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  • Name: Andrey Razin ( Andrey Razin )
  • Date of birth: 15 September 1963
  • Age: 53 years
  • Place of birth: Stavropol
  • Height: 173
  • Activity: the Russian politician, Manager, singer and music producer
  • Marital status: married

    Andrey Razin : biography

    One of the most talented young producers and managers 90 Andrei Razin, probably does not need any introduction. Even if someone suddenly forgot the name, you should put it together with the name of «Tender may» and the memory immediately helpful prompt, you are talking about.

    Andrey Razin was born in September 1963 in Stavropol. His father came to the city of Grodno. He met his future wife in the walls of one of the universities. Broke novel was soon crowned with marriage, the consequence of which was the birth of a son Andrew. The young family did not have time to enjoy happiness life together: the couple died in a car accident that occurred in 1964. One-year-old son was left an orphan and fell in Svetlogradskaya orphanage.

    Childhood and youth Razin passed here in Svetlograd, Stavropol territory. He finished the local school and got the profession of a bricklayer.

    Soon the young Communist League sent a young specialist to the far North. To Stavropol Andrew came back in 1982 and immediately enrolled in the local cultural-educational school, where he studied for only a year. In 1983, he was drafted into the army and served 2 years in the tank. To Stavropol came back for a while. It again called road. This time in Ryazan. It was there for the first time showed an innate talent for entrepreneurship and began a brilliant biography of Andrei Razin.

    Show business

    In Ryazan enterprising young man without problems got a job in a regional Philharmonic society, where he became a Deputy Director. Very quickly he was able to demonstrate his ability to find the right connections to negotiate with the right officials and instantly generate creative ideas. Soon I had the opportunity to move into a new career step: Andrey Razin moved to Siberia, where he found a place in the Chita Committee of television and radio. In the absence of specialized education he managed to become a first assistant Director.

    The cultural life of Siberia were sufficiently intense. In Chita often came on tour stars of the Soviet music. One of them – Anne Veski – the young man immediately was able to find a common language. When I finished the tour of the famous singer, Razin moved out cheats together with her having the position of administrator. In this capacity, the young man traveled to dozens of major cities in the Soviet Union, establishing useful contacts and essential in show business experience.

    Why Razin has gone from singer – reliable information there. But for a short time, he returned to Stavropol, where he worked as the Deputy Chairman of a collective farm in the famous village of Privolnoe. This place is known for being the birthplace of the then General Secretary of the Soviet Union Mikhail Gorbachev. They say the choice of Andrei Razin was not accidental.

    Once the Deputy Chairman of the collective farm, took the money to buy a tractor, went to Moscow. More on the farm did not see him or the money. As it turned out the money for a new tractor has been invested in a future career Razin. He found a place in a recording company Record, where he engaged in the search of young talents. Rumor has it, all others Andrei was submitted by the nephew of the Secretary General. The first successful project Razin was a group of «Mirage». With it, he very successfully tried his hand as a singer of «warming up».

    Tender may

    Acquired experience with a band and the place I was. Once in the hands of Andrey Razin got a CD with songs of a little-known group «Tender may». Her soloist was guy, whose fate was remarkably similar to the fate of the Razin. And he immediately got the idea to put their strength and skills for the promotion of the project.

    Rumor has it, a young «strategist», pretending to be an employee of the Ministry of culture, persuaded the Creator of «Tender may» carry the band in Moscow. When that happened, Andrei Razin has shown the true wonders of the art of advertising. Writing a million tapes of the group’s songs, the producer found a wonderful way to «spin» obscure team to the stars of the Soviet music. The proliferation of magazines engaged in the conductors of the trains plying throughout the Soviet Union. For a fee songs sung by the Jura Shatunova sounded in the same train for the entire journey.

    Soon there was not one «bear corner» in a country where they would not listen to «Tender may». The group becomes a cult in the 90s. To concerts, going to the stadiums. And, equally interesting, of «Tender may» miraculously could simultaneously act in Nadym, for example, in Stavropol. A genius producer first invented and tested a «clone» of the team. They say, «clones» were at least two dozen. And the great sound provide the proverbial «plywood». Record commercial success of «Tender may» seem not to be beaten today.


    But how successful was the project, it tends to fade. After the «Tender may» has disappeared, Andrei Razin was involved in politics. In 1993, he became rector of Institute of arts at the University of Stavropol. In 1996, Razin worked as a confidant of Gennady Zyuganov in the presidential election.

    At one time Andrei Razin headed the Stavropol Fund of culture. In December 1997 took part in the elections of the Stavropol regional Duma and tried to get into the State Duma as an independent Deputy.

    In July 2008, Razin was appointed Director General of the International Olympic festival «Sochi-2014».

    Personal life

    The first marriage of Andrey Razin was a civilian that happened in the ‘ 80s. He had a son, Ilya. It just so happens that its existence is father learned only in 2003.

    Personal life of Andrey Razin has changed in April of 1988. He married Natalia Lebedeva. The marriage lasted only a year. The couple divorced, and Natalia went to Hungary.

    Third wife Razin, Faina, 2001, bore her husband a son Sasha.

    That personal life of Andrei Razin went on a new round, became known in 2013. 50-year-old producer and politician announced the news about the upcoming 4th marriage in the program «live». His wife is the former lead singer of «Tender may» Natalia Gronowska, with whom he had a close relationship. Natalia showed the audience the ring and said that the wedding will be luxurious.


    Andrey Razin

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