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  • Name: Andrew Kosinski ( Andrii Kosynskyi )
  • Date of birth: 3 may 1984
  • Age: 32 years
  • Place of birth: Odessa, Ukraine
  • Activities: editor, television Director
  • Marital status: Married

    Andrew Kosinski: a biography

    Andrey Kosinski — Ukrainian television Director and film editor , known to viewers for his work on such projects as «heads and Tails», «the Last Moskal», «Inspector Freimut» ,»knife», «Around» («DESA Les»), and many others.

    Born in Odessa (Ukraine) on 3 may 1984. In the same year the family moved to a small town called Ilyichevsk (Black sea from 2016) in the Odessa region.

    Andrew Kosinski
    Andrew Kosinski

    In 1999 Andrew graduated from the 9th class of the Illichivsk secondary school and enrolled in Higher Vocational School specialty Docker-mechanic and after three years of study was arranged in a team of dockers in the port of Ilyichevsk Sea Trade Port. Work in cargo holds of ships at the berths of the port — it’s not what you want to do with my future Director, and a few months practice of the port Andrei goes to the capital and entered the Department of «Film, and television art at the Kyiv International University.

    The work in the port to leave at once and learning at the correspondence Department in Kiev had to combine with a heavy gritty port in Ilyichevsk. After two years the port Kosinski is freed from the post of Docker and moved to Kiev, where in 2007 year ends the University and receives a diploma as a «television Director».


    The first work of a young graduate was the installation of the TV series «Former» company «AMEDIA Ukraine». Andrew quickly gained momentum and after 2 months of work average we attended the installation of series from their colleagues, and in another month internship for the post of Director of the TV version of the project. But he never managed to be in this role as the company «AMEDIA Ukraine» declared bankruptcy, production of the series was reduced from 160 to 115 series, and soon the whole team of «Former» was left without a job.

    In 2009 producing and directing the group’s TV series «Amedee» was organized by creative group «1+1 production» under the guidance of a famous Ukrainian TV channel «1+1», and the position of chief Director of the whole production offered 25-year-old Andrew Kosinski, and already the first project «Only love» was 6 times nominated for the National award «Teletriumph».

    Andrew Kosinski
    Andrew Kosinski

    During 2009-2012 by Andrew and under his direct leadership was installed about 15 different shows and TV series. At the same production started his career as a Director.

    In 2010, the year he shoots and edits a Comedy show «heaven on earth» , where the Ukrainian and Russian celebrities try on the profession of ordinary people, and in 2011 she became the Director of the documentary group of the project «Stars in Opera», where Opera and pop stars of Russia and Ukraine compete in the pairs for the title of best Duo under the supervision of qualified judging. Documentary the shooting took place in Russia and Ukraine, as a result of the installation turned 49 stories-stories for the songs that were actors on the stage.

    These stories were an insight for the viewer as it was in the air just before a performance artist. This art course did viewers of what is happening on the screen was the author’s innovation in talent shows of this kind. Thanks to the innovative approach in this project, Andrew says then still unknown to the whole world «TeenSpirit Studio» is looking to cooperate as a film editor program «heads and Tails«and «Mamas Film Production«, which is engaged in the production of content on the television in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

    Andrew Kosinski
    Andrew Kosinski

    By adopting both proposals Andrew Kosinski continues to balance both professions, but at different studios. Directorial career in MFP starts from the TV series «trust» (2012) where Andrew plays the role of one of four Directors and take 8 of the 30 episodes drama on TV. It was the first work as a Director in staging the film. After a successful debut in new prodakshn Kosinski as editor of rooted in the «teenSpirit» and gets the post of Director in the project from the «Mamas FP»: «Gentlemen in the country: Women’s season» — a reality show commissioned by the channel «Pepper» (Russia), in which 10 former female prisoners from all over Russia were adapting to life outside prison conditions.

    The shootings took place in the historic homeland of Andrei — Odessa. Despite the popularity of the project on the screens, of offers to projects at the appropriate level in the Director’s opinion, have not been reported. Soon Andrew Kosinski leaves «Mamas Film Production» because of mismatch of interest with the employer.

    Andrew Kosinski and Mary Ivanova

    Diving into the native elements of the installation, along with work on «Heads and Tails», Andrey head of post production one of the most famous studios in Ukraine, which removes the movies and TV shows for leading channels of the Russian and Ukrainian television — oops (Ukrainian Production Studio). As chief film editor on account of Kosinski the film «Love with a probation period»(2013),

  • «Lonely hearts» (2014), «brotherhood»(2014), the show «Find me if you can»(2014), «Mazes of fate»(2014) series «Citizen one»(2016), who occupied the leading positions in ratings of products of both countries. In 2014, Andrew Kosinski receives an offer to return to the «1+1» and help with the installation of a promising Comedy series «Last Moskal,» directed Gorowa Seeds. Accepting the offer «1+1», Andrew becomes part of the creative team of the series, which for the first 5 days of the ether collects 3 268 860 views. «The last Muscovite» became the highest-rated series on all Ukrainian TV channels in the period from 2009 to 2015 and the most popular product in the Ukrainian TV 2014-2015. In 2015 year the series received 4 nominations for the prestigious prize of Ukraine in the field of television industry — «triumph».
    Andrew Kosinski and Olga freymut

    Success was waiting for Andrew at the second field: in 2014, the year the program «heads and Tails» receives his first prize of «taffy» for the best entertainment project. History will repeat itself in 2016-m to year, and the second «taffy» in the same category will go into an asset, «eagle and Tails». And in 2015, the travel show «heads and Tails» wins three out of five categories of «Teletriumph», including for best infotainment show. Both the pattern of history repeats itself in 2016 — the same 3 out of 5. A total of six «Teletriumph» and two «taffy» in the period from 2014 to 2016.

    Beginning 2015, the year becomes for Andrew Kosinski new turn in his career. He met with leading star Olga Freimut and becomes a Director and supervisor of all post-production processes on the famous show «Inspector Freimut».

    In two seasons, the popularity of the project, judging by the ratings and number of views in social networks grows significantly. After another successful season of «Inspector» Kosinski takes on a new show «At loggerheads», the main role of which is still the same Olga Freimut. Which now deals not only with inspections but also changed the fate of institutions in the image of the legendary Gordon Ramsay (franchise «Kitchen Nightmares»).

    Andrew Kosinski and Lesya Nikityuk

    The team Freimut and «1+1 production» this show was the last for the Ukrainian film Director, after the shooting he fully devoted his strength to the projects team TeenSpirit Studio.

    In April 2016 Andrew goes on his first foreign trip to Canada with the crew of “heads and Tails. Shopping». Where he first acted in the role of Director TeenSpirit. And that summer, he headed the crew of an entirely new product — «Around» («DESA Les») with a leading Lesia Nikityuk, who for the sake of a new project back from «around the world». Shooting of the new program were held around the world, which is characteristic of all projects of eminent TeenSpirit Studio.

    Personal life

    Andrew Kosinski prefers not to dwell on his personal life. It is only known that the Director is married.


    Andrew Kosinski

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