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  • Name: Andrey Kuznetsov ( Andrey Kuznecov )
  • Date of birth: 21 January 1974
  • Age: 43 years
  • Place of birth: Mariupol, Ukraine
  • Height: 174
  • Activities: Russian film and theater actor
  • Marital status: married

    Andrey Kuznetsov : biography

    Actor Andrey Kuznetsov is familiar to many TV viewers for her roles in the TV series. Because of the charming appearance and the male magnetism Directors often offer him the role of hero-lover, although the artist himself claims that he is much closer to the hero-lover of the comic.

    Andrey Kuznetsov was born in the southern industrial town of Mariupol in January 1974. At school he was very shy and at first did not even think about such a public profession as acting.

    Everything changed when Kuznetsov was in the 8th grade. In literature classes took the work of «Boris Godunov». Suddenly Andrew felt an overwhelming desire to embody the image of the Godunov on the stage. About their desires son told parents. They reacted quite skeptically. Have not added optimism and after a conversation with a familiar actress, who said that shyness Andrew and scene – are incompatible.

    And yet blacksmiths have persisted. After school, he went to conquer Moscow. Since Andrew is a day not worked in theatrical circles, and almost did not participate in the school initiative, its chances to enter the Metropolitan theater, the University has proven illusive. Failing the exams, he returned home. And in Mariupol suddenly saw an ad that was specially written for him. His favorite actor Oleg Gorbachev gained his course in St.-Petersburg «School of Russian drama».

    Andrey Kuznetsov has not lost the chance given by fate. At the exam, he recited Pushkin’s poems. Gorbachev was looking for a hero in the play «Old friends».

    In 1996 Andrey Kuznetsov received a high school diploma and was accepted into the troupe of drama theatre «Comedians». So he stayed in the city on the Neva.


    For 4 years the artist goes on stage «comedian» and enjoyed success at the theater. But in 2000, he moved to the Youth theatre on the Fontanka, explaining the desire for professional growth.

    Youth Andrey Kuznetsov really started to trust the role of which he dreamed. Work in productions of «Othello», «twelfth night», «Love lace», «don Quixote» and others, he can rightfully be proud of. On the website of the theatre, a yearly poll, where regular viewers choose the best artist in different categories. In 2006 Kuznetsov was the first place in the category «Best male role». As noted theatergoers favorite actor for his work in staging «Old home.»

    And in 2007, Andrey Kuznetsov was the leader in the nomination «the Role of actors of 2007», which was preceded by the role of Laertes in the play «the king and the Prince, or truth about hamlet.»

    In the dreams of Andrey Kuznetsov to play hamlet. But the actor claims that there are no small or minor roles.


    A cinematic biography of Andrey Kuznetsov began in 1996 with a role in the melodrama «Giselle». In our days, the filmography of the actor is almost 4 dozens of movie titles and TV shows. Here are quite often rated projects such as «Streets of broken lamps», «Opera 2», «national security Agent», «Agent special purpose», «COP war», «the Foundry» and many others.

    The role that the artist can be proud of, he got in the drama Director Vladimir Yankovsky «the Perfect wife». This is a painting made Jankowski by Hollywood patterns. The story is banal and at the same time, relevant: life kills love. Andrey Kuznetsov was able to convey the drama and deep psychological insight of the tragedy of his character. His skill is highly appreciated by the audience and critics.

    Most often in the last years of the artist can be seen in fashion shows. The first was the band «gossip», released in 2002. Kuznetsov played a character named mark Ravines. It is noteworthy that here the actor tried himself as a screenwriter and Director of the project.

    Viewers and fans of this charming artist recently could see it in the popular TV series «the Trap», «This» and «police station». In the past Andrey Kuznetsov – the main character.

    Personal life

    About the actor himself says he is amorous monogamous. The private life of Andrey Kuznetsov is his small but strong family. The artist has two beautiful and beloved woman to whom he is in a hurry every day. The wife Svetlana and daughter Sofia. But that’s all there is to know about Kuznetsov. To tell the details of his life outside of the theater and the set he doesn’t like. -Fortress will not allow any journalists or fans.

    Free time Andrey Kuznetsov likes to spend in the close circle of the family. He is often chosen to nature. The style of clothing in daily life chooses democratic: jeans, t-shirts, leather jackets. The actor is in great physical shape, although every day to visit the gym or dieting because regular employment is not possible.


    • «Giselle»
    • «Streets of the broken lanterns»
    • «Opera 2»
    • «Agent special purpose»
    • «COP wars»
    • «The foundry»
    • «The perfect wife»
    • «Single»
    • «It would not be happy»
    • «Police station»


    Andrey Kuznetsov

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