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  • Name: Andrei Skorokhod ( Skorohod Andrei )
  • Date of birth: 24 June 1988
  • Age: 28 years
  • Place of birth: Staryya Darohi, Belarus
  • Activity: showman
  • Marital status: not married

    Andrew Walker: biography

    Andrew — man, resembling a tumbleweed. Skorokhod was born near Minsk, but has never limited the field of activity scope of one state. This comedian managed to live in Minsk, Kiev and Moscow, and traveled even more. At the time, Andrew, on the stage of KVN, literally conquered the audience. Now Skorokhod recognized on the street, but he considers himself a very ordinary man. The comedian is open to communication, willing to answer journalists ‘ questions and in any situation retains a sense of humor.

    Andrew Walker was born 24 June 1988 in the small town of Old Road, near Minsk. The early years of the humorist is little known. The artist says that from childhood he loved to draw attention to themselves, so the school was a real disaster, though he studied well. Parents of Andrew were constantly called to the school because of misbehaviour of her son: he was rude to teachers, fighting with a classmate.

    In my spare time, the young runner was all in a row. In a small town was not a very big variety in the choice of creative activities, but Andrew tried almost everything. He was fond of burning, macramé, played the clarinet, participated in the circle of sports tourism. And, of course, was involved in the school team of KVN.

    After finishing school, Andrew went to enter the Belarusian state economic University. The guy was hard to leave parents, but he was not eager to continue their education in the capital, just have not seen for myself any other choice. A talented runner easily passed the competition and began to study at the specialty «economic Cybernetics».

    Andrey Skorokhod: KVN and television

    While at University, Andrew met with Maxim by voronkovym, and young people created at the faculty of its KVN team, which was called «Lost thoughts». Newcomers quickly went to the Highest League of KVN in Belarus. With the first game of KVN captured the messenger so that he began to neglect his studies, and was eventually expelled from the University for non-attendance. That, however, is not too upset Andrew.

    He was doing performances and organizing activities within own team, with performances by the guys were even in Moldova. In addition, just at that moment there was the Belarusian branch of the project «Comedy club» where they wanted to see Skorokhod and Voronkov. Once with the participation of newcomers took more than two dozen programs, it became clear that between the University and the TV need to choose one or the other.

    After a few years in the life of a comedian has come a black stripe. «Comedy Club» in Belarus fell apart, just disintegrated team «Lost thoughts». Andrew stayed in Minsk without work and money. He was afraid to return to her parents, because it is meant to confirm its failure as an actor and comedian, so some time odd jobs, one of which was for the Skorokhod crucial. In 2010 Slava Komissarenko, buddy young comedian, offered to help Andrew Smolensk team «

  • The triode and the diode» in the work on the script for the upcoming game of KVN. Just a week after this event, the representatives of the team called the Messenger and asked him to join the team on a permanent basis. In the same year Smolensk guys took third place in the Highest League of KVN, which helped Andrew to achieve popularity and correct the financial situation. In 2012 the team «Triode and Diode» was the title of the Champions League, beating «Pyatigorsk» and a number of other strong contenders. Then the guys scored and the music festival of KVN in Jurmala, becoming its winner.

    In 2013, the team’s journey and Andrei Skorokhod dispersed. The young man was invited in «

  • Comedy Club». Although the humorist hesitated at first, he tried his hand in the project and eventually left. Now Skorokhod lives in Kiev, coming to shooting new numbers as needed. Despite the fact that the comedian very warmly about the current place of work, he stressed that it is still willing to travel and open to new suggestions.

    Andrew Walker: personal life

    Matters of the heart talented humorist unknown. He admits that in his dreams he sees himself surrounded by family and kids yet but this step is not ready, as she loves to travel.

    In 2013, there were rumors that Andrew married actress and singer Nastasya Samburski, the network posted a photo allegedly from wedding couples, but the information was «duck». In fact, the young people simply starred in the ad.

    Andrey Skorokhod: TV shows

    • KVN
    • Comedy Club

    Andrew Walker: photo

    Andrey Skorokhod Natalia Samburski

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