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  • Name: Andrey Derzhavin ( Derzhavin Andrey )
  • Date of birth: 20 September 1963
  • Age: 53 years
  • Birth place: Ukhta, Komi Republic, Russia
  • Height: 179
  • Activities: singer, composer, musician, television presenter
  • Marital status: married

    Andrey Derzhavin: a biography

    Famous musician of the 90-ies Andrey Derzhavin was born in the town of Ukhta, Komi-Permyatsky Autonomous district, in the autumn of 1963. In the family, he was not the only son, eight years after his birth came to light sister Natasha. Interestingly, Derzhavins senior was not a native of the Republic of Komi. Father came North from the southern Urals, and the mother was born in the Saratov region.

    Andrey Derzhavin in childhood
    Andrey Derzhavin in childhood | VK

    Parents are Vladimir Dmitrievich and Galina Konstantinovna was far from music, but, nevertheless, the boy, barely joining in the music school, began to make great strides in art. He especially loved to compose music. After Andrew learned to play the piano, he became interested in the guitar. After the ten-year the young man went to the only University city — Industrial Institute, which at that time was also studied Roman Abramovich.

    Andrey Derzhavin in his youth
    Andrey Derzhavin in his youth | VK

    During the training, as it is in the student’s environment, Andrew and his friend Sergey Kostrov create the band «Stalker». First, the team did not have a vocalist, the young people played mostly instrumental music. But in early 1985 there is a need for change, and Andrew takes the microphone.

    As a soloist he performed the first song, which became a major hit of the same name music album «Star». In addition, the collection includes the songs «Without you», «I want not to remember evil,» which was made famous by musicians in the late ‘ 80s.

    Musical career

    The first vocal collection of the music band «Stalker» had become so successful that the Philharmonic hall of Syktyvkar taking responsibility and promising music team. As part of the tour of the Philharmonic tours young singers have traveled around the Soviet Union. The group chose for themselves a pop direction. Dance style songs liked to the youth in those years. The musicians of the band «Stalker» got a lot of fans.

    Andrey Derzhavin and
    Andrey Derzhavin (center) and «Stalker» | VK

    In 1989 Sergey Kostrov and Andrei Derzhavin decided on a trip to Moscow in the Studio of his friend Alexander kutikova, composer of group «the time Machine», they create new hits collections. The album was called «living in a dream world» and «news first».

    On Soviet television, the guys recorded their first video for the song «Believe» and «Three weeks». With the last single they perform in the program «Morning mail». Group «Stalker» makes a name for himself in the Soviet Union.

    During the Christmas holidays of 1990, the television broadcasting of the main channel of the country literally tore the musical hit «don’t cry, Alice,» after which he started a real hysteria around the popularity of the name Andrey Derzhavin. The persecution started by the crazed fans who watched the singer’s everywhere: at the exit of the house, near the music Studio «Synthesis».

    Fans immediately noticed the resemblance to their idol with another rising star — Yuri Shatunova, although they were not brothers. What is their age difference — he could not understand even the loyal fans of Andrew, as he always looked younger than his age.

    Andrey Derzhavin in his youth
    Andrey Derzhavin in his youth | VK

    The song «don’t cry, Alice,» was the last joint work of the band «Stalker», and then in 1992, the team ceased his creative activity. Despite the gap, musicians are going at the same time in 1993, to participate in the contest «song of the year». This farewell release brings them the title of winners of the annual song competition.

    The best songs

    In the early 90’s Andrey Derzhavin invited to the journal «Komsomol life» to the position of music editor, and the position of the leading popular music programs of the Central television «Wider circle». Gradually the way friends go in different directions. Sergey Kostrov begins to engage in his project «Lolita», and Andrey Derzhavin takes in his solo career. He becomes one of the popular singers pop music of the time.

    Andrey Derzhavin in his youth
    Andrey Derzhavin in his youth | VK

    In the year following the collapse of the group «Stalker», Derzhavin in the same breath consecutive writes his best songs «Stranger marriage», «Brother» and gets their fulfillment of the award of the contest «song of the year-94». Popular album of the singer «Lyrical songs» moves very quickly.

