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  • Name: Andrey Kaykov ( Andrey Kaykov )
  • Date of birth: 25 December 1971
  • Age: 45 years
  • Place of birth: Bryansk
  • Height: 177
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: married

    Andrey Kaykov: biography

    Andrey Kaykov – popular Russian actor, best known to television viewers thanks to the sketch-show «6 shots» and the sitcom «happy together» and the latest seasons of the television series «Streets of broken lamps».

    He was born and raised in Bryansk, in a family of intellectuals. His mother worked as a librarian and his father was the head of the city puppet theatre. Despite the profession of their parents, Andrew was a child was a mischievous Tomboy, and as a teenager, a little calmer, announced that he wanted to become a surgeon. Perhaps it would have been the fate Kaykova if dad had once invited him to the evening in the theater and literary club «the Torch», where people staged productions of a very serious poetic works of the Russian classics.

    Andrew started in the Studio at the club theater, and he gets to perform on stage. After school the young man went to Moscow and applied to all the capital’s universities acting profile. And all have failed. Returning home, he continued his collaboration with «the Torch», and began to study in the Bryansk kultprosvetuchilische. However, to graduate he has failed: from Kaykova began to demand entry into the Komsomol organization, he refused and was expelled.

    But fate had already prepared for the future of the actor interesting twist. Along with «Torch,» the young man went to Kaluga for the festival. In the jury were representatives of the Higher theatre school named after Schepkin Boris, after the speech of Andrei urged to come in the summer for the entrance exams. So in 1990 Kaykov was enrolled in the Studio of the honored artist Nikolai, Veremenko and study there for 4 years.

    After graduation Andrey Kaykov was invited into the troupe of the Taganka Theater, and it immediately took the lead role in a new play in place of Leonid Filatov. It should be noted that if film and television actor developed the role of a comic character in the theatre he often plays the dramatic and sometimes tragic role.


    On the screen Andrey Kaykov debuted immediately after graduation due to the small episode in the social drama «Limit». At the same time was shooting the Thriller «On the corner near the Patriarchal», but the bulk of the filmography of the actor was filled in 2000-ies. Romance Golden age, the romantic Comedy «the Frenchman», a new film adaptation of «Golden calf,» crime drama «Airport» — all these paintings were added to the actor’s popularity among fans of the movie.

    Also in his Arsenal of participation in the rating TV series «Soldiers», «Cadets», «Daddy’s girls», «Happy together» and many others. But the main popularity Kikowu brought fashion sketch-show «6 shots,» which with him was shot Fedor Dobronravov, Irina Medvedeva, and many other Comedy actors.

    And in 2011, Andrey Kaykov was included in the cast already promoted the sitcom «happy together», where he got the role of a Novel, self-centered and spoiled brother Nasti. In the 12th and 13th seasons of the popular detective «Streets of broken lights» actor created the image of a senior police Lieutenant Lev Glushko.

    Recent work Kaykova highlighted the political Comedy «On change» light romance «of the Sea. Mountains. Keramzit» and the biographical series «Orlova and Aleksandrov» on the life of the actress Lyubov Orlova. Now the artist is busy with the shooting of the joint Russian-American Comedy Thriller «Maximum impact».

    Personal life

    Andrey Kaykov he insists he’s never enjoyed great success with women, but, nevertheless, he is now married for the third time. The first man married in his student years at the College Evgenia Dmitrieva and lived with her for two years. Then he had a 7-year marriage to another actress, Anna moss. In their family was born the son of Basil, which Kaykov after divorce maintains excellent relations.

    Now Kaykov married to a woman named Lyudmila. She is a graduate of the faculty of journalism of Moscow state University. Andrei and Ludmila over the years life had two sons, Valery and Nikita.

    The actor is an ardent fan of football and hockey, in particular the Moscow club «CSKA». He was a constant presence in the fan sector team often attends away matches.


    • 2005 — Airport
    • 2005 — Girls
    • 2007 — Marine soul
    • 2008 — Very Russian detective
    • 2010 — paranoid
    • 2010 — Voronin
    • 2012 — Most rzhaka
    • 2013-2012 — Streets of broken lights
    • 2014 — the Sea. Mountains. Expanded clay
    • 2016 — Maximum impact


    Andrey Kaykov

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