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  • Name: Andrey Gubin ( Andrey Klementyev )
  • Date of birth: 30 April 1974
  • Age: 42 years
  • Place of birth: Ufa
  • Activities: singer, composer, poet, music producer
  • Marital status: not married

    Andrey Gubin: biography

    Andrew Klementiev, better known as Andrey Gubin, born April 30, 1974 in Ufa. The boy grew up in an intelligent Soviet family: the stepfather (whom he always called father) Viktor worked as a researcher, in free drew cartoons for the Soviet magazines, mother Svetlana was a housewife. The first eight years of his life he spent in his native city, after which the family moved to a small apartment in Moscow. Because of the lack of Moscow registration the mother of Andrew, they have been constantly changing housing, while hiding from the police. The boy soon began to help his father to earn money: he also drew cartoons, which belong to the magazine «Crocodile».

    At school, Andrew studied so well that his father decided to transfer the child from the second grade at once in the fourth. This decision had a negative impact on the academic achievement of the boy is especially hard for him was to be given mathematics. Also affected by the constant moving and changing schools, Gubin did not have time to get used to the team and to get real friends.

    In school the boy was very fond of sports. First, his hobby became chess, and later football. Andrew played Football professionally and even got into the national team of Moscow, but was injured. Using a broken leg, the guy had to forget about sports. However pretty soon Gubin switched to music. About the singer career he had dreamed of since childhood, but was very ashamed of his lisping, which, in his opinion, was unacceptable to the artist. The mother supported the son in his desire and sent him to speech therapists, thanks to fifteen years Andrew confidently pronouncing the letter «R». His first poem, the boy wrote in the same young age, and dedicated it to his father.

    In high school Gubin wrote his first song «Boy-tramp». In those days the guy seriously imbued with the spirit of freethinking and basically tried to write political songs. Due to his Outlook and views, he often debated with teachers, which further negatively affected the ratings of some items. One time he even came up with the idea of becoming a journalist. However unsuccessfully interviewed the stars of the Russian scene of Andrei Makarevich had the guy give up this dream.

    Somehow after school with a few twos in the certificate, one of which was for the behavior, Andrew enrolled at the Gnessin school. The training proved to be tedious and boring for a young artist, and soon he left education.

    Until the father of the future singer Victor has established in Moscow the business, became Vice-President of trade and commodity exchange and the owner of several recording studios. A similar improvement of the living conditions of the family Gubanich allowed Andrew to begin his career in music and focus on creativity.

    Andrey Gubin: music

    Musical career Andrey Gubin began thanks to his father. At a young age he had bought a future musician his first guitar, which the boy began to write the first piece. In 1986, the guy wrote the song «

  • The boy tramp,» which was performed on a youth TV program «up To sixteen and over». On the show Andrew was completely random, his guitar playing heard editor Tamara Paulichenka and call the musician in your program. His first album «
  • I’m a bum artist published in 1989 in a limited edition of two hundred copies. The main theme of plate steel housing issues that were experienced by the artist in his youth because of the lack of Moscow residence of the mother. Next came two more unofficial album artist:»
  • Ave Maria» and»
  • The Prince and Princess.» Now these records are considered a real rarity among fans of Gubin.

    But real fame and popularity brought Andrew his first song «Boy-tramp», which he performed at the song contest «Slavutich-94». There is a talented artist said the singer and composer Leonid Agutin, who offered the boy help in the recording of the album. They changed the arrangement and went to record in the Studio in Tver. In 1996 came the first professional album Gubin under the same name «

  • The boy tramp». The popularity of the young singer skyrocketed, he became the idol of young people and got a huge crowd of fans who literally followed the artist during the filming of music videos and concerts. Two years later, Gubin has pleased fans with a new album called «
  • Only you.» In 1998 he went on tour in support of their new concerts, including a tour not only of Russia but also Ukraine and Belarus. The success of the second album has largely surpassed the success of the debut album of the artist. Almost all the songs became hits and has long occupied a leading position in the Russian charts. Name Andrei Gubin was on everyone’s lips, and his concerts draw full houses. In 1999 Andrew went to Canada to record English-language album, whose goal was the conquest of the Western public. However, the record did not exist, far Canada seemed to the artist too quiet and boring for writing new material. Never recorded any songs in English, Gubin returned to Russia, where he immediately recorded the song «
  • I dream about you». Composition, like all works of singer, instantly soared to the top position of the charts, reminding the audience about the talented singer. In 2000, he released his third album, Andrew «
  • It was, but it took». The students are very receptive to the new work Gubin, which cannot be said about music critics. Several songs from the disc they called weak and continuous, which seriously hurt the singer. On his next album he was working for two years, sometimes putting out new songs. Obsessed with perfection, he canceled the release of one of the songs and video to it, considering that they are not ready. In 2002, the world saw the fourth Studio album,»
  • Always with you», which became very successful and popular as the previous works of the singer. Andrew continued to release clips of new songs, but two years later issued a new album, just a compilation of their best songs called»
  • The time of the romantics».

    Also in 2004 he began to write songs for other Russian artists and started working as a producer. Andrew was the author of the popular song «La La La», which opened the way for the solo career of the singer Zhanna Friske. Gubin also became a producer, an aspiring singer Yulia Beretta and staff of «note».

    Due to the difficult events in the life of the singer there was a long creative crisis. In 2008, he published a collection of his songs, where there was only one new song «

  • Lena», which is not particularly popular. In 2009, the Internet got not finished the song of Andrew»
  • Tenderness».

    In 2004, the artist was diagnosed with a disease of the nervous system, the cause of which became a permanent fatigue and stress. Because of illness, Andrew began to experience frequent headaches.

    In 2007, Gubin life was a tragedy — his father died. The famous singer was very upset by the loss that adversely affected his career and life in General. In 2010, he officially became unemployed because his ward

  • Catherine Gordon decided to close the show and pursue a music career. These events pushed Andrew to the abuse of alcohol, after some time, he was treated in hospitals of dependence. To improve peace of mind, the singer went to Egypt and then to Tibet, where he visited the famous sacred places.

    Andrey Gubin: personal life

    The press often attributed to Andrey Gubin numerous novels, as with his clients and with colleagues in show business. However, the singer has repeatedly stated that his romances never lasted long and now he is in search of the perfect girl with which he could create a family.

    The first true love of the singer he wanted the story under the crown, was the girl Elizabeth which Andrew accidentally met in the metro. Between them struck up a romance, the lovers began to live together, but because of the constant touring and hectic work schedules Gubina couple was forced to leave.

    The singer often wound up short-term Affairs with young models from their clips. However, these relationships always ended fast.

    Andrey Gubin: discography

    • The boy tramp
    • Only you
    • It was, but it was
    • Always with you
    • The time of romantics

    Andrey Gubin: photo

    Andrey Gubin

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