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  • Name: Andrei Rudensky ( Andrey Rudenskiy )
  • Date of birth: 26 January 1959
  • Age: 58 years
  • Place of birth: Sverdlovsk
  • Height: 193
  • Activities: Soviet and Russian theater and film actor
  • Marital status: divorced

    Andrei Rudensky : a biography

    Today this tall, elegant, handsome, a dandy of the national cinema know everything. But few fans of Andrei Viktorovich Rudenskogo known that he could become a Metallurgist or architect and never appear on the screen.

    Andrei Rudensky was born in a military family and commercial workers in January 1959. In Sverdlovsk, where the family lived Rudensky, Andrew finished school. He was a regular guy – a measure of a bully, but not terrible. But a good boy it was hard to call. All depended on mood and mental state of the teenager, had already started to try on different «roles.»

    After school, Andrew Rudenskogo the idea was to try to enter the theater University. But the parents, that is, «killed» it in the Bud. They were convinced that the play-acting – employment is extremely frivolous, and that profession can not be called.

    Therefore, Rudensky went to attend the local metallurgical College, from which he graduated with honors. His specialty was: «Rolling production».

    Today is very difficult to imagine Andreya Viktorovicha – with its appearance of an aristocrat in the seventh generation, as Metallurgist-seller. Not surprisingly, he was not going to go this route. Moreover, in the years of study Rudensky began to attend drama club. He was so fond of play, that he decided to continue his studies for the opportunity to continue to get to the stage of the theater.

    Andrei Rudensky, enrolling in Institute of architecture, almost all of his free time playing in improvised performances of the drama school at the Sverdlovsk Palace of youth. His repertoire was quite difficult: Fyodor Dostoevsky, Jean-Paul Sartre, ray Bradbury. With each performance the theatre «tightened» the young artist more and more.

    Everything was decided when to Sverdlovsk on tour arrived to the capital’s Small theatre. Together with the troupe came to the city Director and mentor schepkinskoe school Victor Korshunov. Rudensky decided to approach the master and ask to listen to it. He agreed and immediately offered the young man to come to Moscow, where he will be enrolled at the 2nd course on «Chips».

    So in 1981, biography Andrei Rudenskogo, to the delight of the large army of fans of the artist, made a sharp turn.


    In the course of Viktor Korshunov, where he studied under such future stars of Russian cinema, Alexander Domogarov, Elena Valyushkina and Cyril Kozakov, Andrey Rudensky mastered the skill until 1984. But, despite the obvious talent and academic success (student paid a higher allowance), after «Chips» Andrew never waited. His model looks and extraordinary beauty somehow deterred the management of the theatres. He was advised to go to a shooting or to walk on the runway.

    Despised in the capital’s theaters, Rudensky in the end did just that: took a job as a model at Slava Zaitsev. Not that the actor was very fond of this work, but the «pros» with it he still got it. The future artist used to the lens of the camera, learned to use facial expressions and without words to play the right state of mind.

    A cinematic biography of Andrew Rudenskogo began when he was 26 years old. Debut role was offered to actor the Director «Lenfilm» Victor Titov, who undertook to remove the 14-part film «the Life of Klim Samgin». It is noteworthy that Titov knowingly took the risk: he gave the main role to nobody the known actor. He even had to overcome the resistance of «the state» where such a choice of the Director is treated very cautiously.

    The survey started in 1985. The role seemed interesting Rudenskogo. We had to play a man between 17 to 40 years. Besides Samgin – hero is very complicated. At first it was impossible to understand what it is – positive or negative.

    The tape was released and made Andrew Rudenskogo recognizable. And not only that, the film stellar cast. There appeared Valentin Gaft, Aleksandr Kalyagin, Natalya Gundareva and Sergey Makovetsky. Rudensky a great job with her image, and the film received great reviews. But after the movie he was just recognizable, and no more. After the role samgina, which became a hallmark of the artist, he did not hurry to offer a new role.

    Only the beginning of the 1990s brought Andrew Rudenskogo good news. He starred in the film «Sea wolf», where he played Humphrey van Weyden. Then in «the possessed» based on the novel of Dostoevsky, where Igor Talankin invited him for the role of Stavrogin.

    After shooting this film in the career of the actor again, there was a prolonged break. Because of the deep crisis experienced domestic cinema, Andrei Rudensky as much as 7 years have been unclaimed. Saved New drama, a stage on which the actor played romantic heroes.

    Bright band started when he received an unexpected suggestion from Krzysztof Zanussi. He offered Rudenskogo to star in the project, «Brother of our God». In this impressive movie was filmed colleagues of Andrey Viktorovich from 7 countries. And only after this premiere Rudensky began regularly to appear in the homeland. By the time the crisis in the film is over. Directors have begun to produce the series, which have a domestic audience enjoyed a great love.

    Andrei Rudensky, who always wanted to play characters from Dostoyevsky and Tolstoy willingly agreed to play in the series. And it’s not that he was afraid to remain unclaimed. He was just confident and in the melodrama you can play well.

    The first series featuring Andrew Rudenskogo called «request Stop». His hero Sergey Klenin, though a prosperous businessman, but an intellectual and an aristocrat. However, the latter was projected as the heroes Rudenskogo automatically.

    Next was «Maroseyka, 12», «Kamenskaya», «Free woman,» «Time to love», «Turkish gambit» and many other popular TV series that made Rudenskogo a real star of Russian cinema. As a rule, his characters are negative characters. Although lately they are becoming more romantic. In the melodrama «Under the sign of Virgo» and «Stepfather» heroes Andrew Rudenskogo positive, suffering and courageous. The audience loved father Paul in the performance of the actor in the TV series «Prison of special function».

    The range of images that transforms an artist, is expanding. As dreamed Rudensky.

    Personal life

    In the life of a popular artist has had three marriages. All three lady Rudenskogo was not related to the world of theatre and cinema. Why are these unions broke up? Neither Andrei Rudensky, nor his ex wife not talking. In any case, divorce is never accompanied by loud scandals or accusations. Children the actor didn’t have.

    But in his 57 years, he is still waiting for the one special woman who will be even remotely like his mother. Personal life Andrew Rudenskogo – is the subject of intense media attention. Each of his companion attracted enormous interest, because it may be one half, which has long been looking for an artist.


    • «The Life Of Klim Samgin»
    • «Keys to the abyss: «Operation Golem»
    • «The keys of the bottomless pit 2. Hunting for ghosts»
    • «Turkish gambit»
    • «Dark instinct»
    • «Veselchaki»
    • «Classmates»
    • «Under the sign of Virgo»
    • «Special prison»
    • «Ghouls»


    Andrei Rudensky

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