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  • Name: Andrei Grizzly ( Andrey Zaluzhniy )
  • Date of birth: 6 October 1989
  • Age: 27 years
  • Place of birth: Zaporozhye
  • Height: 175
  • Activity: singer, participant of show «the Voice»
  • Marital status: not married

    Andrei Grizzly bear : biography

    Andriy Zaluzhny was born in October 1989 in the Ukrainian city of Zaporozhye. There he lived with his parents until 14 years of age. Then the family moved to Moscow, where he rapidly developed a career mom. Andrei’s mother – Ukrainian Tatyana zaluzhnaya, better known to fans of pop music and connoisseurs of show business as a singer and composer

  • Lyubasha. In my veins Andrew Zelenogo flows not only Ukrainian, but also Greek blood from my father.

    The musical abilities of the son, the mother noticed when Andrew was only 3 years. Then dad brought from USA cassette tape, Stevie wonder and the band «Queen». After a while parents see that the son knows all the songs recorded on cassettes. He could not only sing these songs, but even to reproduce the instrumental riffs between songs.

    A couple of years, Andrew took him to music school where he learned to play several instruments: violin, guitar and piano. But more thoroughly to make music future artist and composer Andrei Grizzly began at the age of 15. He particularly liked came hip-hop and rap. To these styles and today Andrew keeps coming back.

    In 2004 Andriy Zaluzhny became a student of the Institute of contemporary art. The University he graduated from in 2010.

    Andrew has a younger brother Gleb. He was born in the second marriage of Tatiana Zaluzhny in 1998.

    Television projects

    In 2011, Andrei Grizli won the contest «New wave», and at once in three nominations. One of the largest music labels of Russia «GALA RECORDS» concludes a contract with him.

    In 2011, the Central TV channel «Russia 1» has made the Grizzlies the offer to participate in the project «dandies-show with Maxim Galkin». Of course, the young artist accepted the offer and soon became a finalist.

    Once again Andrei Grizzly tried his hand in the 3rd season of the TV show «the Voice.» The contractor admitted that he came to the project in order to popularize their creativity.

    On «blind» listening to Andrew prepared a cover version of the song «Know». The first button is pressed Dima Bilan. The second returned Leonid Agutin, which is a competitor, and chose as his mentor.

    Andrei Grizzly in the quarterfinals and quite pleased with the result, believing his mission on the project was completed.


    In 2013 he released the video for «I love you baby» Andrew Grizzly, Alexander Revva and Vakhtang. Latin American motifs of this composition and the humor was appreciated by the audience. In the same year, Andrew has performed the Christmas advertising hit, «the Holiday comes to us», ordered the company «Coca-Cola».

    Recent years, Andrei Grizzly stands on the club grounds as an independent contractor. He writes songs and music not only for themselves but also for colleagues.

    Biography of Andrei Grizzly at the beginning of their journey. The singer plans to release her debut album and to record some good video. Dream is to get to Eurovision and immediately after the first to record the second album.

    Now Andrei Grizzly acts «the song Theater Lyubasha» and continues to develop his solo career.

    Personal life

    Andrew loves the outdoors, solitude and silence. He argues that this is why he chose the stage name «Grizzly.»

    Personal life of Andrei Grizzly is music. He says that she is now the most important for him, he is not willing to change. The singer really busy, he not only composer and performer, Andrew is a successful presenter. He is often invited to various events – from corporate events to large concerts. He also works as an arranger and sound producer. In his active cooperation with Dima Bilan, Laima Vaikule, Vladimir Presnyakov, Valeria, Tina Karol and other well-known performers.


    Andrei Grizzly

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