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  • Name: Andrey Chuev ( Andrey Chuev )
  • Date of birth: 2 June 1980
  • Age: 36 years
  • Place of birth: Stary Oskol
  • Height: 195
  • Activities: member show «Dom 2»
  • Marital status: divorced

    Andrey Chuev : biography

    Andrey Chuev is one of the brightest participants of the reality show «Dom-2». It causes a variety of emotions from fans of the TV show – from sympathy for the great irritation. But I think this is what seeking young man.

    Andrey Chuev was born in Stary Oskol in the first days of summer 1980. About his family and childhood is almost unknown. But after coming of age, the guy started to do business. Although that is a very loud formulation. The young man simply sold shoes in the local market. The rest of the biography of Andrey Chueva before his appearance on «Dom-2» was hardly covered in the media.

    TV show

    On the popular reality show Andrey Chuev came in February 2008. Many users of social networks actively discussed the events of the project «Dom-2», immediately decided that the main goal of the young man was not «to build love», and loudly declare themselves and make a career showman. Chuev has often attracted the attention of the audience and other participants in the project for his harsh statements on various topics. Those who would dare to argue with Andrew, was not. Many were afraid of his sharp tongue.

    As for the «building of love» project, the first beloved Andrew was a friend from Stary Oskol girl, contestant Valeria Shevtsova. It almost came to the wedding, but the bride ran away from the altar. It turned out that the cause was the failure Chueva to leave a TV show after the marriage. It seems the young man made attempts to establish a relationship with the bride. For this he even went around the perimeter. But soon returned with nothing.

    Some time passed, and the place Shevtsova was taken by another participant of the project – Ian Semit. And again love affair almost led to marriage. The couple took a cruise through Europe and was going to visit Yana’s parents that Andrew was able to meet them. But plans have been thwarted by the fight Chueva with Roman Tretyakov. According to the rules of the project, the initiator of the fight is obligated to leave the project. It just happened. After Andrew went and Jan. But outside the perimeter, their relationship quickly ended.

    Andrey Chuev returned to the project in February 2009. Called him on a reality show again, offering to become the new Manager of the Moscow cafe «the House-2». Ex-member back, but not alone, with his girlfriend Tanya Ciosa. Soon the couple left the show and got married. They have a daughter Lisa. Chuev and Ciosa lived for a time in America.

    After the project

    After leaving Chueva with the project together with Tanya Ciosa revealed that ex-member got seriously ill. The doctors diagnosed him with intervertebral hernia. But during the operation a blood infection. To go on the mend Andrey Chuev could only after the second surgical intervention in Israel. Money for the operation was collected after an outcry in social networks. A considerable amount has made the channel «TNT».

    In the spring of 2013 Chuev started to recover.

    Personal life

    In may 2015 Chuev back on a TV show. He surprised everyone with a statement that going again «to build love». As it turned out, he divorced Tatiana Chiosa. In his Instagram Andrew posted a document confirming the divorce.

    But the build of a romantic relationship, the young man was not so smooth. First Chueva there has been a connection with Catherine, Kolomeichuk, but she quickly interrupted. The same fate befell began a relationship with Anastasia Lisovoy, who recently returned from the Seychelles. The couple parted almost enemies.

    Personal life of Andrey Chueva began to improve when the project has returned the party to the Marina Afrikantov. Soon the young man declared her his girlfriend. Some of the audience suspected him of insincerity, because was approaching the contest «Man of the year». In August 2015 Chuev won the competition, receiving a reward apartment.

    But not so simple in the relationship of the couple Chuev-Afrikantov. It seems there is a love triangle in which a third party Alexander Kharitonov, who Chuev has suggested to become his personal Secretary and to help him in the construction of houses.

    Many viewers shared their suspicion that the way Chuev is going to have with Kharitonova office romance. And as the participant of the project free from the bonds of marriage, then who knows what can happen to the new relationship. Flirty Alexandra herself has confirmed that Andrew is really interested in it.


    Andrey Chuev

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