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  • Name: Andrey Martynov ( Andrey Martynov )
  • Date of birth: October 24, 1945.
  • Age: 71
  • Place of birth: Ivanovo, Russia
  • Activity: film and theater actor, people’s artist of the Russian Federation
  • Marital status: divorced

    Andrei Martynov: biography

    Andrei Martynov was born on 24 October 1945, the year in Ivanovo. Family in which was born the future famous actor, was rather simple and uneventful. Andrei’s father was invalid due to problems with vision, and because of this, during the great Patriotic war he was drafted into the red Army.

    Despite very poor eyesight, Martynov, Sr. was an ardent admirer of theatrical art. Moreover, he even attended a special drama class for actors with blindness. The performances, which were attended by the father of Andrei Martynov’s first acquaintance with the artistic world and a real inspiration.

    Andrey Martynov
    Andrey Martynov | People

    Another lasting impression on the boy made a puppet theater, who gave a presentation in his kindergarten. That simple statement struck Andrew, and he decided to open his own theatre. Kid made puppets, scenery, and then showed a narrow circle of close people staging their own plays.

    In school time Andrey Martynov continued to get involved in the theatrical arts and to feel an irresistible attraction to him. On one of the school contests he made a dramatization of the story «waste of time», written by Anton Pavlovich Chekhov. This event could be lost in a series of other school Affairs and not to fall into the biography of the actor. But the staging was so successful, and Martynov’s talent manifested itself in her so clearly that it was then the teacher, the young artist began to assert with confidence that the boy has a great future on the stage.

    Andrey Martynov in his youth
    Andrey Martynov in youth | Photosflowery

    Once as part of the tour in Ivanovo profit famous actors of the Moscow art theatre, led by the legendary Alexey Gribov. Martynov was then only sixteen years old, but the courage he was not to occupy. Andrew personally called Gribovo to the hotel and asked to set up an audition. An experienced actor has not denied the brash boys at his request.

    Preparing a monologue, Martynov at the appointed time came to the hotel and began to read the material Alex Gribov. The latter did not even bother to listen to the performance of the young artist, and immediately asked if he understands the meaning of the read passage. Of course, the guy started to convince Alexis that he identified with the sense of the chosen works, however, Gribova, he is not convinced.

    Alexei | Nostalgia

    The famous actor showed Martynov, how truly I had to read a selected etude, and some shared with the young person their professional secrets. Subsequently, Andrey Leonidovich with great warmth remembered this meeting, admitting that this informative conversation with a professional simply amazing.

    On Alexey Gribov this meeting also made a good impression. The same day he happily introduced the young artist with Nikolai Alekseev – another credible and talented actor of the Moscow art Theater. But shortly after the troupe left from Ivanovo, Nikolai Alexeyev sent a telegram Martynov and invited him to try their hand at the exams.

    Andrey Martynov in his youth
    Andrey Martynov in youth | Movie-Theater

    In the second half of the twentieth century, as now, many young people with ambitions of future famous actors went to seek his fortune in Moscow. Andrey Martynov exception to this rule did not become: after completion of schooling, he also went to the capital, hoping to «get by».

    After receiving a letter from Alekseev Andrey Leonidovich, inspired by the patronage of eminent artists, at full speed rushed to Moscow to take exams for admission to Mat. But life has somewhat cooled his ardor: on examination the boy failed miserably, and then the same misfortune befell him and while trying to enter the Shchukin school.

    After that, during the year, Martin worked construction, and during the following introductory campaign has decided to try his hand. This time fate was more favorable to the actor: he was successfully enrolled in the first year of GITIS.


    Usually the first films in which plays a young actor, it’s unpopular and lesser-known paintings, not meant for a wide audience. Few people can start with a masterpiece, but Martynov Andrey Leonidovich, no doubt, was among these lucky ones. It all started with the fact that in 1969, the year in a popular magazine called «the Youth» was published well we all know the story «…the dawns here are quiet», written by Boris Vasilyev.

    Shrill and sensual this story is told about the tragic fate of the female anti-aircraft gunners and relished the Soviet reader. One of the first to read it and Andrei Martynov, who at the time of publication was a senior student. And just a year later, in 1970 year, shortly before the release of the popular Soviet TV series «Shadows disappear at noon», the Director Stanislav Rostotsky said about the intention to film the book.

