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  • Name: Andrew Lincoln ( Andrew James Clutterbuck )
  • Date of birth: September 14, 1973
  • Age: 43 years
  • Place of birth: London, UK
  • Height: 178
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: married

    Andrew Lincoln: the biography

    Andrew Lincoln, whose real name, Clutterbuck, is a British actor, best known to fans of the modern cinematography in TV series «the Walking dead», «My life» and «blow».

    Andrew was born in London, in the family of a British engineer and nurses, who came from South Africa. The boy was the second child: he has an older brother Richard Clutterbuck, which went the way of pedagogy, led a number of schools in different parts of the UK, and is now the Director of the College «the Academy of Royal oak».

    Andrew Lincoln in his youth
    Andrew Lincoln in his youth | Pinterest

    When the future movie star turned a year and a half, the family moved to the town of hull, but travel is not over – Teens, Andrew spent in the town of bath, Somerset. There the boy went to high school, where at age 14 he first stepped on the stage in the student’s musical performance of «Oliver!». For young Clatterbuck it was a noncommittal experiment, but, to his surprise, acting very much captured the youth.

    The following summer, he specifically went to the camp at London’s National youth theatre, rehearsing a lot, playing in Amateur productions and is convinced that he wants to devote himself to the art of transformation. After finishing school the young man became a student of the Royal Academy of dramatic art, where takes the alias of the new name, more sonorous and easy to remember: he is Andrew Lincoln.


    Film debut of actor took place in 1994, when he was still in the Academy. The actor appeared in one episode of the television series, «Leave the dead donkey». Then there were a number of other works of varying degrees of visibility, and the popularity of the actor gave successful family drama «life». After 10 years, the Director made the continuation of this series, where Andrew Lincoln was again in the foreground.

    From other projects the actor can highlight the tragicomedy «love», a detective series «After death», an adaptation of the classic novel «Wuthering heights» and the historical picture of the space «the goal of the Luna», dedicated to the 40th anniversary of man’s landing on the moon.

    Andrew Lincoln in the television series
    Andrew Lincoln in the television series «the Walking dead» | Phombo

    And in 2010, in Lincoln’s career was a real breakthrough. Not only that, he participated in the creation of the very popular Comedy «Heartbreaker,» «Made in Dagenham» and the Thriller «blow», but also began to star in the sci-Fi horror series «the Walking dead». This job did with Andrew actor of world renown.

    By the way, for the role of a former Sheriff’s Deputy and the leader of a small group of survivors Rick Grimes actor three times was nominated to receive the prestigious award «Saturn» and in 2015 she became the winner in the category «Best leading actor».

    Personal life

    In the 90-ies of the Andrew Lincoln was in a romantic relationship with British actress Tara Fitzgerald, known to viewers for her role as Salesy Baratheon in the fantasy series «Game of thrones».

    Andrew Lincoln and Tara Fitzgerald
    Andrew Lincoln and Tara Fitzgerald

    And in 2006, the actor met with Haeli Anderson, daughter of the legendary vocalist of the rock group «Jethro Tull» Ian Anderson. They dated for about five months then got married and since then living happily together. The couple had two children: a son Arthur and a daughter Matilda.

    Andrew Lincoln and his wife Haeli Anderson
    Andrew Lincoln and his wife Haeli Anderson | AccessHollywood

    Now every moment of free time Andrew Lincoln devotes to the family. They often vacation together, especially love exotic warm island. Haeli Anderson is a big fan of horses and a great rider. But the actor himself first sat on a horse for the TV show «the Walking dead».


    • 1996-2007 is life
    • 1999 — In the gap!
    • 2003 — love actually
    • 2005-2006 — After death
    • 2009 — Wuthering heights
    • 2009 — Goal Of The Month
    • 2010 — Heartbreaker
    • 2010 — Made in Dagenham
    • 2010-2015 — the strike in Response
    • 2010-2016 — the Walking dead


    Andrew Lincoln

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