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  • Name: Andrey Frolov ( Andrey Frolov )
  • Date of birth: 3 August 1979
  • Age: 37 years
  • Place of birth: Kaluga, Russia
  • Height: 184
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: married

    Andrey Frolov: biography

    Andrey Frolov was born in Kaluga. His parents had no relationship to the creative professions. The father was a soldier, so the family moved several times and lived in different places, including in the suburban town Harino and Czechoslovakia. They then returned to Kaluga, where the boy studied in the school №22.

    Andrew in his childhood dreamt of the sky, aircraft and flying, wanted to be like his father — the military. So after finishing secondary school the young man entered the Kaluga aviation LETNO-technical school.

    As a cadet, Andrey Frolov participated in student theater productions, and then studied at an Amateur acting class. After 3 courses in aviation school, the young man decides to change his life.

    He takes the documents from KALTA, went to Moscow and entered the Russian state Institute of cinematography, where his training was headed by people’s artist of the Russian Federation Alexander len’kiv.

    At the end of VGIK Frolov became a member of the famous troupe of the theatre «Lenkom». As part of the creative collective of the theater, a young actor played the teacher of Alexei Belyaev in Turgenev’s play «Two women» and Cleante in the Moliere Comedy «Tartuffe, or the Imposter».


    The debut of Andrey Frolov on the big screen took place in 2003, when he appeared in a cameo role of a biker in the Russian Comedy «Timur & his commando$». The actor then starred in the title role in the military drama «I have the Honor!..» and the television series «Two of fate», which played Dmitry Gorlenko, since the second season. These images brought Frolov popularity.

    He also starred in supporting roles in a detective «the State Counsellor», the oligarchic Saga «Hunting elk», an adaptation of Boris Pasternak’s novel «Doctor Zhivago», detective, «Turkish March», a mystical Thriller «Cossacks-robbers», the melodrama «Blue night», the romantic Comedy «Moscow, I love you!», the action «heavy fire» and crime drama «Escape».

    In addition, Andrei Frolov, was the Central role. He played Ilya Novoselov criminal political series «Russian translation» the Lieutenant Molodechno in the military Thriller, «save our souls» concluded the Mole in a military mini-series «the black sheep», a soldier of Alexander Vasiliev in the military drama «Alka», the fighter of Sasha Prokhorov in military action, «not one step back!» Paul Heather in the Comedy about sailors «Mines in the fairway,» architect Dennis in the melodrama «a novel in letters» and many others.

    Also starring appeared in the short film «maxims of Pantelei Karmanov», the detective series «Loop» and the melodrama «Doctor».

    The last works of Andrei Frolova was melodramatic series «the nanny» and the TV movie-drama «Forgive me for everything.» In both films the actor plays the main characters.

    Personal life

    While studying at the Institute of cinematography Andrey Frolov met classmate and future actress Inna Dymskoy. Young people for some time met, starting with the 3rd course, then lived in a civil marriage. In June 2009, Andrew and Inna have formalized their relationship, and two years later the couple had a son Myron. In November 2015 they became parents again – they had a daughter.

    Andrey Frolov was one of the initiators of the hockey club of artists «the mosquito» and since 2013 is part of this team, where is the fifth game number. Together with the club Andrew travels to many cities of Russia, participates in exhibition matches, the purpose of which is to attract people to the sport and a healthy lifestyle.


    • 2004 — I have the Honor!..
    • 2005 — Two fates
    • 2006 — Alka
    • 2007 — Russian translation
    • 2008 — the Postman
    • 2010 — black sheep
    • 2010 — the Loop
    • 2011 — Moscow. Three station
    • 2014 — a novel in letters
    • 2014 — Blood and milk


    Andrey Frolov

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