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  • Name: Andrey Fedortsov ( Andrey Fedortsov )
  • Date of birth: 13 August 1968
  • Age: 48 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Height: 160
  • Activities: actor, TV presenter, honored artist of the Russian Federation
  • Marital status: married

    Andrey Fedortsov: biography

    Andrey Fedortsov — Russian actor and TV presenter, honored artist of the Russian Federation. Popularity brought him the crime series «the New adventures of cops», «stopping power» and «Foundry».

    He was born in Leningrad in childhood even thought about becoming an actor. Not attracted to boys and parents ‘ occupations. Mother, Svetlana Nikolaevna, was a physician, and his father albert Mitrofanovich worked as an electrical engineer. And Andrew didn’t know what to do. At school he studied indirectly, to any science showed little interest. But a city of sailors manifested itself, so Fedortsov arrived in the Leningrad nautical school.

    To serve the young man had the post of technician and later steering on foreign-going ships. In General, before getting into the movie, Andrew changed many professions. After a naval career he mastered and farmer, after graduating from a special school using advanced Italian techniques in agriculture. He also worked as an administrator, working for maintenance of the building, was a Director of the company «Zooservis», and also the publisher of the poetry magazine «the Attic».

    And in the beginning of 90-ies Fedortsov was in a theatrical environment. First it was the flys in the studios «Should» and «Crossroads», and later, as an actor came in the Comedy Theatre. N. Akimova, where he performed mostly in children’s productions of «the Wizard of oz», «Urfin Dzhus and his wooden soldiers», «the Alchemist». The greatest delight of children Andrew was called to the role of the Horse in the eponymous play.

    Realizing that without special education next fairy tale characters he did not advance, Andrey Fedortsov sent back to study. At the age of 28 years he entered the St. Petersburg Academy of theatre, music and cinematography named after N. K. Cherkasova, after which it begins its ascent to the Olympus of cinema.

    Already becoming known in 2008, the actor tried himself in the role of presenter. Together with Denis by Achenkovil, star of the television series «the Quiet don», Andrew began to lead the program «Main road» on NTV channel. There leading talk about events that happen on the freeways of the country and give advice to drivers that explain how to behave in one way or another extreme situation, to understand the advantages and disadvantages of cars.


    In the movie Andrey Fedortsov made his debut in the tragicomedies of Dmitry Astrakhan «You have only one» and «All will be well!». And the next picture, the gunman Alexei Balabanov’s «Brother» attracted to the novice actor to the attention of professionals and most importantly – the movie lovers, who unanimously awarded him the audience award in the category «Best cameo actor».

    Immediately after this success, Andrew’s invite to the role of police Lieutenant Vasi Rogova in the criminal detective «Lethal force», in which he appeared for six years. No less long were working on other similar TV series «Foundry, 4». There Fedortsov portrayed major Andrey Ukhov, nicknamed «Mozart». By the way, the same character being reproduced in the holiday movie series «Grouse. Come new year!».

    In addition to the roles of police and criminals in the criminal detectives, Andrey Fedortsov often appears in comedies. It is worth noting such work in this genre as «What men are doing!», «Four taxi drivers and a dog», «peculiarities of national ice fishing or complete Separation of», «One more Karlosona!», «Christmas tree shaggy» and many others.

    Interesting Duo turned actor together with Maria Shukshina in the melodrama «Chimney guest», and Karina Razumovskaya in the crime drama «the Magician». Now Andrei is removed from Director Vladimir Shevelkova in the Thriller «what the French».

    Personal life

    Andrey Fedortsov very long time, not wanted to formalize their relationships with women. Despite his small height is only 160 centimeters, the artist never had any complexes about it and his favorite was above it.

    From the first actual marriage Andrew is the son of Michael. He even attended the birth of the baby, but soon decided to leave the family, as, on assurances of Fedortsova, he can’t live under the same roof with a woman that did not experience strong feelings. But with Misha, the actor is often seen and strongly involved in his upbringing.

    For a long time, Andrew lived in a civil marriage with artist Catherine. Even when she gave birth to a daughter Barbara, in the registry office they were in no hurry, but later signed. By the way, the godmother of Vari, who recently went to the first class, there’s the actress Anastasia Melnikova at which Fedortsov very friendly. At least a strong friendship with his colleagues Konstantin Khabensky and Dmitry Mikhailov.

    Best vacation for Andrei Albertovich is fishing. He loves to sit in silence with a fishing rod on some quiet pond or river. Not less than he likes, and sea fishing close to exotic tropical Islands.


    • 1999 — New adventures of cops
    • 1999-2005 — Lethal force
    • 2004 — special Forces in Russian 2
    • 2007 — Professor of law
    • 2007 — God of sadness and joy
    • 2007 — the Sorcerer and Rumba
    • 2008-2013 — Foundry, 4
    • 2009 — the taming of the shrew
    • 2011 — Insurers
    • 2012 — Chimney guest


    Andrey Fedortsov in the film

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