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  • Name: Andrey Grigoriev-Apollonov ( Andrey Grigorev-Appollonov )
  • Date of birth: 26 July 1970.
  • Age: 46 years
  • Place of birth: Sochi
  • Height: 190
  • Activity: the Russian musician, the soloist of group «Ivanushki International»
  • Marital status: married

    Andrey Grigoriev-Apollonov : biography

    A red van as it is often called the soloist of group «Ivanushki International» Andrei Grigoriev-Apollo, was born in Sochi in the summer of 1970. At the time of his birth in the family are already growing up older sister Julia.

    Andrew grew up very active and artistic boy. Red hair and cheerful personality made him the center of any company. In school he loved, because the Grigoriev-Apollonov in elementary school proved himself a real artist: he took part in all school activities and theatrical productions. A favorite hobby Andryusha – brand – helped him get the all-Union children’s health resort: it was awarded the ticket to «Artek» for the best stamp collection.

    In «Artek» the boy called «the Director» for his endless imagination and active participation in all activities.

    But not only brand and entertainment on stage was the favourite occupations of Grigoriev-Apollo. He had a great voice and a good ear, so his parents sent him to music school where he learned to play the piano. And Andrew was great in table tennis, reaching in this sport a certain height he is a candidate master.

    After 9-th class by Andrey Grigoriev-Apollonov enrolled in a teacher training College. For a time he worked as a teacher. At the same time are interested in fashion, the residents were able to see the high and bright a guy as a model. It is known that Andrew even tried his hand as Director of the fashion Theatre.

    But in 1991, Grigoriev-Apollonov realized that all he could achieve in his native Sochi, they have already achieved. The guy went to conquer Moscow. In 1991, he became a student of GITIS, by selecting the pop Department. Universities had to finish in absentia.

    «Ivanushki International»

    2-year student of GITIS biography of Andrei Grigoriev-Apollo banked sharply. The Warsaw drama theatre announced in the capital the competition: recruited artists in the new musical «Metro». Andrew became interested in the project and also passed the audition. It took a dancer. The musical prepared during the year. In 2004, the theatre started touring. At first it was a city of Poland and then the United States. But if in Poland, «Metro» took a great, experienced American musical has not become a sensation. Theater gone with the artists before the scheduled date.

    But on tour, an event occurred that influenced the future career Grigoriev-Apollo. He met with Igor sorine, who in «the Subway» was sung. After returning to the capital of the dancer and the singer meet again. Andrew suggested Igor to work together. He came up with the idea to organize our own music group. Sorin agreed. The guys are joined by Kirill Andreev. Thus was born the legendary band «Ivanushki International».

    In 1995 the group «Ivanushki Int.» knew the whole country. The producer of the band was Igor Matvienko. The following year they released their first album called «of Course he is.» Grigoriev-Apollonov together with children went on tour, was a tremendous success. «Ivanushki» filled stadiums. The glory fell on Andrew. The first years of popularity, he could not get out of the house because it took in the siege» hundreds of fans.

    Hits, full of «red Ivanushka», together with sorine and Andreyev, was the song «Clouds», «I love you», «Beyond the horizon», «Golden clouds», «poplar fluff» and others. Was released two CDs, titled «of Course he is. Remix» and «Your letters». On many songs there video.

    In the mid-2000s, the popularity of the team fell. From 2007 «Ivanushki» is no longer pleasing fans with new hits.

    A cinematic biography of Andrei Grigoriev-Apollo is not as rich as the music, but the names of the projects, in which took part the artist is, up to a dozen. Small parts are played «red Ivanushka» in the popular TV series «the Club», «Not born beautiful», «My fair nanny», «Zaitsev+1» and «Happy together». The episodes he played in the film «Love-carrot 2», «election Day», «1st Fast». Often Grigoriev-Apollonov has appeared as an actor cameo.

    Andrew and today often appears on the screen. He is invited in a variety of popular shows as a participant or facilitator. As last seen in the programs of «12 angry viewers» and «look out.»

    Personal life

    It is not surprising that the personal life of Andrei Grigoriev-Apollo attracted and attracts attention of many of his fans and especially fans. He remains a well-known media person, despite the decline of popularity of group «Ivanushki Int.».

    First wife of Andrew were Mary Lopatova. Together, the couple lived in a civil marriage 5 years. But then the romance out of the relationship disappeared, and the young people broke up. Masha found himself another Andrew – basketball player Andrei Kirilenko, and Grigoriev-Apollonov looking for a second Masha – Maria Bankova. It is noteworthy that the former and current wife of Andrew friends.

    In the family of the artist growing up two sons, Ivan and Artem. After the birth of first child the couple legalized their relationship.

    A favorite pastime of Andrey Grigoriev-Apollo — a game of Billiards and a visit to the sandunovsky baths.


    • «Of course,»he
    • «Of course it (Remix)»
    • «Your letters»
    • «I’ll scream all night»
    • «Wait for me…»
    • «10 years in the Universe»
    • «Star Hit. New and best»


    Andrey Grigoriev-Apollonov

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