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  • Name: Andrew Rasbash ( Andrey Razbash )
  • Date of birth: 15 December 1952
  • Age: 53 years
  • Date of death: July 23, 2006
  • Place of birth: Ust-Kara, Russia
  • Activity: the cameraman, Director, presenter, television producer
  • Marital status: divorced

    Andrew Rasbash: biography

    Producer and presenter Andrew Rasbash of those people about whom people say: «He made himself». Who would have thought that the guy from the distant Arctic will be one of the best specialists of a new television.

    Rasbash was born on 5 Dec 1952 in a small village in Arkhangelsk region. Attraction to journalism from his grandfather Naum, who served as Deputy editor and then editor-in-chief. However, after school, Andrei entered Moscow aviation Institute, where he studied at the radio engineering. Then there were two years in the army, where the officer Rasbash led spacecraft for various purposes in the development of equipment for special purposes.

    In 1980, Rasbash was discharged for a position on the «citizen», but Andrew accidentally found out about the set technicians in Ostankino, I decided to try. He started a video engineer, then worked as cameraman, Director.


    In 1983, Andrew Rasbash began working with a children’s edition of the TV channel – was the Director of the program «under 16 and older». He then moved to the Youth edition of DH, where he started as a Director of the plots, and then as the Director of the program «Peace and youth».

    The first fame came to him in 1987, when he together with Leonid Parfenov released the documentary «Children of the twentieth Congress». This project was devoted to the generation of the sixties. In October of the same year began to broadcast program «the View» Vlad Listyev. Rasbash worked as an assistant Director and then Director of «Sight».

    Andrew Rasbash
    Andrew Rasbash | Lenta

    In 1992, he became head of the young editors and worked on popular projects, such as KVN, «Subject», «Field of dreams», was produced by «rush Hour» and «finest hour». In 1996, Andrew Rasbash started the program «rush Hour».In 1998 switched to TV channel «Russia» and began producing several programs, including «First Studio» and «Blue light».

    His latest project was a program of «Sorry» on «the First channel». The idea of this transmission appeared in Rasbash after the death of his mother and his former sweetheart, Tatiana. He admitted that he felt guilty towards both women. «I’m sorry» came out a short while and the program «Wings» dedicated to aviation. Then Andrew Rasbash moved to channel «Zvezda», where he held the position of creative Director. In the air he never came back.

    Personal life

    Andrew Rasbash was twice married. With his first wife Tatiana he met at the aviation Institute, they studied on the same course. Met, fell in love, got married. In this Rasbash marriage were born two sons and a daughter.

    All was well until Andrew went to work in the editor «Opinion», where he met the albino Littleway. He remembered how terribly treated albino in the first months of Dating. His duties included assistance to the widow of Vlad Listyev, but she behaved badly as a real bitch. At the time Rasbash was still married, but was fond of televisionwith Tatiana. In this relationship a son was born. Andrey Leonidovich participated in his life, but never lived with his mother.

    Andrew Rasbash and Albina listeva
    Andrew Rasbash and Albina listeva | TO REMEMBER

    In 1998, he left the family, and officially married Albina Littleway. Says he saw a completely different person because he was able to drive the bitch into a corner: even though the first three years of their marriage were difficult. Soon Rasbase Albina gave birth to a son. She was the first child, and he is fifth. They lived in a big house in the country, their relationship seemed solid, but they gave the crack – the couple broke up, though I tried to hide this fact. The reasons for the gap, they did not comment, but friends spoke about the new craze producer.

    His last love was the producer of NTV channel Oksana Mironova. Say, that she was with Andrew Rasbase in the last minutes of his life.


    He died 23 July 2006. In recent years health began to play tricks – affected work wear, divorce, death of loved ones, nervous overstrain. Besides Rasbash suffered from hypertension.

    That day he was at the birthday party of his father. House Andrei Razbash became ill. When the Ambulance arrived, he was not breathing. Doctors pronounced him dead from heart failure.

    The Tomb Of Andrei Razbash
    The Tomb Of Andrei Razbash | Epitaph

    Well-known figure of television Ligovskom buried in the cemetery in Odintsovo.


    Andrew Rasbash

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