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  • Name: Andrei Mironov ( Andrey Mironov )
  • Date of birth: 7 March 1941.
  • Age: 46 years
  • Date of death: 16 Aug 1987
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Growth: 182
  • Activity: Soviet film and theater actor, entertainer, people’s artist of the RSFSR
  • Marital status: was married to Larisa Golubkina

    Andrei Mironov: biography

    Andrei Mironov was born in the family of famous artists Maria Mironova and Alexander Menaker. And although the son was born on March 7, the parents reported the date of birth a day later. Thus, the official date of birth Mironov (I) on March 8, 1941.

    Life’s road Mironova and Menaker agreed when artists already have families. Sudden affair happened on tour in Rostov-on-don. Maria Vladimirovna and Alexander S. immediately terminated their marriages and got married.

    Son Andrew was born almost on the stage: contractions Mironova began at the time of submission. Soon after the Great Patriotic war. Parents together with the theatre went to the evacuation in Tashkent, where were the early years of Andrei Mironov.

    Having survived the war years, the family returned to Moscow. Here Andrew Menaker went to school. About this time came the notorious «doctors ‘ case». My parents decided to somehow protect his son from problems and changed her last name Menaker Mironov on.

    Childhood Andrei Mironov was cloudless. The boy was kicking the football, collecting badges and adored «trophy» films. Although he studied mediocre, but the class was considered a leader and had authority.

    In the summer of Mironov’s parents were vacationing in the suburbs, where in the village Pestov was a rest home for artists. There were often celebrities from the Theater, and other theatres, composers and writers. Vacationing with her parents and son. He happily absorbed the atmosphere of the art and he grew creative and artistic person. His first role Andrei Mironov played in school productions.

    In 1958, Mironov entered the Shchukin Theater school. Interestingly, the members of the selection Committee did not know whose son stood in front of them.

    Andrei Mironov theater

    In 1962, Andrei Mironov graduated from drama school. His talent was undeniable and obvious. After watching the novice actor gladly accepted to the Theater of satire. Here the artist has performed on stage for 25 years.

    At that time chief Director of the theater was Valentin Pluchek. Mironov immediately becomes his favorite, no surprise. After all, the young artist was incredible temperament and undoubted talent. It instantly gives energy to all who got into the field of his charm.

    Play Andrei Mironov called delight even the most experienced theatergoers. The first production of «the Bedbug», «the catcher in the rye» novel by J. D. Salinger and «plum» has demonstrated his exceptional professionalism. 60-70 years to buy a ticket to the Theater of satire was a daunting task. Everything was going to look at a new star. Game Mironov seemed to be something magnetic: the audience sat with bated breath, and watched from beginning to end, while the artist did not leave the scene.

    Andrei Mironov movies

    A cinematic biography of Andrei Mironov begins with the film «My little brother» by Alexander Zarkhi. This is the first serious work in film. But soon the audience saw the Comedy «Three plus two», which enjoy watching today. It’s a beautiful, Sunny scene where Mironov appeared in the form of a veterinarian, one of the merry trio of friends.

    In 1965, Andrei Mironov starred in the cult tape Ryazanov «Beware of the car». The film was a huge success, and work in Mironov’s incredibly critically acclaimed.

    A new picture involving Mironov appeared regularly. The artist played a lot of and dedication. Every movie was destined for success. But the most famous are the paintings «Year as life» Roshal, «the literature Lesson» by Alexei Koreneva. But the success of these films pales before the incredible popularity of the Comedy «the diamond arm». Here Mironov demonstrated another talent, which subsequently exploit all the Directors who invite Andrew. He sang «the Island of bad luck» — hit the legend. Subsequently, the actor singing in almost every movie, which is removed.

    The emergence of Andrei Aleksandrovich in the «Patrimony» will not remain unnoticed. Critics say that there Mironov played himself – the same reckless, energetic and kind. In the film sounded new hit song «Who’s on first».

    After the release of two new films of Eldar Ryazanov’s «Old men-robbers» and «Improbable adventures of Italians in Russia» Andrei Mironov becomes the Honored artist of the RSFSR. When filming the last film, the Italian actors were surprised and shocked by the fearlessness Mironov. After all the risky stunts he was without backup.

    Eldar Ryazanov, admire the talent of the artist, wanted to take him in the film «Irony of fate or With light steam!». Mironov had to play Hippolytus. Andrey asked me to give him the role of Zhenya Lukashin, to which the Director agreed. But when during the trial of the rehearsals Mironov said a phrase that he’s never enjoyed success with women, everyone knew that was impossible. At that time, Andrei Mironov already had such a glory that words and reality differed too much.

    A special group of films of Andrei Mironov – is the domestic musicals game artist which was unsurpassed. «Straw hat» and «Heavenly swallows» immediately became the «Golden Fund» of Russian cinema. As for the «Ordinary miracle», if Mironov only played the song about the butterfly and the Sparrow, the success would be guaranteed.

    «Gold» was the role of Andrei Alexandrovich in «the Twelve chairs». But critics say that the brilliant skill of the actor is most clearly manifested in the film «My friend Ivan Lapshin». On the fragment when the hero of Andrei Mironov tries to shoot himself in the bathroom, still teach students of theater schools. Depth and tragic image struck me.

    The film ended tragically. At the time of death Mironov remained three years.

    Andrei Mironov: death

    The first symptoms Mironov was discovered in the late 70s. In 1978, when he toured in Tashkent he had the first hemorrhage. Doctors diagnosed meningitis. But just two months Andrey overcame the disease and was even able to speak. Then the grateful audience, despite the December frost, filled the star with fresh flowers.

    80-ies were the most difficult in the life of an actor. The whole body is strewn with terrible boils, ached unbearably. The movement brought tremendous pain. Helped only complicated operation, after which Mironov was able to go on stage. Among the successful films of Andrei Aleksandrovich in those years can be called «Be my husband», «the Tale of wanderings» and «the Man from Boulevard des Capucines». The success of the last movie was incredible, comparable only to that with the release of «Brilliant hands».

    August 14, 1987 Andrei Mironov has played an important role. It happened in Riga, during the utterance of the monologue in the play «the Marriage of Figaro». Two days doctors struggled for life of the actor. But the morning of August 16 was the last actor left after the second major haemorrhage.

    Andrei Mironov: personal life

    Personal life of Andrei Mironov was very rich in novels and not surprisingly. Women adored him. Loved women and Andrey. In 1971, wife Mironov becomes

  • Ekaterina Gradova that audiences remember for her role as kat in «Seventeen moments of spring». To this marriage came a daughter, Mary. But three years later Mironov Gradova broke up. Mironov’s second wife was actress of the theater of the Soviet army
  • Larisa Golubkina. Her hands Andrey had achieved ten years, repeatedly and unsuccessfully making her suggestions. In 1976, Andrew and Larissa were married. Mironov’s adopted daughter Larissa, now famous actress Maria Golubkina. Both daughters of actor followed in the footsteps of parents and became famous artists.

    Andrei Mironov: filmography

    • Three plus two
    • Beware of the car
    • The diamond arm
    • Unbelievable adventures of Italians in Russia
    • Straw hat
    • Heavenly swallows
    • 12 chairs
    • Ordinary miracle
    • Three men in a boat, not counting the dog
    • My friend Ivan Lapshin
    • Man from Boulevard des Capucines

    Andrei Mironov: photo

    Andrei Mironov, Anatoly Papanov

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