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  • Name: Andrei Dementiev ( Dementiev Andrey )
  • Date of birth: 31 may 1988
  • Age: 28 years
  • Place of birth: Yekaterinburg
  • Height: 184
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: not married

    Andrey Dementyev: biography

    Andrei Dementyev is a Russian theater and film actor, known for his work in such films as «Barvikha», «La Sonnambula» and «Hardcore». He was born in Ekaterinburg received its name in honor of the famous grandfather on the paternal side – the Soviet poet Andrei Dmitriyevich Dementyev, the author of texts of many popular songs.

    Not to name the child Andrew cloudless. When he was only 8 years old, shot his father. And he committed suicide in front of his wife, who was unable to survive the tragedy and after a while jumped out the window. The boy was brought up by my grandmother, the third wife of the poet Dementieva. She tried to give the boy all the affection and attention, to at least partially replace the child’s parents. Helped grandson and Andrei Dmitrievich: he often took the boy with him on tour, brought behind the scenes of concert halls and theatres, instilling a love of art.

    But to connect his life with a scene Andrey Dementyev did not expect. After the 9th class he went to culinary College, and then studied in absentia at the Institute of administration of international tourism, studying the hotel business. However, at the insistence of his grandfather, he also graduated from and the school of music at Astrakhan state Conservatory and it was after she got the first job in Children’s musical theatre named after Natalia Sats. As of 2005, Amos was invited to the Moscow operetta theater, where he works until now.


    The first full step on the creative path of Andrei Dementyev was the TV show channel MTV «You’re a movie star.» Before this show the young man managed to take part in episodes of several paintings, such as «Patrol», «In the rhythm of tango» and «Kingdom of curves…», but it was after the project took place a full debut of the actor in the teen Comedy «Impudent days».

    In fact, this film can be considered the thesis of the show «You’re a movie star», because of the transfer Director Ruslan Baltzer urged other participants, for example, Matthew Zubelevich, Lera Novikova and Ivan Trifonov. Also in the Comedy starred the famous actor Gosha Kutsenko. The painting was received by the audience and experts is ambiguous. The fact is, that the intention of the Director, the film was held in style of music videos and for full-length films, this technique is not entirely familiar.

    However, Dementyev has managed to attract attention to his person and soon received an invitation to play in the series about the Golden youth «Barvikha». His character Eugene Pudeev – a teenager from a wealthy family, grew up on the ruble. The actor managed to perfectly reveal the image of a guy that weighs excessive care of parents. In 2011 Andrew was again offered the role of Eugene in the continuation of «Barvikha» — a new project under the name «Golden».

    In addition to these films, Amos starred in the military drama «Afghanistan. Point of no return», based on real events, crime detective, «Terminal» and the Thriller «La Sonnambula». And last for today work of a young actor got a joint Russian-American science fiction action movie «Hardcore», which was published in late 2015, and on the Russian screens will be on display in April 2016. The picture has a good cast: in addition to Andrew in the participation of Danila Kozlovsky, sharlto Copley, Haley Bennett, Sergey Shnurov, and other famous artists.

    Personal life

    Andrey Dementyev does not like to dwell on their romantic relationship. But after fans began to speak about his affair with a partner on the film «Barvikha», «Gold» and «Hardcore» Uzbek actress RAVENOL Kursovoy, Andrew just lifted the veil of secrecy. He said that with RAVENOL they have a wonderful friendship, and it occurs for many years with a completely different girl. But to disclose the name of his lady Amos still refused.

    In addition to the creative activities, the actor is passionate about sports. He long time was engaged in Sambo, and in recent years it has absorbed such an extreme sport like parkour. Andrei Dementyev said that thanks to the parkour he had learned to deal with the circumstances and defeat himself that he considers most important to achieving goals in any field.


    • 2005 — Kingdom of crooked…
    • 2006 — In the rhythm of tango
    • 2006 — Patrol
    • 2007 — Defiant days
    • 2009-2010 — Barvikha
    • 2010 — Terminal
    • 2011 — Gold
    • 2011 — Afghanistan. The point of no return
    • 2012 — La Sonnambula
    • 2015 — Hardcore


    Andrey Dementyev

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