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  • Name: Andrew Hagolan ( Andrey Gaydulyan )
  • Date of birth: 12 April 1984
  • Age: 32 years
  • Place of birth: Chisinau
  • Height: 172
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: civil marriage with Diana Ochilboy

    Andrew Hagolan: a biography

    Andrew S. Hagolan is a native Moldovan. He was born in Chisinau in April 1984. Family, Andrew had nothing to do with the world of theatre and cinema or to art in General. Father is a retired Colonel of the interior Ministry. After the service, he and his wife started their own sewing business. From a young age Andrew Hagolan had the opportunity to be an over-achiever. While in high school, he is not particularly clean study boring subject, but happy to have participated in the school Kvny and visited a theatrical circle, which was led by Honored artist of the Republic Sergey Tiranin. All around told the guy about his undoubted talent and that he is destined to become an actor.

    After school, Andrew Hagolan, confident in his acting abilities, he immediately went to conquer Moscow as an actor. I must say that at first the parents were opposed. They wanted to transfer his son the business. But Andrew showed toughness, and his parents agreed with his choice.

    «I was so arrogant and cocky that seriously thought: in Moscow I was waiting with open arms», said Andrew. This self-assurance Moscow shaken immediately: Hagolan failed the examinations to the Shchukin and RATI. Blow to the ego of the guy was crushing. Happiness boys, he was admitted to the Institute of contemporary art, where he studied at the acting faculty. And here thoroughly «down to earth» harsh reality Andrew Hagolan tried to justify the confidence of teachers. He becomes a diligent student.

    Nice to help a son the parents, removing and paying an apartment in Moscow. Andrew himself admits that without this help he wouldn’t be able to live and gain a foothold in the capital.

    In 2006 Hagolan, successfully graduated from high school, was employed in the theatre «Voice».

    Andrew Hagolan: movies

    For some time Andrew played in the «Voice», as well as sample, looking for work in films and acting in small roles. Debuted an aspiring artist in an episode of the popular TV series «Kulagin and partners». It was with this film began a creative and cinematic biography of Andrew Giulana.

    Soon, he played a small role in a serial film «Detectives». Later record Giulana has been enriched with work in the films «Mercy» and «Law & order-2». But these are small and almost inconspicuous role was not successful. Andrew waited impatiently for his «star» role. Tu, after which it will be out on the street and that will bring popularity.

    In 2007 Hagolan finally came: it was approved for the lead role of the sitcom «

  • Univer». That’s where he remembered a stormy student’s life — learning, fun group of classmates, and friendly gatherings. Now this knowledge has helped Andrew organically to convey the image of one of the main characters Sasha Sergeev in «Univer». The sitcom brought him immense popularity. Continued
  • «Univer. The new Dorm» and
  • «I» finally secured success. A few years working in these projects did Giulana real star in the Russian film industry. Giulana gladly invited to various shows and popular entertainment programs.

    New creative successes were slow to appear. In 2011 the artist was invited to play in the films «the Manticore» and «Full contact». And let none of these films were successful, but complain of the lack of demand and simple to work Andrew Hagolan could not.

    «Fresh» acting job Andrew Giulana is a new series of «friends of Friends». He was released in late 2013 and immediately became popular, especially among teenagers.

    The artist is also involved in the theater: he takes part in the entreprise «Elegant wedding».

    Andrew Hagolan: personal life

    In the years of studies Giulana happened a short affair with a classmate

  • Rimma. For a while the couple worked in the theater «the Voice.» They soon parted. But when it became clear that Rima is expecting a child, Andrew has shown grace: born the son of Theodore was the legitimate father. Alas, the appearance of the child saved the family. Too different was Andrew and Rima. And the constant lack of money and complicated life has made its «contribution» to the collapse of the family. Fortunately, now he can see his son as much as it allows time. The former he supports the family financially. Not long ago, the personal life of Andrew Giulana has made a new round. In one of the capital’s night clubs, he met his darling
  • Diana Ochilov, a girl from a wealthy Uzbek family. She grew up in Tashkent, and after school decided to study in Moscow. Study the girl did not work, but the second half she found. Andrew’s girl won that instantly brought order to his bachelor apartment and established a life. She is an excellent cook and is fully consistent with the dreams of Andrei Giulana about the ideal companion. The lovers is not part. Ochilova attends all performances Giulana and goes on tour with him. Recently Hagolan proposed to sweetheart. It happened in Venice.

    Andrew Hagolan: filmography

    • Kulagin and partners
    • Detectives
    • Shelf life
    • Univer
    • Manticore
    • Full contact
    • Univer. New Dorm
    • Friends of friends
    • I

    Andrew Hagolan: photo

    Andrew Hagolan

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