Andrey Krizni

(biography, photo, video) Andrew Kryzhny

photo Andrey Krizni

  • Name: Andrey Krizni ( Andrew Kryzhny )
  • Date of birth: 22 July 1991
  • Age: 25 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: Actor
  • Marital status: Not married

    Andrey Krizni: biography

    Andrey Krizni was born in Moscow on 22 July 1991. The future actor graduated from the regular secondary school, after which he entered the theatrical. Training in the Shchukin brought a guy in a big movie. As a student his senior year, he starred in four projects that began their debut in filmography Krajnego.

    The first work of a young actor — film «Life and fate». Then the pipeline of graduates of his course received the work in this project. Later Andrey Krizni played in the television series

  • «Teacher», which became one of the main events of the year on television. Since then, the popularity of the boy began to grow rapidly. For the filming of «the Teacher» Andrew had to gain 10 pounds to look good in the role tight and sporty «Banana». Krizni for a long time ate a lot of sweet, flour and fat, to gain weight. At the end of the filming Andrew quickly got rid of extra pounds, regularly visiting the gym. In 2015, the premiere of another youth project «
  • Easy to be young?», where Andrey Krizni played the role of instigators yard Circle. The actor has played a purposeful, impudent, but at the same time, romantic guy. In ordinary life, Krizni keen on sports and travelling. For several years Andrew regularly visits the gym, allowing you to always be in shape.

    Andrey Krizni: personal life

    In 2013, the media discussed the relationship of Andrew and Krajnego

  • Diane Malison – stars of the Internet by number of subscribers in social networks. According to observers, the young people together attended the premiere of the film «Chernobyl: exclusion Zone» where the whole evening holding hands, not moving away from each other. Krizni kinds had attentions to the girl, and she smiled sweetly. Now about the personal life of Andrew Krajnego almost unknown, as he appears in the circle of fans or just girls.

    Andrey Krizni: filmography

    • Life and fate
    • The vortex of other people’s desires
    • Easy to be young?
    • Shopping center
    • Insomnia
    • Rally
    • Incredible adventures Alina
    • PE
    • Chernobyl. The exclusion zone

    Andrey Krizni: photo

    Andrey Krizni

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