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  • Name: Andrew Egorov ( Andrey Egorov )
  • Date of birth: 15 April 1970.
  • Age: 46 years
  • Place of birth: Mikhailovka, Volgograd oblast
  • Height: 187
  • Activities: Russian film and theater actor, Honored artist of Russia
  • Marital status: not married

    Andrey Yegorov biography

    Andrei Pavlovich Yegorov was born in April 1970 in the Volgograd region. Here in the small town of Mikhailovka when he stopped his ancestors, by Ukrainian settlers from Chernihiv region. Grandfather of Andrew Egorov was the real becomes the little Russian Cossack. This is evidenced by his colorful name – Nedbaylo. But the father decided that the name of his wife is more suitable for the Russian heartland. So Paul Nedbaylo after marriage became known as Pavel Egorov.

    Andrei Yahorau growing creative and artistic teenager. No matter that his family were not artists. He loved the movie, raved about the stage and already in middle school knew exactly what she wanted to achieve in life. So, after school, the young man first went to the Voronezh Institute of arts, where for several years learned the secrets of acting under the direction of Professor Vladimir Bugrov, and then in Moscow.


    In 1993, the young artist came to conquer the capital. He effortlessly found the theatre, where he willingly accepted. It was a Theatre of the Russian Army. This stage began the biography of Andrei Yegorov. Here he debuted in the images of Shakespeare’s characters, brilliantly played Cassio, Laertes, Claudio and benedick.

    Soon as a guest actor Egorov appears on the stages of other theaters. On the stage of Theatre «the Bat», he played in productions of «the Grand illusion» and «Chance». And took part in the musical «Tomorrowland» – the Russian-British project about the events in Moscow in 1993.


    A time when the Russian Federation came to Moscow, it was very difficult for the country and for the arts, especially theater and film. In the mid-1990s, when Egorov first appeared on screen, the film almost didn’t give life signs. Rare role on offer, the artist could not make it known. But the start was laid. This happened when Director Vadim Abdrashitov asked Andrei Yegorov small role in his film «time of the dancer». Drama about events in the North Caucasus was perceived ambiguously, but viewers saw a new face: Smith played a character named Andrew.

    Only with the advent of the new century the relationship with the cinema of Andrei Yegorov was adjusted. The actor began to appear regularly on the screen. Viewers immediately liked discreet and masculine image created by Egorov. His characters – the journalist Sergey Rostov-Packed series «Men’s work», a detective writer Sergei Meshchersky in the crime Thriller «Dark instinct», a romantic Mikhail Lunin in the historical melodrama «One love of my soul» – featured male incredible charisma and depth. Andrei Yahorau one look could say more than many of his colleagues colorful phrases.

    In 2005, viewers love to watch drama «Echelon» in which the actor played officer Peter Glushkov – man of honor, able to act with a capital letter.

    I must say that in uniform, the actor looked great. The audience that saw Andrei Egorova in the role of captain of Lubenets in the military series «SMERSH» and the commander of the regiment Yashin in the movie «Sky on fire», was the impression that before them the real military personnel.

    But after the melodrama «Barbara,» where Andrey Egorov got the image of the businessman Alexander Kerzhentseva, fans saw him in a different role. And looked at Egorov not less organically. The tape is so the audience liked that its creators decided to shoot a sequel. It came out in 2009 and, of course, Alexander Egorov appeared in it.

    In the same 2009, the actor played some interesting roles. The most striking image created Yegorov, he was a hero of the extremely topical tape». A. M..».

    Of projects, starring Andrei Yegorov in recent years, we can note some of the most striking. It’s melodrama «My captain» and the mini-series «Ural crogenic». It is noteworthy that in the first film the actor has played a positive hero, while the second appeared in a sharply negative role. But organic was in both, and he proved his versatility and multifaceted talent.

    In 2015 the fans of melodramas enjoyed a wonderful premiere of the series «For the sins of others», where Andrey Egorov starred in the title role. And in 2016, the actor will appear in 3 new projects, one of which is «Margarita Nazarova» about the legendary tamer of predators.

    Personal life

    The image created by the actor on the screen, the audience very often carry «life». Egorov in many of his paintings often appeared solid, courageous and noble man. So, which women love. The spectators who really like an artist, always thought that personal life of Andrei Yegorov needs to be very rich. It is hard to imagine that such a man may be alone.

    But, nevertheless, the actor is still not married. The period of formation and climbing the corporate ladder took Andrey Egorov all my free time. In recent years his work schedule is painted on the clock. Perhaps such dedication and full workload and did not allow him time to create a family. Maybe he’s just not yet met the one with whom he wanted to live until old age.


    • «Time of the dancer»
    • «Men’s work»
    • «Dark instinct»
    • «One love of my soul»
    • «Echelon»
    • «SMERSH»
    • «Sky on fire»
    • «Barbara»
    • «. A. M. Same.»
    • «My captain»


    Andrey Egorov

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