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  • Name: Andrey Chadov ( Andrey Chadov )
  • Date of birth: 22 may 1980
  • Age: 36 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: Russian film and theater actor
  • Marital status: not married

    Andrey Chadov biography

    Andrey Chadov was born on 22 may 1980 in Solntsevo, on the outskirts of Moscow. When Andrew was 6 years old, and his brother Alex Chudovo — 5, their father, who worked as a Builder, died in the accident. For the family fell on very hard times. My mother, an engineer by training, had to work in two shifts: the yard was in the 90th.

    At school, Andrew had been attending a dance Studio, thanks to what was able to teach dance and earn a living before he enrolled in drama College.

    Soon after school Chadov enrolled in drama school named Shchukin. However, having studied there for a year, he transferred to the Higher theater school Shchepkin (class of Vladimir Seleznyov), where he studied his younger brother. Shadowy together graduated from the theater Department. They were real favorites at the Institute. Despite the fact that the guys were local, they were taken to the visitors is a talented and humble. The brothers made friends with many classmates and left behind good memories.

    Andrey Chadov movies

    Actor biography Andrew Chadova began while studying at drama school. In the second course, «Chips» Chadov made his debut in the movie. It was a small supporting role in the melodrama of Ivan Solovova «Avalanche». But soon the young actor got the offer to star in the movie «Russian» Director Alexander Veledinsky. For the work in this tape, Andrey Chadov received the prize of the festival «Moscow premiere» in the nomination «Best actor competitive film» and critics have recognized him as a talented and profound artist.

    Recognition of Andrey Chadova helped and work in the television series «Cadets», where he played the role of a young Peter Todorovski. The film is dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the great Victory and received a lot of laudatory reviews and the audience award.

    In 2005, screens out the film «

  • Live» where Andrey Chadov appeared on the set with my brother. Andrew was nominated for best actor for the award «Nika». In 2008, screens out the British movie Susie Halved «
  • More Ben». Interestingly, Chadov was approved for the role in photography. According to the creators of the film, seeing Andrew, they realized that it was a great hit in the image. Together with Andrey Chadov in the movie «BIGGA than Ben» played a major role Ben Barnes. Often Andrei Chadov working on the set with my brother. It happened in a big us-Russian international project «SLOVE: Right in the heart.» This action, Thriller and romance at the same time. Immediately after this film was followed by the series «a Matter of honor», in which the brothers Shadowy again played together. Work on the painting was. The series aired on the First channel in early 2014.

    It is worth noting the work Chadova in pictures «Luxury», «Outdoor space» and «silent Outpost». For his work in «Quiet Outpost» Andrew won the award of the FSB of Russia.

    One of the last pictures of Andrey Chadova – series «

  • Provocateur,» where he has a vivid role of an undercover agent who is constantly changing the images and masks. The picture appeared on the TV channel «Russia» in 2015.

    Andrey Chadov: personal life

    In 2005 the private life of Andrei Chadova became interested in the many admirers of his talent. The rising movie star would attract the attention of journalists a romance with actress musicals Light Svetikovoy. The young people met on the set of the show First channel «Big race». They dated for 5 years and was one of the most romantic star couples. But in the spring of 2010 Chadov and Svetikova suddenly broke up.

    Recently Andrey Chadova increasingly notice to the company of the ex-wife of Andrei Arshavin and mothers of large families

  • Yulia Baranovskaya. In 2013, Andrey Chadov and Baranovskaya held a joint vacation in Florence. Soon the couple was noticed at the premiere of «Love in the big city-3». Julia also was invited by Andrew to celebrate his birthday in 2014. The actor rarely comment on rumors about himself. Young people claim they are just friends.

    Andrey Chadov: filmography

    • Avalanche
    • Russian
    • Cadets
    • Live
    • Molodoy Volkodav
    • Cattai
    • More Ben
    • Limousine
    • Climber
    • Silent Outpost
    • SLOVE: Right in the heart
    • Was your favorite
    • 20 years without love
    • A matter of honor
    • Provocateur

    Andrey Chadov: photo

    Andrey Chadov

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