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  • Name: Andrey Chernyshev ( Chernyshov Andrey )
  • Date of birth: 3 February 1973
  • Age: 43 years
  • Place of birth: Kiev, Ukraine
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: not married

    Andrey Chernyshov: biography

    Andrey Chernyshov is an actor, known for the bright work on television and in the movies. In his record there are more than seventy roles in various patterns.

    Born Andrey Chernyshov in February 1973 in the city of Kiev. Nine years later his family moved in Transbaikalia, in the town syulban. In school, the boy was fine: father – school Director and mother is a math teacher.

    «I had no childhood, was under constant supervision. Tried to be first, the best. Hated school, learned through «can not», — says the actor.

    The only joy was the school theatre «the Green carriage». There the students enthusiastically engaged into the night: composed music, rehearsed, sang and toured the neighboring villages. Then Andrew wanted the scene occupied an important place in his biography: his dreams he never shared. In the school theatre from Kiev became a star, took part in almost all theatrical productions, playing only leading roles.

    Andrey Chernyshov, having finished eleven classes, moved to Moscow. A young man filed the documents in some theatrical schools, but no one could do that. He returned to Kiev, where he lived in the parental home, worked in the Russian drama theatre. Lesya Ukrainka as a worker. Chernyshov regularly attended rehearsals and performances, learned from the experience of the actors.

    Held in the Kiev theater has helped talented young man to enter the Higher theatre school im. Schepkin. He had made it to the end and received the coveted diploma.


    After «Chips» Andrey Chernyshov was shown in almost all theaters of the capital, but was refused. When he despaired, unexpected joy — mark Zakharov took in «Lenkom». Nine years of selfless actor played various roles on stage.

    The theatre gave a stable income, a roof over my head. Over the years he has played in productions of «the Royal game», «Sage, Barbarian and heretic», «Two women», «Crazy day or the Marriage of Figaro», «Juno and Avos», although really interesting roles was not.

    But Andrei Chernyshov had to part with the «Lenkom», however, on the initiative of the theater. During one of the performances, the actor injured his leg and for some time could not go on stage, and the theatre is a commercial structure. And from Kiev were started up in free swimming».

    Outside of «Lenkom» Andrew took part in independent projects, «the Apostle Paul», «Nameless star», «Lady and her men», «Dreams of an idiot».


    The first invitation for the lead role in the movie Andrey Chernyshov received while studying at drama school, but the production was stopped. The actor did not remain without work: the sports figure he was invited to film stunt scenes.

    But to break into the real movie does not work. He attended the castings did not take. Chernyshov believed in success and never give up. The long-awaited moment came six years later: cute, handsome guy was invited to appear in a commercial of beer. After this work had fallen on him glory.

    The popularity of the actor warms up the part in the TV series. The first big role he played in the melodrama «a Free woman», and the most memorable for him was in the movie «Lost in Chechnya», which was shot in English.

    In the «Foreign mysteries» Andrew played a tough military officer. Again it’s a boyish look, so I had to work hard not to look like a sort of Martinet. In the TV series «Twins» actor got a negative role – killer Edik. He managed to get into the character, to enter the protagonist’s situation and understand it. For this role he was awarded the «Gold ring».

    In 2009, the actor starred in the movie «Bitch for the champion». To participate in the filming, he had to gain 15 pounds of muscle. For a few hours a day he worked in the gym, under the guidance of two-time European champion Andrew Shkalikova.

    Today Andrey Chernyshov active in films. He is confident that the challenging role will come, believe and expect them. His last works were the roles in the films «my dog» (2012), «Elementary love» (2013), «Soul of a spy» (2014), «Margarita Nazarova» (2015).

    Personal life

    Andrey Chernyshov diligently embodies the image of the brutal and handsome man, not only on screen, but support it in real life. On account of the actor was a lover of victory, the refusal of the offer hands and hearts and broken hearts of women. Some call it domestic sex symbol.

    Personal life Andrew is always surrounded by beautiful women. The actor credited relationship with Anne of Snacking, Anastasia Tsvetaeva, as well as one time to communicate with him the personal life of Svetlana Khodchenkova is a small part of all the novels, about which wrote mass media.

    To the question about their love Affairs Andrey Chernyshov answers evasively, but one day he admitted that he wants a wife who will take care of children and home, not the secular parties and shopping. Today in the life of an actor there is no permanent Hobbies — his heart is still free.


    • «Gemini»
    • «For?»
    • «Karambol»
    • «Three of the top»
    • «Bitch for the champion»
    • «Mayakovsky. Two days»
    • «Lonely night owl»
    • «Russian heiress»
    • «Mother in law»
    • «Soul of a spy»


    Andrey Chernyshov

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