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(biography, photos, videos) Andrey Molochnuy

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  • Name: Andrew Milk ( Andrey Molochnuy )
  • Date of birth: 2 may 1978
  • Age: 38 years
  • Place of birth: Korosten, Zhytomyr oblast, Ukraine
  • Activities: actor, television producer, broadcaster
  • Marital status: married

    Andrew Milky: biography

    Andrew Milk is a Ukrainian comedian, actor, entertainer and producer, known for participation in the project «a Duet Chekhov», «Faina Ukraina» and «somedy club».

    Andrew was born 2 may 1978 in the small town of Korosten, located 90 km from Zhitomir. After school, mother insisted that the young man, moved to Kiev and got a decent education. So what happened — did the economist in national agricultural University. While staying in a hostel and receiving a small stipend, Milk even managed to save money on gifts mother.

    Andrew Milk
    Andrew Milk | VK

    Serious specialty «Management of foreign economic activity» did not prevent Andrew to combine study with KVN. Together with the team «ears» future comedian won the championship in Ukrainian Higher League of KVN. A small increase, sparkling jokes and memorable facial expressions made him one of the brightest members of the group.

    Andrew Milk
    Andrew Milk | VK

    After a while, Andrew went to the team «VA Bank», which later also became a champion. Later destiny brought the comedian to the team «Alaska», where he met future friend and colleague in the shop Anton Lirnyk. Playing in KVN, Andrew finished UNIVERSITY with the red diploma and even enrolled in graduate school. To finish her Milk, however, failed.


    We can say that the career of the humorist began at school, where he organized small performances at recess. After reviewing all the miniatures KVN, Milk seriously thought to enter the theater Institute. But fate took him on a different path.

    Andrew Milk
    Andrew Milk | VK

    The impetus for the success was the release of Milk from the «Alaska» in 2005. Despite his young age, he is trying to do business. But due to lack of funding their case brings Andrew a great success. Having failed, former KVN-crate returns to his element – creativity. Inspired by the success of «Evening Quarter» (which only began to broadcast on Ukrainian television), Andrew began to think about creating your own comic project.

    The birth of the «Duet Chekhov»

    Milk gathered like-minded people, among whom were Anton lirnyk. Andrew suggested the comrades to create a project in which comedians within the hour showed different numbers. After several speeches, the friends of comedians have noticed the similarity between the slides and the Russian Comedy Club. Then there was the visit to Moscow and talks with Garik Martirosyan. Martirosyan, one of the founders of the Comedy club, invited the comedians to shoot in Kiev video and show what they are worth.

    Upon arrival in Kyiv, the team started filming scenes. Comedians, invited all the friends and used all the resources, and removed in a regular school. One of the first miniatures of the Duo became famous scene «in the pharmacy». Again back in Moscow with the record, Milk and lyre showed a video Martirosyan and got his approval.

    Andriy Molochny and Anton lirnyk
    Andriy Molochny and Anton lirnyk | VK

    «A duet Chekhov» was born in the spring of 2006, in June of comedians signed an agreement with inter, and in August was shot first stuff came out in the Ukrainian broadcast under the label of «Comedy Club Ukraine». With the shooting of a Ukrainian Comedy, the guys began to appear on stage in Moscow. Many fans consider them to be miniatures of some of the best in contemporary releases.

    It’s funny, but now he does not know why their creative Union with the Lyre named in honor of Anton Pavlovich Chekhov. According to the comedian, he remembers comrades wanted to name the Duo in honor of Lenin. But humorists have told so many imaginary stories on this account that they forgot the truth.

    2015 Dairy and the lyre were among residents of the Russian Comedy Club. Video performances of the team and today is popular on the Internet. Where is Duo? To date, Andrey and Anton are actively on tour and give concerts. The Grand tour included dozens of cities from Odessa to the Far East.

    «Faina Ukraina»

    In September 2008, the Ukrainian television started to broadcast the sketch show «Faina Ukraina». Milk was the producer of the show, and his partner on the set was a Ukrainian comedian and TV presenter Sergei Prytula.

    Andrew Milk is in the
    Andrew Milk is in the «Faina Ukraina» | Antikor

    Many predicted that the parody for the Russian TV series «Nasha Rasha» has less than three months, however, the ratings of Comedy programs have increased with each release. A total of 100 episodes. The show lasted until 2011.

    Other projects

    Dairy is in constant search of new projects:

    1. In 2009, Andrew tried his hand as an actor, starring in the feature film «Figaro». Counterpart Milk by the film became Ivan Okhlobystin.
    2. In 2010 Andrew was busy filming in the Russian show «masuichi» on NTV. At the same time in 2010, closed the project «Comedy Club UA». In its place there is an updated version of the «Real Comedy», where «a Duet Chekhov» is the guest of honor.
    3. In 2011, the Studio «Milk production» deals with the creation of a historical comic series «Rurik», which was broadcast on the TV channel ICTV.
    4. In 2013 the comedian accepted the offer to become a member of the jury in the Ukrainian show «As two drops».

    Personal life

    With his future wife Natalya Andrew met at the University in recent years. According to the comedian, he was «always a hungry student of the plague», and the charming girl Natasha was his first love. It helped wife of Andrew successfully complete College and two years to study at graduate school. Natalia doesn’t like to give interviews, but her joint with husband pictures than words to demonstrate their happiness.

    Andrew Milk wife
    Andrey and Natalya Dairy | Flory

    Lovers long ago got married and became parents fairly early. Now Natalia and Andrey are raising five children. Among them four sons: Dmitry, Andrey, Boris and Alexander, and daughter Barbara. Home to a large family in a village near Kiev.


    Andrew Milk

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