    Andrey Martynov in the film
    Andrey Martynov in the film, «…the dawns here are quiet» | Movie-Theater

    The main female role, the Director invited the little-known but very talented Actresses. Only one Olga Ostroumova from the female cast of the film was at the time quite popular. In the role of leading man Stanislav Rostotsky saw Georgi Yumatov.

    Well-known artist would not mind to play in the film, but in time trial it became clear that it is not very suitable in type. The Director needed someone who can play the Vologda man, strong and uncomplicated. And Yumatov was more like a town hero. And then suddenly someone remembered Andrey Martynov.

    Andrey Martynov in the film
    Andrey Martynov in the film, «…the dawns here are quiet» | Movie-Theater

    The young actor was invited to audition. Andrew was so happy to get this role, which couldn’t overcome a psychological barrier and look very constrained and trapped in the camera lens. Luckily for him, the Director decided to give him a chance and within two weeks, patiently teaching him various scenes from the film. And during these two weeks the Council unanimously approved Martynov on the desired role.

    Shooting of the movie started in 1971 year. Despite the fact that the film was supposed to be full length and consist of two series, it was necessary to remove just one summer season. Everyone who was involved in the filming, he worked 18-20 hours a day and practically seven days a week. The picture appeared on the wide screen in 1972-m to year.

    The film
    The shooting of the film «…the dawns here are quiet» | Peekaboo

    The film received tremendous success. And how skillfully Andrey Martynov reincarnated as Sergeant Vaskov, did not remain without attention of the audience and professional critics. Most natural and attractive in its own way, Martynov has become a very popular actor. It is noteworthy that «…the dawns here are quiet» even won a prize at the Venice film festival and was nominated for the award «Oscar».

    Success Andrei Martynov sought not only on the big screen, but also on the stage. In 1972, the year he came out of the Spectators and began working at the Moscow drama theater. The most famous role Martynov during the work at the theatre was the character of Chichikov, which he masterfully turned into a play by Anatoly Efros.

    Andrey Martynov in the film
    Andrey Martynov in the film «Eternal call» | full Movie

    In 1973, the year Andrei Martynov received an unexpected invitation to take part in the filming of the movie based on the novel «the Eternal call», written by Valentin Ivanov. The story follows the brothers Saveliev, Andrey Leonidovich got the role Kirana Inyutin. At first it was minor, tertiary character, but the incredible acting talent Martynov allowed to make Kiriana one of the key heroes throughout history.

    Subsequently, the actor starred in several movies, appeared in several TV series, and also engaged in dubbing. Overall during his career, he has voiced more than 120 films.

    Personal life

    Once Andrew Martynov was one of the German festivals, and on this event it absolutely charmed the young Francis Thun. The beautiful girl spoke Russian (she passed training in Moscow state University), and in Germany received the status of a doctorate by writing a thesis on creative ways of Vasily Shukshin. Pretty soon I beloved ended up with his own family.

    Francis Tong
    Francis Tun | Website Shalamov

    The best gift that could make the wife of your brand-new husband, was a charming son. The boy was named Alexander, he became an artist and currently lives in Germany. The first time the artist was thinking to carry the boy to his home, but soon realized that in Germany he will be better.

    Now the actor is not too often to see my son often content with only a photo of him. Happily married Martynov and Thun lived for several years, but due to disagreements about the place of residence the couple divorced.

    Andrey Martynov
    Andrey Martynov | Internet-overview

    It should be noted that marriage with a foreigner, after which the actor had children, quite strongly censured by many colleagues of Andrew. From youth theatre he left in the first place, because colleagues organized a real hunt. Does not accept the intrigues and gossip that the artist did not become anyone to understand, and just wrote a letter of resignation.

    Currently Andrey Martynov not married, and on the big screen, it appears less.

    Selected filmography

    • 1972 – the movie «…the dawns here are quiet»
    • 1973 – the film «Eternal call»
    • 1977 – the film «White BIM Black ear»
    • 1982 – the film «Vasily Buslaev»
    • 1982 – the movie «Mad day of engineer Barkasovo»
    • 1984 – a film «Without the right to fail»
    • 1985 – the movie «Battle for Moscow»
    • 1988 – the film «Idle people»
    • 1990 – the movie «Nikolai Vavilov»
    • 1991 – the film «Tsar Ivan the terrible»
    • 1997 – the film «Tsarevich Alexei»
    • 2003 – the film «Black label»


    Andrey Martynov

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