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  • Name: Andrey Barilo ( Andrey Barilo Offers Impeccable )
  • Date of birth: 19 October 1973.
  • Age: 43 years
  • Place of birth: Siauliai, Lithuania
  • Growth: 183
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: civil marriage

    Andrey Barilo: biography

    Andrey Barilo was born 19 October 1973 in the Lithuanian city of Siauliai. The father of the future actor was a soldier, and his mother worked as a nurse in a military unit. Andrew was the youngest of three children in the family. Together with his brother they went to the military unit, where his father served as a communications engineer. Thanks to the frequent soon the brothers learned to identify the model flying in the sky plane by the sound of the engines, and later young Andrew was fascinated by aviation and decided to go to the club.

    His first parachute jump, the future actor did as a boy of thirteen. At age 14, he masterfully managed the glider and was flying at great heights under the guidance of the instructor. The latter has repeatedly assured that the boy has great potential. Andrew’s parents were convinced that the younger son will go in his father’s footsteps, becoming a military.

    Older brother Barrel was named in honor of Yuri Gagarin and Andrey was named in honor of actor Andrei Mironov. Most likely, the names have affected the fate of the two boys: the elder became a pilot of «Boeing», and the younger was determined the path of the actor.

    Despite cravings for aircraft and aviation, deep down the Barrel dreamed about the acting career. He didn’t miss a single film that was on TV. In addition, the future actor often visited the cinema and watched the news of world cinema. At some point he was drawn by the music, and the young Barrel learned to play the guitar. Soon he gathered a small band, which included his school friends. The band has performed at various school events. Young musicians often performed well-known in those years, songs of Viktor Tsoi and Nautilus.

    After graduation, the guy decided to go to drama school, moved to Moscow. The parents did not oppose his choice. Andrew was accepted to the Shchukin school, where he began to study on the course of St. Ivanov. Together with Maria Aronova, who was his classmate, the Barrel came up with an interesting parody of the scene of the meeting of Onegin and Tatiana. This parody guys put as a graduation performance.


    In his student years, a talented actor Valentin Pluchek invited him to take part in the play «the taming of the shrew». Andrew was entrusted with the role of Lucenzo. On his graduation performance of the young actor played the role of Chatsky. At a Mature age Barrel admitted that with pleasure would repeat that role because the young actor is not able to get into the role Chatsky deep enough.

    Soon graduate of the Shchukin school began to appear on the stage of the theater of Satire. He took part in performances of «Pygmalion», «lucky – the only significant innovation», «an Unforgettable experience», «Hot heart».

    Today, Baril is a frequent speaker at theaters «Modern,» «Vasilyev», «Centre of Theatre Technologies», «Fomenko Studio», «Theatre Assembly P. Galdino».


    His first role in the movies Baril played in the early 90s. He was entrusted with the role in the film «Thief», after which he played a major role in the film «running on the Sunny side.» He also appeared in a cameo scene in the movie «Help mi». Shortly thereafter, the domestic film industry has plunged into crisis.

    Soon the situation changed, and the Barrel was invited to play in the TV series «Medical mystery». The tape was released in 2006. The hero who brought Andrew, is complex. It can not be called positive or negative character. Despite the fact that he was overly curious female, along with the hero Barrel is able to truly love. Andrew also played the role of Mikhail Slurry in the television series «Atlantis». This image differed contradictory, because the Slimes could simultaneously love and be able to make it treason.

    In recent years, Barrel starred in the film «Dasha», «Valse Boston» and «Judas.» He also participated in the filming of the television series «Sklifosovsky», «Farmers family», «Citizen one», etc

    Personal life

    The actor is reluctant to share stories about his personal life. It is known that in the 90s he married. It was a difficult time for the country, and in order to support his family, Andrew worked as a realtor. But his profession Barrel never gave up. The actor has two daughters, Katya and Sasha. What are the reasons that broke up the family, is unknown, the actor did not comment.

    During the filming of «Total therapy» Andrew met with actress Alexandra Solyankina, and soon broke out between them feelings. The pair is now in a civil marriage. According to the actor, he is very happy with their relationship.


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    Andrey Barilo

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