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  • Name: Kozlov Andrey ( Andrey Kozlov )
  • Date of birth: 25 December 1960
  • Age: 56 years
  • Place of birth: Lugansk
  • Activity: TV presenter, Director, producer, party game «What? Where? When?»
  • Marital status: married

    Andrey Kozlov: biography

    Andrei Kozlov – Russian TV presenter, Director and producer, best known as a player, captain and master of elite club «What? Where? When?». Birth Andrew was in the city of Lugansk, but in fact he was born on Board the aircraft, which was returning to the USSR from Germany.

    The mother of the future expert had a top position in trade, and his father was a soldier, discharged with the rank of Colonel. But the greatest influence exerted on the boy by his grandmother Maria Nikitichna, theater actress, people’s artist of Ukraine. She often took his grandson with him to rehearsals and performances, took backstage. Already at school age Andrew a secret from family cherished dream of the stage, therefore, actively participated in all competitions of Amateur.

    After prom Kozlov asked mother and father permission to «unwind» and went to Moscow, ostensibly on vacation. In fact, he filed documents with the Theatre Institute named after Boris Shchukin and managed to pass a difficult entrance test. But when the young man called home to report his achievement, parents are not very happy about the news and insisted on getting my son back.

    After returning home, Andriy Kozlov in the same year managed to arrive on chemical faculty of Donetsk University and graduated after 5 years, laboring in parallel with a conductor on the railroad. The distribution of the young specialist were in nearby Mariupol, where he taught in the local iron and steel Institute, and was also engaged in tutoring.


    With Mariupol of the University the young man began to send your questions and challenges the intellectual quiz «What? Where? When?» and in 1986 he was first invited to the qualifying round, which he did quite successfully. Some time a novice intellectual, took part in Amateur regional competitions, and in 1989, debuted in the elite club. Interestingly, Andrei Kozlov, I always played as captain of the team.

    As a connoisseur, he spent nearly 30 years and during this time, through his team were such famous scholars as Boris Burda, Maxim Potashev, Fyodor dvinyatin, Igor Kondratyuk, Alexander druz, Alexey Kapustin and many others. By the way, Kondratyuk became one of Andrew’s closest friends.

    The Game «What? Where? When?» for Kozlov is a priority in life. He repeatedly had in the chair of the expert to celebrate his birthday and other holidays, which usually people tend to spend with their families. The only time in my career, Andrey missed the game, when on the eve of the broadcast, he suffered a minor stroke.

    In the Bank one of the strongest members of the elite intellectual club a huge number of awards and achievements. He is the Master of the club, a three-time winner of the prize «crystal owl» and «diamond owl» was awarded the title of «Best captain of Club». Moreover, in 2008, Andrei Kozlov was the only one who correctly answered three questions a round of «super blitz», for which he received a gift of a car «Volkswagen Phaeton». In the spring of 2014, Andrey Anatolyevich was replaced by Natalia Stetsenko, President of the International Association of clubs «What? Where? When?» and actually took over the management of the Club.


    In addition to participating in the program «What? Where? When?» Andrei Kozlov was realized, and as a TV presenter, Director and producer. In 1990 he became the lead program «brain ring», which became his favorite child. In this intellectual game of goats asked participants tricky questions until 2013.

    He also led programs such as «the Fulfillment of desires, or How to spend a million,» «Program guide» and «My house, my city, my country». Not all of them had the same high rating as the «brain ring» or «What? Where? When?» but man has always tried to implement their ideas. By the way, most of these projects, Andrew was a Director. He later became the General producer and the first Deputy General Director of TV company «Game-TV».

    Personal life

    Expert Andrey Kozlov a very long time married, his wife name is Anna. But about private life, he is trying to spread.

    People are not only knowledgeable and intelligent, but also has an enviable enterprise. For example, at the time, he is only 8 thousand dollars bought a plot of land that eventually rose in price almost 20 times.

    Andrew loves high speed and loves to accelerate your car to the limit. However, he prefers to do it on European and American routes, as domestic roads is not trusted.


    Andrey Kozlov

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