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  • Name: Andrey Gradov ( Andrey Gradov )
  • Date of birth: 29 January 1954
  • Age: 62 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: married

    Andrew Castles: biography

    Andrey Gradov – known Soviet and Russian actor who won recognition and wide popularity thanks to such films as «Blue lightning», «Protect women,» «search and destroy» and many others.

    He was born in the family of actor and poet Peter Gradov and his wife ISIS Maximova-Koshkinskiy. Andrew was not yet 9 years old when a car crash killed his mother. The boy and his younger sister Tatiana took care of grandma and grandpa. These people were also from the world of cinema, because Joachim Maximov-koshkinskiy and Tania young was the first Soviet actors Chuvash origin.

    To the creative profession since childhood they were taught and grandchildren. Little Tanya, for example, appeared on the screen in the Comedy of Leonid Gaidai «Operation «y» and other adventures Shurik», having played there a restless girl Alenka, where her grandmother-watchman had to miss work. But Andrew first linked their future with foreign languages because he studied in an English special school, was very fond of the arts and Humanities, but the exact science, to put it mildly, trying to ignore it.

    After finishing school the young man entered the Moscow theatre school named after Boris Shchukin and begins to actively act in films. In 90-e years, during the decline of domestic film production, Hail became a voice actor, and also starred in many commercials. With him was associated a small scandal, as Andrew simultaneously advertised the products of two competing firms producing detergent «Fairy» and «AOS».


    Despite the fact that Andrey Gradov already graduated from the acting faculty, special offers from the world of cinema. But, as is often the case, all decided the case. Andrew lived in the same apartment block with actor Peter Ryzhov, who just took Gradova photos and showed them to several Directors. And once in the apartment of a young man’s phone rang. The actor was asked to urgently fly to Odessa for the filming of the historical-revolutionary film «Escape from prison».

    Thereafter, the proposals did not rebound. Hail played in the social drama about the pilots of «Blue lightning», the melodrama «Late berries», the children’s film «Tale tale» and «Ice granddaughter» of this tale «starting Point». He participated together with Vladimir Vysotsky and Vladimir Concinnum in the action-novel «the meeting Place cannot be changed».

    The incredible popularity of the actor brought the musical Comedy «take care of women», which sounds like a lot of songs Yuri Antonov. Next came action adventure «to Find and neutralize» after which Andrei Gradov, in his own words, could no longer safely walk down the street or take public transportation.

    The characters of the actor was very diverse. It is equally well fit into the image of the heroic worker in the drama production «the icy Heat of the earth» and a cowardly Philistine in a children’s science fiction series «guest from the future».

    Many times Grad starred in the lyrical comedies, for example, in the sports film «Girls of «Sogdiana», the musical about Odessa Primorsky Bulvar, ironic picture about the couple «the Perfect couple». Also the actor played the main role in the crime drama «Personal weapon» and «Take me with you.» Don’t forget about the joint Russian-American Thriller Zigzag.

    In the new age Andrey Petrovich specializiruetsya mainly on television series. Of the last works of the actor can distinguish the detective «knockout Game», the melodrama «Black goddess», a crime film «the Autumn detective» and the household drama «Mary is Rich». Within several seasons, he appeared in the popular hockey series «Junior», and now is working on a production of the melodrama «Josephine and Napoleon».

    Personal life

    Andrew Grady tied the legal knot early enough. But then the young man knew that this wedding would be the first in his life. And so it happened: with his wife, the actor still lives. Gradova wife works as a doctor, but is sympathetic to the difficult profession of the husband. Their only daughter followed in the footsteps of none of the parents chose the profession of lawyer.

    Andrey Gradov was into sports, so and is now in excellent physical shape. At various times he was engaged in swimming, tennis and table tennis, horse riding. Not to mention that Andrew, who is a gambler. Occasionally he allows himself a few hours to spend at the pool table or play poker.

    Another hobby of the actor is travelling. He has traveled to more than 30 countries, and each brings home a souvenir recipe local cuisine. Andrey Petrovich himself is a wonderful cook and can please close delicious cooked dish.


    • 1978 — Blue lightning
    • 1981 — take care of women
    • 1982 — to Find and neutralize
    • 1984 — Warm the icy earth
    • 1987 girls of the «Sogdiana»
    • 1988 — Primorsky Boulevard
    • 1992 — the Perfect couple
    • 2004 — the knockout Game
    • 2005 — the Black goddess
    • 2008 — Autumn detective
    • 2013-2016 — Junior


    Andrey Gradov in the film

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