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  • Name: Andrey Burkovsky ( Andrey Burkovskiy )
  • Date of birth: 14 November 1983
  • Age: 33 years
  • Place of birth: Tomsk
  • Height: 186
  • Activity: the Russian theatre and cinema actor, the player of KVN, humorist
  • Marital status: Married

    Andrei burkovsky: biography

    Andrey burkovsky was born in Tomsk in a fairly wealthy family of entrepreneurs and restaurateurs of Vladimir and Lyudmila Borkowski in November 1983. In addition to his family was grown up younger brother Alexander. Andrew studied at the prestigious «Academize», where he began playing in the school KVN team called «Fragments of stars».

    After school, burkovsky not going to become an actor. He enrolled in the Tomsk Polytechnic University, choosing for himself the faculty of law. Between the careers of lawyer and humorist, was only one step, and he made it.

    Andrei burkovsky: KVN

    While studying at the University Andrey burkovsky continued to play KVN. First it was his hobby, but over time the game grew into something more, pushing the law into the background.

    In 2000, the brilliant actor was noticed by the founders of the local theater «Boniface», who specialized in humorous productions. One of its founders, Tomsk comedian Constantine Malasev, suggested Andrew Bourkovski to perform on stage. He agreed without hesitation. Malaseb and burkovsky started working on a new project: they created a KVN team «Maximum». Soon plays the team began to play for the Tomsk University. It is associated with the first creative success of the aspiring artist, and her performances started the biography of Andrei Bourkovski.

    In 2000 Tomsk «Maximum» becomes the champion of the League of KVN in the city. At the end of that year, a team of Bourkovski – the bronze prize-winner of the interregional League of KVN of Siberia. In two years «Maximum» becomes the finalist in the First League of KVN. Time for performances at the theatre Andrei Bourkovski is now sorely lacking, and the artist leaves the «Boniface», fully immersed in the WHC.

    In 2003, «Max» appeared on the TV. It happened within the comic festival «wailing kivin» in Jurmala. The bourkovski and his team noticed and invited to perform in the Premier League. The guys debut was more than successful: Tomsk KVN team, led by Andrew Borkowski reached the final, sharing the first place with the already known capital team «Megapolis».

    In 2004, «Max», headed by leader Andrew Borkowski came out in the Highest League of KVN. In 2005 Jurmala team of Bourkovski has won «Small kivin in dark», and in 2006 he repeated his success. In the season of 2006 «Max» has taken a new height – the «bronze» Club Cheerful and Resourceful.

    The most successful players of the command is 2008. Comedians from Tomsk become Champions of the Highest League of KVN Andrey burkovsky ranks third in the held online voting for the title of best player of the season.

    Andrei burkovsky: TV shows

    In 2009, the year Andrei burkovsky becomes the Central character of the new Comedy sketch show called «you Give youth!», which goes to STS. The project is very soon gaining popularity, and the Bourkovski career takes a new turn. Now he writes screenplays and is at work only in the framework of the project. KVN is left behind.

    In «you Give youth!» the actor appears in different images: he’s metrosexual and Daniel, and a policeman Vucinic, and Gopnik Rusty. All roles Bourkovski, done masterfully, and the red-haired actor is quickly becoming recognizable. He is invited to new projects such as «Kitchen» (plays the waiter Ilya), «Last of Magician» and many others.

    As an invited guest Andrey burkovsky appeared in the show, «Fort Boyard» and «Comedy woman». Now the actor continues to appear in the popular Comedy show and is increasingly appearing on the screens. And yet Tomsk, the comedian decided to get an acting education and in 2010 enrolled in the school-Studio of MKHAT. He studied on the course ‘ Zolotovitskiy and Zemtsova, and to perform on stage of the Moscow art Theater began almost immediately after receipt. The most successful works of Bourkovski in the theatre can be called the performances «Diva», «the Pickwick papers» and «an Ideal husband».

    Andrei burkovsky: personal life

    Personal life of Andrew Bourkovski is not full of scandals and is not accompanied by rumors. With his future wife Olga and Andrew met on the train. He was heading from Tomsk to Abakan, where he was to perform at the festival of student theaters of humorous miniatures. Olga went to Abakan to parents. They married in 2008. Burkovsky called Olga perfect woman. The couple grows two children, daughter Alice and son Maxim.

    In early 2009 the family of Bourkovski has experienced great tragedy – the death of the brother of Andrew Alexander. 23-year-old boy crashed in the ski resort in the Kemerovo region.

    Andrei burkovsky: filmography

    • Give youth!
    • One for all — the assistant to the President
    • Kitchen
    • The last of Magician

    Andrei burkovsky: photo

    Andrew Burkovskii

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