic detective «evlampiya Romanova. The consequence conducts the layman», with Sergey Bezrukov in a historical drama «Pushkin: the last duel» and many other popular films.

    Success to Lavrov came in 2007, when the showing of the crime television series «Trace». To date in this project, the actor involved for almost 10 years. The same role of a police captain Konstantin Kotova he had to play detective, «the Gardener». But we cannot say that he is an artist in one role.

    In parallel with these paintings by Andrew starred in the Comedy «Margot», the romance «One day love» Thriller «Manticore», the absurd Comedy «Our Russia. Eggs Of Destiny».

    In addition to «Trace» Lavrov have two more stellar work. This is a youth Thriller «Wirth: the game is not childish,» and the action-Thriller «SBM». Of the latest projects of the artist can highlight his appearance in the film about the Vietnam war «Alien war», the sitcom «Traffic light» and the sixth season of the Comedy «Eighties».

    Personal life

    About my personal life Andrey Lavrov is not much of a spread. It is known that he was married, but now divorced. From family relationships, the actor left two sons. But on a question of journalists about his romantic relationship now he answers in monosyllables, without going into details: «I’m not married.»

    Lavrov believes that the man-the artist must be strong, so he’s on a serious level in sports. In adolescence Andrey received the Junior level in eventing, and now has the title of candidate master of sports in powerlifting. The actor says that weight training not only allow you to keep yourself in good shape, but also help to recover mentally after a grueling shoot.


    • 2006 — the Brothers of different
    • 2007 — Urgent room
    • 2007 — the Fire of love
    • 2007-2016 — Should
    • 2009 — One day love
    • 2010 — Wirth: the game is not childish
    • 2010 — the Gardener
    • 2011 — SBM
    • 2013 — the Sea. Mountains. Expanded clay
    • 2016 — the Eighties-6


    Andrey Lavrov

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