    Loved by many fans of the musical composition of this collection is «Cranes». In parallel with the work of Andrei invited as one of the judges in the popular at that time, the competition for young performers «Morning star».

    In 90-e years the artist travels a lot on tour, recorded at the Studio and on television. During this time, he created 4 solo albums, 20 songs from which became hits of the era. It’s songs like «Forget me», «Katya-Katerina», «the first time», «Happy swing», «Natasha», «The one that goes in the rain.» Together with popular musicians of the time, Alena Apinoj and Vyacheslav Dobrynin, he creates songs, «hours of love» and «don’t forget friends.»

    The memory of his friend

    In the early 90 -ies Andrei Derzhavin struck up a close friendship with talented musician and poet of his time Igor Talc. The concert, which was shot talc, were also his friend Andrew. He isn’t the only performers, who after the death and helped with the funeral Talkova. For these purposes, arrived in Saint Petersburg also Michael Muromov, and Oleg Gazmanov helped carry saying goodbye to the cemetery and back.

    Andrey Derzhavin and Igor talc
    Andrey Derzhavin, June and Igor talc | VK

    In 1994 in memory of the friendship with Igor Derzhavin wrote the song «Summer rain» which also gained fame among fans of the singer. In addition, Andrey Derzhavin took care of the talc family: his wife and son. As far as possible he helped them financially.

    An interesting fact in 1994 in the biography of the singer can be considered awarding him the title of count of the Russian noble society for the contribution to Russian culture.

    «The time machine»

    In 2000, the musicians of the «time Machine» was looking for a keyboardist and offered to try to Andrey Derzhavin himself in this role. Without thinking, he agreed. From this moment on solo eclipsed the glory of his humble role of a musician in a famous team. The fever around the name Andrew subsided but during these years he continued to create their works.

    Andrey Derzhavin and
    Andrey Derzhavin (right) and «the time Machine» | VK

    Now he acts as a composer of film music. So there appear the soundtrack to the movie and the TV series «Dancer», «Loser», «Gypsy», «to Marry a millionaire». Derzhavin tries himself in the role of a drama artist in the series «movers and Shakers, to be together,» and «the Man in my head» where he played himself.

    Personal life

    Your only love, Elena Shouldyou Andrey Derzhavin met on Instytutska bench. Since then they never parted. A strong family of Derzhavins can be considered the standard of loyalty and love, and it’s all thanks to the wisdom of his wife Helena. In 1986 was born the firstborn Derzhavin, Vladislav, and my daughter Anna was born only in 2005.

    Andrey Derzhavin with his wife
    Andrey Derzhavin and Alain Southcinema | VK

    The artist rarely remembers about her family in the press. The media are also missing photos from the family archive of the musician. This is due to the character of the singer, who is not inclined to publicity. Even in Instagram rare to find working pictures with the singer. Most often it is or pictures of the past, or posts the «time Machine».

    Andrey Derzhavin with the family
    Andrey Derzhavin with his wife and son | VK

    About the life of a musician known only that now he leads a regular life in the circle of a loving family. For 2016 Andrey is not only a happy father, but grandfather. The son gave him two grandchildren: Alice and Gerasimos. The name she was given, probably based on the fact that grandpa is her best lullaby to sing «don’t cry, Alice.»


    • «Stars» (1986)
    • «News from the first hands» (1988)
    • «Living in a dream world» — (1989)
    • «Don’t cry Alice!» — (1991)
    • «The best songs» — (1994)
    • «All by myself» — (1996)
    • «Dancing on the roof» (1996)
    • «7+1» — (1998, 2001)
    • «Next will be» — (2007)
    • «Letters» (2009)
    • With the group «the Time Machine»
    • «The place where the light is» — (2001)
    • «Mechanically» — (2004)
    • «Unreleased 2» — (2004)
    • «Kremlin Rocks!» — (2005)
    • «Time Machine» (2007)
    • «Cars are not to Park» — (2009)
    • «Typing» — (2009)
    • «Day 14810 y» — (2010)
    • «You» — (2016)


    Andrey Derzhavin

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