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  • Name: Andrei Kravchuk ( Andrey Kravchuk )
  • Date of birth: 13 April 1962
  • Age: 54 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg, Russia
  • Activity: film Director, screenwriter
  • Marital status:

    Andrei Kravchuk biography

    Andrei Kravchuk was born in Leningrad, 13th April 1962. The fate prophesied for him a successful career in science, and certainly could not assume that someday, Andrey decides to dedicate himself to a creative profession.

    Didn’t know from time to time and Kravchuk himself: he with honors graduated from the Leningrad state University in the mechanics and mathematics faculty in 1984. Immediately after this, the young man enrolled in graduate school, and soon began to prepare to defend your own dissertation.

    Andrei Kravchuk
    Andrei Kravchuk | RTK

    Everything changed after Andrei Kravchuk met with Alexey Herman. The latter without a second thought invited the man to play the role of assistant Director when making a movie, «We’re going to America,» which was filmed Efim Gribov.

    This incident, which could be insignificant to anyone else, made Andrei Yurevich to think seriously about his future. Fascinated by the world of cinema, he has stopped dreaming about a career in science and passed the entrance examinations of the St. Petersburg University shows and TV.


    After graduation, Andrei Kravchuk became a member of the renowned Studio «Lenfilm». At first he was hesitant to do some major project and has specialized primarily on documentaries and short films. Later, the Director admitted that this period of his career was in its own way very useful: it taught him to create artistic images based on real life.

    Andrei Kravchuk
    Andrei Kravchuk | Bepress

    The most famous documentary picture Kravchuk was the film titled «semen Aranovich. The last frame». The film lasts 38 minutes and talks about the life and work of Director and actor Semyon Davidovich Aranovich, which Andrey Yurievich in his time he studied at St. Petersburg University shows and TV. The painting was included in a series of such films in honor of the 85th anniversary of the Studio «Lenfilm».

    Andrei Kravchuk
    Andrei Kravchuk | State musical center

    Another important experience for the Director during this period of his career was the participation in the creation of the popular domestic series. Kravchuk practiced to realize their creative potential in the series «Black crow», «Streets of the broken lanterns» «the Agent of national security».

    The movie

    In 2005, the year began a new era in the history of the Director’s pursuit of Andrei Kravchuk. He made a feature film called «the Italian.» The main character of this film – a boy who is trying to find his own mother. The tape was presented at the Berlin film festival, won several awards and even a nomination for «Oscar».

    However, the film caused quite a serious public outcry. Some saw scenarios wrestling promotion with the adoption of Russian children by foreigners. The Director noted that the Central storyline of the film is built not around the boy choice of places to stay, and based on his desire to save his mother.

    Andrei Kravchuk in the film
    Andrei Kravchuk in the film «Admiral» | World Art

    The following are incredibly important in directing the career of Andrei Kravchuk step was the creation of the film «Admiral», which was released on the big screen in 2008-m to year. The film tells about the difficult fate of the complex personality – Alexander Kolchak, who led the white movement during the Russian Civil war. Victory in this battle, as you know, left the Soviet government, Kolchak was shot.

    Knightley and Boyarskaya in the role of Kolchak and timireeva to
    Knightley and Boyarskaya in the role of Kolchak and timireeva to | Movie-Theater

    However, historical events in this film plays a very large role, in contrast to the love story of Kolchaka and Anna Vasilyevna timireeva to willingly followed Alexander after his arrest. The main role in the film played by keira Knightley and Elizabeth boyar. The film has been criticized for historical inaccuracy, in response, the Director stated that he did not aim to accurately recreate real history.

    Andrei Kravchuk
    Andrei Kravchuk | Flight.On

    Despite criticisms, the film was wildly popular and even became second in the domestic box office in 2008-th year. Many argue that after this film, Russian cinema can’t be the former, and that to forget him is impossible.

    Of the film appear in the Russian hire is rare, and the next film by Andrei Kravchuk came out quite soon – in 2016-m to year. We are talking about the sensational movie «Viking», released under the curtain of the year, the 29th of December. This is more than a two-hour tape devoted to a very difficult fate of famous historical figures – Prince Vladimir.

    Andrei Kravchuk in the film
    Andrei Kravchuk in the film «Viking» | Cinema hall

    The film was based on the famous «Tale of bygone years», which is all we ever took in high school. But, as in the case of the «Admiral», Andrew Yu stresses that his purpose was not to recreate all the stages of life of Prince Vladimir with 100% accuracy. From the «tale of bygone years» was taken only the main facts, and based on them, the crew created a separate and self-sufficient artwork.

    Because we know about those times quite a bit, the Director hired two consultants: philologist and historian-archaeologist. They helped him to make the surroundings of the picture close to real. In addition, on site we had separate consultants costumes from Byzantium and other components of the film.

    The film received mixed reviews: on the one hand, the audience liked her naturalism, on the other – didn’t like the idea of the Grand Duke in not the best light.

    Personal life

    Unfortunately or fortunately, Andrei Kravchuk keeps his personal life secret. We can only wish Andrey Yuryevich to on a personal front, he was successful, and brought well-deserved awards.


    • 1999 – TV series «Streets of broken lanterns-2»
    • 2000 – the movie «Christmas mystery»
    • 2001 – TV series «Streets of broken lanterns-3»
    • 2001 – TV series «national security Agent-3»
    • 2001-2004 – series «Black crow»
    • 2002 – film project «film Director: profession and fate»
    • 2004 – series «gentlemen»
    • 2005 – the film «Myths of my childhood»
    • The 2005 film the Italian.
    • 2008 – film «Admiral»
    • 2009 – series «Admiral»
    • 2016 – the movie «Viking»


    Andrei Kravchuk

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