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  • Name: Andrey Finagin ( Andrey Finyagin )
  • Date of birth: 25 December 1977
  • Age: 39 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: married

    Andrey Finagin: biography

    Andrey Finagin – Russian actor, who became famous thanks to the detective «the Mistress» and the romantic Comedy «Abnormal».

    He was born in Moscow and grew up in the area Chertanovo. None of his relatives had nothing to cinema and art in General. Father was a teacher-defectologist, and my mother worked in a research Institute as an engineer. Not following in the footsteps of Andrew and younger brother Dmitri, who was the cook of the restaurant.

    The finagin before high school and didn’t think about the profession of actor. In his childhood he was fond of sports, did a bit of ballroom dancing. About your future young man wondered, but saw himself as a student of historical faculty of Moscow state University, or at least Pedagogical University. It is in these universities Andrew carefully prepared.

    But it so happened that the last two class he finished in another school where there was a drama circle. Enrolling there for the sake of curiosity, Finagin quickly fell in love with the stage. Not really believing in success, he applied to several universities in the direction of acting and was accepted at once in two of them – the Schepkin drama school and the School-Studio of MKHAT. The choice the young man made quick and easy because in the Moscow art Theater he needs to learn from legends of the local scene of Oleg Efremov.

    Among the 15 best graduates Andrey Finagin came to its artistic Director of the Moscow academic theatre, but after the death of Ephraim theatre headed by Oleg Tabakov, who did not work with the old troupe. As a result, young artist moved youth Theatre, with whom she collaborated so far and toured not only in Russia but also in many countries of the world.


    Debut of Andrew Finagina in the movie was the detective drama «beauty Salon», followed by work in the famous TV series «Turkish March», «the Thief-2. Happiness rent», «at the corner At the Patriarchal».

    First success, the actor has achieved after participation in a criminal film «the Mistress» and the romantic Comedy «Crazy,» where his partner was the famous actress Olga Prokofiev. After this interesting suggestions asked Andrew. He starred in the melodrama «Mad love», a family Saga «Gypsy», the drama «the champion», a crime film «Frozen passion.»

    Following stellar work Finagina became big adventure «Marriage under the will» and its sequel «Marriage under the will. The Return Of Sandra». Then in the filmography of Andrei biographical tape «was love» about the life of singer Valeria, shot in her novel, autobiography, drama «Jarhead,» the family melodrama «Road to myself».

    Also Andrey Finagin was noted in an ironic detective «on the run», the second season of criminal series «the Sniffer» and the melodrama «Love is like an accident» and «leaving to stay». The last released film of actor at the moment is action-Packed picture of «a Man without a past», and soon fans will be able to see his love story «Business angel» and the detective «Experience of reconstruction».

    Personal life

    Once in one of the social networks Andrey Finagin met a girl Julia, who by profession is a lawyer. They met through common interests, mainly a love of travel. In fact, the experience of traveling young people and discussed the first time. Then during the conversation it turned out that Julia had pre-purchased a ticket on the next play Andrew, although at the time of purchase they were not yet familiar.

    Such a coincidence seemed to them symbolic. Andrew and Julia started Dating, and then almost two years lived in a civil marriage and then got married and since then do not part. Spouses frequently travel together, do not have foreign or exotic. Just the two of us to sit in the car and drive aimlessly to meet new people, learn new places – that’s the best rest for the artist Andrew Finagina.


    • 2005 — Mistress
    • 2006 — Crazy
    • 2008 — Ice passion
    • 2008 — Crazy love
    • 2010 — the marriage under the will
    • 2010 — was love
    • 2010 — the Path to myself
    • 2012 — Love is like an accident
    • 2013 — leaving to stay
    • 2016 — the Man without a past


    Andrey Finagin

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