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  • Name: Andrey Davidyan ( Andrey Davidyan )
  • Date of birth: 30 January 1956
  • Age: 60 years
  • Date of death: 13 Nov 2016
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 170
  • Activity: singer, rock musician
  • Marital status: Not married

    Andrey Davidyan: biography

    Andrey Davidyan – one of the most popular Russian rock musicians. Andrei was born 30 Jan 1956 in Moscow. From childhood the boy was fond of music. He studied at the Moscow school # 152, where, in General, studied children’s creative and intelligent people. They knew a lot about art, literature and music.

    Andrey Davidyan was well bred and educated, his father, Sergei Davidian, a talented Opera singer. It was he who instilled son a love of music, but Andrew since childhood gave preference to rhythm, especially the drums. In 8th grade he and his friends organized a musical group, and self-erecting the drum kit, the guys carefully rehearsed.

    After finishing school Andrey Davidyan was determined to enter the theater Institute, but failed the exam. Then, in 1973, he and Igor Okugawa created a group «Leap summer». It was the first creative step Davidian. A year after the establishment of the group Andrew joined the army, and his activities in «the Leap summer» is over.

    As an attempt of receipt in drama school was not a success, Davidian graduated from the Institute of Asian and African profession of an interpreter. Andrew is fluent in Arabic, English and French.

    Songs Of Andrey Davidian

    In 1979, Davidian, thanks to his strong voice and talent, became the lead singer of the legendary group «Rock-Studio», which collaborated with the theater «Lenk». It was his band performed the music for the famous rock-Opera «Juno and Avos».

    But the staggering popularity of the Soviet rocker Andrew Davidian in 1987 brought to this day a much-loved song «Closing the circle», which has made a significant contribution to the development of domestic rock music. Then Chris Kelme offered to write a song based on «USA for Africa».

    In 1993, Davidian has created a popular group «Sound Cake», which he dedicated 20 years of his work. The main musical directions of the group are funk, soul and jazz-rock. Davidian to the «Voice» was creatively active, but, unfortunately, did not record any albums. But given the fact that now the singer is once again at the peak of popularity, he will definitely record more than one album.

    Andrey Davidyan on the show «the Voice»

    Another surge of popularity of this popular musician is in the fall of 2013. It then launched the second season of one of the most popular musical projects of the First channel «Voice». At the blind audition of «the Voice» Andrey Davidyan played the song «Georgia on my mind».

    Voice Davidian from the first second performances conquered the mentors of the project. He also returned Dima Bilan, Pelageya and Alexander Gradsky, who was confident on stage singing African-American. When the mentors turned to the mysterious artist, I immediately learned the legend of domestic rock music. Meter admitted that glad to see Davidian in the show, after the last few years Andrey Davidyan and «Sound Cake» played in restaurants and bars, and the musician of such level needs only to sing on the big stage. Andrew eventually chose the only girl in the jury — pelage.

    Personal life

    As for his personal life, Andrew Davidian, he was married more than once. He has three daughters. Senior Maria and Lisa live abroad, and the youngest — 14-year-old daughter Katya. Katie’s mother is a vocalist of the legendary and life-changing for Andrew band «Sound Cake» by Anna Abramochkin. Even during the founding of the group they have with Andrew Davidiana began a relationship. After some time the lovers were married, Kate was born. But just recently, Anna and Andrew decided to leave, after the divorce they maintained a friendly relationship, along growing daughter.

    Andrey Davidyan is a musician who has made a great contribution to the development of Soviet music. After a long pause, he could again return to the stage and gain recognition contemporary audience.

    The Death Of Andrew Davidian

    In November 2016, fans were stunned by the tragic news of the death of Andrew Davidian. 60-year-old musician had previously hit one of the Moscow hospitals with a stroke. Andrew fell into a coma on the morning of 13 November, doctors pronounced him dead.

    Photo By Andrey Davidian

    Andrey Davidyan

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