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  • Name: Andrei Arshavin ( Andrey Arshavin )
  • Date of birth: 29 may 1981
  • Age: 35 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg, Russia
  • Height: 172
  • Activity: football player, Honored master of sports of Russia
  • Family: married Alice Kazmina

    Andrey Arshavin: biography

    Born Andrey Arshavin 29 may 1981 in Saint-Petersburg. Interest in football he showed in early childhood. His first coach was his father — an avid fan and a good player. Already at the age of seven parents, appreciating the passion of the son of football, gave him to study in a boarding school «Change».

    Andrei Arshavin in childhood
    A picture of a footballer in childhood | WITHOUT formata.RU

    Besides football, Arshavin at school age was fond of playing checkers, and easily got Junior level. The coach section of the game of checkers and predicted a great future, but the guy chose football. Favorite team of the guy was Spanish «Barcelona».

    Andrey Arshavin
    Dabbled athlete in politics |

    The athlete was trying to start a political career in the party «United Russia» in 2007, but soon refused to be a Deputy. The famous footballer is also the co-owner of JSC «Avtodor Express», his share in the company is 49%.


    Football career of Andrei Arshavin started with the command «Change», the adult part where the guy started playing with 16 years old. In 18 years the player was enrolled in the «Zenith», and in a year debuted in the main team. His career is full of UPS and downs.

    Andrey Arshavin
    The player on the field | Biografo

    The rapid development started in 2001-2002, under the guidance of renowned coach of «Zenit» Yuri Morozov. His team won the bronze medal in the Championship of Russia, and the Arshavin — the opening of the season and the best right midfielder. In all the years he has brought this team 71 goal. His debut in the national team on 17 may 2002, and in 2005 he played in the first team.

    In 2007, a successful football player became the captain of «Zenith», and soon received a bandage of the captain of the Russian team. In 2008 the team won the UEFA Cup and qualified for the European championship, which was played brilliantly and took bronze medals of Euro-2008.

    After the championship striking midfielder interested in leading clubs of Europe. But despite a lot of rumors about the future of the transfer, Arshavin was the player of «Zenith». And in February 2009 it was registered with the English football Association player of «Arsenal» No. 23. According to «Sport-Express», the amount of this contract amounted to 16.5 million pounds, or about $ 24 million. British media voiced the size of his salary in the amount of 70 thousand pounds a week.

    Play Andrey Arshavin in the «Arsenal» was initially successful. Lightning, quick to make decisions and always aimed at the gates of St. Petersburg, the boy became an established star. The most spectacular was the match against Liverpool in April 2009. In it, Andrew immediately scored 4 goals, which, oddly enough, did not bring victory for his team, as the enemy was able to equalize in the last minutes of the match.

    Andrey Arshavin
    The athlete in the «Arsenal» |

    But soon fortune turned against the successful player, he was brought from the core team. But in the category of spare Arshavin was not distinguished by beneficial actions on the field, the result was the worst player on the team. Then football fans talked about the disinterest of the player in the game that was associated with a desire to return to Russia.

    27 Jun 2013 the player returned to Zenit. Two-year contract with FC has come to an end, and «Zenith» has decided not to renew it. July 13, 2015 athlete officially became a player of «Kuban». On 20 July of the same year he participated in his first meeting in a t-shirt of the club «Ural». But in February 2016, the player terminated the contract with this club.

    Andrey Arshavin
    Characteristic gesture of the athlete | Football blog

    Sports biography of Andrei Arshavin from 18 March 2016 linked to Kazakhstan’s «Kairat». In the game with the team «Aktobe», which took place in April of the same year, the footballer scored his first goal. Interestingly, Arshavin has become the highest-paid player of «Kairat».

    Have player and your distinctive gesture in the game. After each point is scored the player, as if calling for silence, pressed her index finger to her lips.

    Personal life

    Personal life of Andrei Arshavin of interest to many. In 2003, he met with Yulia the baranouskaya. At that time she was still a student. The couple grew so rapidly that a month later they began to live together. In 2005, Baranovskaya gave the footballer’s first-born son Artem, and after 3 years, there appeared their daughter was named Anna.

    Andrey Arshavin with his family
    Happy parents with children | Life

    Andrew and she and her children moved to England, which was associated with the transfer of the player to Arsenal. In 2012 was born the third child of Andrey Arshavin, who was called Arseny. All this time the couple was in common-law relationships that ended in 2013. According to Yulia Baranovskaya, that Andrew was the initiator of the divorce. According to friends, the famous footballer has never been true, which led to the collapse.

    Andrey Arshavin and Julia Baranovskaya
    Photo of Andrei Arshavin and Yulia Baranovskaya | Tengri News

    All this caused a sensation in the press. And indeed Baranovskaya said the breakup was quite painful. In court she got the award of Arshavin alimony in the amount of 50% of his income.

    After the official statement about the termination of the relationship with Julia around Andrei Arshavin appeared a lot of rumors. He attributed an affair with model Leilani Dowding. Before meeting with the Russian athlete she met with the ex-defender «West ham» Anwar Uddin, been engaged to former striker Middlesbrough Geremi Alade and former player of the national team of Northern Ireland mark Williams.

    Then the athlete was spotted with ex-model Alisa Kazeminy, which had previously been married to a businessman and lived in England. Have a new passion Andrew has a son and a daughter.

    Andriy Arshavin and Alice Kozmino
    Wedding lovers | MIGNEWS

    Lovers several years met, and the relationship they can not be called cloudless. And September 1, 2016 the wedding of Andrei Arshavin and Alice Catimini. It was a sensational news, because one pair is not made aware of the impending ceremony. According to some media reports, guests at the wedding had a little bit.

    Wife of Andrei Arshavin gets along well with his children from a previous relationship. The player also made friends with the children of Alice.


    Andrey Arshavin

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