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  • Name: Andrey Kharitonov ( Andrey Haritonov )
  • Date of birth: 25 July 1959.
  • Age: 57 years
  • Place of birth: Kiev
  • Activities: Soviet and Russian theater and film actor, film Director, screenwriter
  • Marital status: married

    Andrey Kharitonov: biography

    It was called the most handsome man in the Soviet Union and the sex symbol of the 1980s. After played the title role in the film-drama «the gadfly» he woke up famous throughout a huge country.

    Andrey Igorevich Kharitonov was born in Kiev in 1959. In his family of artists was not. My mother worked as a schoolteacher and his father an engineer. Their work parents seriously and the same attitude was required from my son to school and life. They wanted to see Andrew architect, he successfully studied at physico-mathematical school and good at drawing.

    Andrey Kharitonov
    Andrey Kharitonov |

    But the parents and the son, as it turned out, did not match. Because in 4 years the boy looking the «Fanfan La TULIPE», was so fascinated by what was happening on the screen that anything else could not think. So after high school, took the documents to the theatrical institution. He is the first attempt went to the Institute name. K. Karpenko-Kary, selecting the acting Department.


    A cinematic biography of Andrei Kharitonov began in his student years. At 19 the guy showed up in an episode of the famous film «You are expected by citizen Nikanorova». And the next 1979, she got the role in the bigger picture of Nikita Mikhalkov’s film «Several days from life. I. Oblomov».

    Andrei Kharitonov in movie
    In the film «the gadfly» |

    But the final study in theatre of the young actor was suddenly tempted to doubt the correctness of the chosen path. And when the desire to quit College and to transfer to the Department of architecture the art Institute finally matured, fate gave the young man a generous gift in the form of a star role, which became his calling card for decades. Directed by Nikolay Mashchenko Kharitonov suggested He play in the film adaptation of the famous novel by Ethel Lilian Voynich «the gadfly».

    Andrei Kharitonov in movie
    In the film «the gadfly» |

    The first day of shooting coincided with the 20th birthday of the actor. Mom came to congratulate the son on set and saw him chained in the cave. The group had just left for lunch, forgetting about chained Kharitonov. The indignant woman, «reassured» the head of the make-up of the shop, saying that a true artist is obliged to pass all the circles of hell to become a professional.

    The role was interesting, but difficult. Fortunately, the partners in the set were stars such as Sergei Bondarchuk and Anastasiya Vertinskaya. Their advice really helped a newbie actor.

    Andrei Kharitonov in movie
    Anastasia Vertinskaya in the drama «the gadfly» |

    After the drama on the screens, Andrey Kharitonov woke up incredibly famous. «Gadfly» brought him the prize «Golden Nymph» international film festival in Monte Carlo in 1981 and the State prize named after T. G. Shevchenko in Ukraine. And yet – the title of a sex symbol and bags of letters from fans all over the USSR.

    After this successful pattern offers generously showered on the young artist. The following year he got the role of the artist-icon painter in the film «Yaroslav the Wise». The next wave of audience love «covered» Kiev artist after the release of the movie «On the Islands of Garnet» and «gonna». Romantic grey performed by Andrey Kharitonov was surprisingly good.

    Andrei Kharitonov in movie
    In the movie «the Star and death of Joaquin Murieta» | Media.som

    In the same 1982, came another successful tape – rock-Opera «Star and death of Joaquin Murieta.» Brave prospector Joaquin, courageous and noble – another brilliant image in the gallery of romantic heroes artist.

    The role of lance, Fortescue in the wonderful film «the Secret «blackbirds» Kharitonov carried to new heights. It seems, after the release of the film in the Soviet Union there is not one woman, not in love with Andrei Kharitonov. But the artist himself claims that his star is not felt. At that time the fees of even the most famous actors was extremely modest. The royalties from «the Gadfly» he could only buy half of the car «Zhiguli» and in «the Secret «blackbirds» – the whole car. The maximum that gave him fame, is the ability «to pull» buy a case of champagne.

    Andrei Kharitonov in the movie
    In the movie «the Secret «blackbirds» | Wokrout

    «Dashing 90-e hurt the actor. Worthy role was not. As he later confessed, five years «capital drink». To stop him, Moscow helped the doctor, luckily I was a professional, not a charlatan.

    Kharitonov thinking about implementing a long – held dream- to make a film. With the advent of VCRs have the opportunity to watch movies. Actor, after watching enough of them, decided to try his hand as a Director. And it managed it in full. The painting «Thirst of passion», where the main roles were involved Anastasiya Vertinskaya, Igor Kostolevsky and Viktor Rakov, received a warm audience reception and good criticism. For a brilliant directorial debut, Andrew I., were awarded prizes at the festivals «Constellation» and «Literature and cinema». And was awarded the prize «Kinotavr».

    Andrey Kharitonov
    The successful Director |

    After the hard 1990s, Andrei Kharitonov has focused his efforts on directing. As a Director he staged the project «Films of memory» and «Factory of dreams». And created author’s program «Flash» and was the leading program «the Introduction» on the channel «Star».

    In the new century, the star of the 1980s has pleased his loyal fans appearance in such famous projects as the historical drama of Gleb Panfilov «Romanovs. The Imperial family», a detective strip «Turkish March» and «On the corner near the Patriarchal». And in 2006, the artist appeared in the title role of the sci-Fi series directed by Oleg Fomin «the Young Wolfhound».

    Andrei Kharitonov in movie
    In the movie «the Young wolfhound» | Cinema

    But more time and effort actor gives theater. He plays antrepriznyh performances of «Hostage of love», where together with him come on stage colleagues Natalia Egorova, Svetlana Toma, Igor Bochkin, «it’s over, darling», «Hostage of love», «let sleeping dogs lie» and «cactus Flower». In the latter production, he played together with Irina Alferova and Alexey Panin.

    Another one of the works in cinema, which was forced to recall about this wonderful actor – his role in the film «Lieutenant Romashov» for which Andrey Kharitonov became the Winner of the XXII International film festival «Golden Vityaz».

    Personal life

    Idol of the 1980s, doesn’t like talking about personal things. Like a real man, he never calls the names of his beloved, whom he at the peak of popularity, they say, were many. There were rumors about his affair with Anastasia Vertinskaya, but the actor himself claims that this «novel» was only Platonic. And this sublime love to the star he has carried through his entire life. Today the artists are friends and often call.

    Andrey Kharitonov with his wife Olga
    With his wife Olga |

    The last 20 years, the personal life of Andrei Kharitonov connected with a woman named Olga. She’s one of the fans of the star and has nothing to do with the world of theatre and cinema. Olga is engaged in computer technologies. According to the actor, she is a very wise woman, with which he easily and comfortably. Wife never brings forth jealousy and does not require a report about her day.

    Kharitonov says that more than anything likes to be alone. So sometimes he will retreat to one of their apartments, to stay in silence and think about life.

    Children have no spouses. But to dwell on the subject, the artist does not like.


    • 1979 – «Few days of life. Vladimir Oblomov»
    • 1980 – «the gadfly»
    • 1982 – «the Star and death of Joaquin Murieta»
    • 1982 – «Assol»
    • 1983 – «the Mystery of «blackbirds»
    • 1986 – «End of operation «Resident»
    • 1994 – «Master and Margarita»
    • 2000 – «the Romanovs: an Imperial family»
    • 2007 – «The Young Wolfhound»
    • 2012 – «Second Lieutenant Romashov»


    Andrey Kharitonov

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